Monday, December 15, 2008

WeHo w/ the Boys

So here's my more detailed post about my night in West Hollywood with the boys.

The night started out at my apartment. Miles and I got ready at my place because we had work during the day. So we showered and got dressed. Jon came over as well to make dirty martinis for Miles and himself... to sort of get the night started. I was the designated driver, so I didn't have a glass... or did I?

HAHA, don't worry.. that's not a real martini. I just poured some Simply Lemonade (the best brand of lemonade there is!!) and just pretended. It made for a cool photo tho, right? :)

By 9:15, the rest of the boys, Reggie and Kevin, arrived as well and we were ready to head out! (Reggie and Kevin are Miles' good friends. It was cool to hang out and get to know them better) It took me about 45 minutes to get there. We looked for some street parking, but that was a futile attempt. So we just decided to fork over the cash and pay for parking in a lot.

We walked over to The Factory where the Instinct party was held, but if you read the previous post then you know that the party had already ended when we got there. LAME SAUCE. We were already there, and we weren't going to just leave, so of course we decided to go bar hopping. We decided on Fiesta Cantina to start, mostly because of their 2 for 1 Drink Special. I got two Midori Sours. Yummy.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish one of them before I started feeling woozy. My heart started to pound real hard too. And then I just got REAL sleepy all of a sudden. My eyes would shut without me even knowing and then a few seconds later, I would realize that I was falling asleep and have to wake myself up. The bar stool that I was sitting on was right up against the wall, so I just leaned back into the wall and I definitely fell asleep a couple of times. Kevin tried showing me a picture he took on his phone but I was totally asleep. Miles had to yell at me to wake up! LOL. After him yelling at me, I felt more awake and made a conscious effort to keep my eyes open. And from then on, I was much better. But it was definitely my cue to NOT drink anymore. So Jon drank the rest of my drinks.

And let me say that Fiesta Cantina had quite a few cute boys! Some of them were just my type: cute white boys, blonde, athletic to muscular build. MMMM. YUMMY. Of course, none of those type of guys would EVER give me a second look. But they were nice to gawk at, nonetheless :)

Then, Miles' friend from Instinct (Robert) showed up with his boyfriend (Jarrod). It was Robert's birthday so we wished him a very Happy Birthday. It was my first time meeting Robert, and he's SUCH a nice guy! And I have to say he's a REAL cutie too. :) They stayed for a while with us in Fiesta Cantina, but then we all decided to go ahead to Eleven to do a little dancing. :)

When we got to Eleven, we saw that there was a long line to get in, so we said "screw that" and walked into East West instead. Not crowded at all. In fact, I probably prefer East West because it's very relaxed. There were couches everywhere and we grabbed one and sat down.

While in a very relaxed setting, there were quite a few weirdos there as well. First of all, there was an older guy who had a nice body that was clearly drunk. When we first got there, we just see him throw this guy onto the couch and then start humping him right then and there. After about 20 seconds of that, he got off him and apologized for doing it. Apparently, they didn't know each other. HAHA. And then he proceeded to take off his shirt in front of the window so that people walking on the streets would yell and holler at him. HAHA.. crazy guy.

Also, there were two older lesbian ladies who were clearly drunk. One of them was much drunker than the other and started to dance with any gay guy she had in sight. Unfortunately, Robert fell victim to her, and being a super nice guy, just went along with it. It looked like he had fun though :)

There's the drunk lesbian on the left and Robert falling over laughing at her. It looks like she's calling him over to dance some more. Also, if you click the pic to enlarge it, you'll notice the gays in the back just cracking up at the lesbian. LOL.

I really had a great time there. And it was just fun to be out with a bunch of boys. And tho it would've been nice to have met a boy while I was out there too (hehehe), I really wasn't expecting that and I was just happy to be having fun with friends.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Jarrod, Robert, Miles, Jon, Kevin, Me, Reggie

I'm really not a bar hopping, club dancing, drinking at parties kind of guy. But I enjoy myself when I do go out and do that stuff. I'm actually proud of myself for being able to have some fun outside my apartment. LOL. I do wish I went out to have fun more often. I really am wasting my time when I just sit at home and watch TV alone. I could be out having fun with friends, meeting new people. It really MUST be one of my New Year's Resolutions... if not THE most important one of them all. I need to stop being a lazy ass and get myself out there. I'm 24 years old and I need to start living life before it's too late.


Barry said...

I love those funky coloured bar goggles you guys wear on nights out! So chic! ;)

E said...

Sounds like a good time. I'm not the partying type either, but my friends have made great efforts to get me out during the weekends. So, we have similar resolutions this year. I am determined to get out more. I think that I will visiting my first gay club this weekend.

Doug said...

Barry: LOL. I'm glad you like our goggles. hahaha.

E: Have fun this weekend!! I'm sure you'll have a GREAT time!

letopho said...

I think I'm addicted to going out!

Just something about dancing...