Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Going Well

Just wanted to post an update on my iPhone. Haven't had time to get on
the computer. Let's just say I've had other things keeping me busy.

So I'm having a good time with Matty. We still have bowling and
burgers tonight. Just getting to know him and seeing how compatible we
are. But the awkwardness has subsided for the most part ... Ok pretty
much GONE after we took a shower together ;) Yea, I'm a slut.... LOL.
But yea we're having a good time together and looking forward to the
rest of the night together.

Will update with more detail when I have more time :)

Happy Holidays everyone!!


Aek said...

Oh?! Shower? That was quick, lol. I hope that was really nice. :D I'm sure we'll all way to hear details ASAP. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo! Nothing like a soap slippery guy in the shower to make even bowling seem fun!


James said...


Stephen Chapman... said...

It's a well known fact that showering together is often a sign that you are comfortable with someone!


Joshua said...

Wow you move fast!!

By the way, to avoid awkwardness/awkward silences, don't freak out too much over first impressions. Everyone knows that first impressions are meant to be refuted. Be yourself, he'll see you as you are, and he'll be insane not to have fun based on a few silent moments...

AJCon89 said...

hahaha... way to go buddy!
I am so proud of you...

have fun and dont get too sore...

love ya!


jay said...

sounds like your having (had) fun. good for you

Marry Christmas


thetruthaboutjay said...

i'm loving your blog too man! just added you to my links!!!! Let's chat sometime for sure