Monday, April 18, 2011

Malibu Boy

I tend to write a blog post every time I meet a new boy that has "potential." I have no idea if I'm jinxing myself or not by doing this, but I guess I always just have an urge to share. So it's been a while since Will. That ended in December. There have been two more guys that were more than just the casual one-time date. But obviously, they didn't work out.

This new boy, dubbed Malibu (cuz he lives in Malibu), is super cute, has a very attractive body, and has a really nice personality. He's very laid back. He's also very smart and motivated. And I can tell he's a really sweet and kind person. We met on OKCupid. He actually messaged me first. And I must say that the guys that usually message me, I'm not interested in. So when I got a message from this attractive guy that I seemed to have lots in common with, I was rather surprised and excited.

We just messaged each other back and forth for a bit, asking each other questions about ourselves. Finally, he asked if we wanted to exchange Facebooks and I said YES because I was dying to see my more pictures of him. I wasn't disappointed. He's just as cute in all of his pictures and I found out that he has traveled to so many places in the world. Something that I'm totally jealous about! He also loved seeing all my pictures (especially the really embarrassing ones from Disney. haha). We chat for a bit in the Facebook chat, but it wasn't long before he asked for my number. So of course I gave it to him. :)

I warned him that I'm a HUGE texter. And maybe he didn't believe me... but after a day, he said, "Wow you do like to text!" And I immediately got scared because that didn't sound very good. I apologized... not knowing what to say to that. But he reassured me it was ok and he was just kind of playing with me. Guess it was my paranoia because I tend to just text like crazy and it probably comes off as real needy. The fact is that i'm BORED and I just find texting to be a good way to pass the time. But anyway...

We decided on meeting up. I would drive up to him to have a dinner and a movie. He chose a nice, quaint, outdoor French cafe where we would share a fondue. I had never actually had fondue before so it was a neat new experience. We just talked and got to know more of each other. We're both a bit quiet so it was a little hard to get conversation going. But it wasn't painful. I just really wish I was better at conversations. I really is my biggest downfall :(

We chose to watch Scream 4 in the theaters. I paid for the movie because I already had pre-paid movie passes. OH and I paid for dinner too. I snatched up the bill when it came and he tossed over his credit card, but I pushed it back and offered to pay the whole thing. Right move to make, right?

So in the movie theater... not much talking going on in there, so maybe that was a good thing since we're both not very good at starting conversations. In the middle of the movie, I put my arm on the arm rest and my hand got near his hand. That was my move. He took the signal and kinda inched his pinky onto my hand, so I quickly grabbed onto his hand... a scary part was coming up so I was glad he did it. :P By the way.. I'm SOOO bad when it comes to watching scary movies. I JUMP at the slightest thing. You'd probably be embarrassed to know me if you were with me in the theaters watching a scary movie. BUT, I tried to keep it in control as much as possible when with him. I kinda took advantage of that a little bit to get closer to him ;) He didn't seem to mind. Plus he was saying he was cold in the theater so I tried to get close without making it obvious that we were two gay guys holding onto each other.

Well, I thought the movie went well so I was slightly confident with how the date was going. We walked out of the theater and it was already 1am so we knew we were parting ways. We parked in opposite directions so I asked if he would take me to my car since he knew his way around. When we got into the car, he asked what music I like. I said everything but rap. He seemed a little disappointed in that answer. And then I asked what his schedule is like and what days he has school. Trying to figure out what days we could get together again... So by the time we got to my car, I asked him when he would be free again. He answers, "Well, I'm pretty busy with school... I have finals in a week, and then it's my graduation.. so I'm busy." Hearing that, I just kinda took the hint that he wasn't interested. I mean, if he WAS interested, he wouldn't have said all that right? So I just kinda turned to him and said "well, you just let me know when you're free if you still want to hang out then." So with a little disappointment, I turned to him in my seat and motioned for a hug goodnight instead of the kiss goodnight that I would've like.

I got out of his car and walked to my car, all the while thinking, "well, I guess I blew it somehow. Didn't go as well as I had hoped." He drove off and I was on my way. I had about a 30-40 min drive to get back home, but I didn't want to wait until I got home to send the obligatory "I had a fun time" text. So I broke my rule of No Texting While Driving and sent him a text. He text me back and asked if I was home already. I said no. He asked "what about your no texting while driving rule?" I said, "I made an exception for you." hehehehe. good one right? He said back, "Aww. I had a good time too. I'm surprised you didn't kiss me." GASP, did I read his signals wrong? I told him I really wanted to but I wasn't sure if he wanted me to. And then he told me that he would've enjoyed a kiss goodnight. I sent back "*kicks self for missing out on kissing a great guy* I hope I get another chance." Aren't I just the cutest? LOL

So when I got home, we text each other a bit more and he asks if I had Skype. I said yes. He said he asked because he'd like that kiss goodnight. Hehe. Very cute. But I don't really do well with webcams. You'd think maybe on webcam, conversations would be easier than in real life. But it actually is more awkward for me. I don't know. I'm just weird I guess. So we turn on the webcam and he's super hot and shirtless. And I'm all frumpy with Asian fro hair. We just kinda talk about nothing and then I offer him the kiss goodnight. It was really cute and sweet that he wanted to Skype. It meant he wanted to see me and that he's still interested, so I'm happy with that.

This was actually just the night before. So it's rather new. I just hope that he doesn't play games. I don't really want to play games anymore. You know... the I'm gonna wait until he texts me first. And if he texts too much, then he's just too needy. And if he makes himself too available then I'm going to lose interest. Argh. Why does that happen? I just feel like with these games, noone ever wins. So I hope he's not that kind of guy. We seem to have things in common so hopefully we have feelings about not playing games in common too.

I'll most likely update more about Malibu on my Twitter. So if you wanna know more, I'd suggest you follow me on Twitter @nytedragon.

Well it's super late. We just had another Skype date because he text me and asked if I could get on to wish him goodnight. So cute. Again, he was hot and shirtless. I told him he's just so cute. He seemed to like that. I mean, who doesn't like to be told that they're cute, right? ;) Well, anyway.. heading to bed. Fingers crossed for this one, ok?