Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Came Twice In 15 Min

Yes, my post is about what you are thinking. LOL.

At 2:45am, I decided to go take a shower. And while I was in the shower, I decided to get a little naughty and jerk off. I took my time, let the hot water run down my body, and slowly worked up a good rhythm. My guess is around 3:05, I came. And it was a pretty nice load. ;)

I toweled off, got dressed, and got on my laptop. There, I got a message back from someone I had messaged on that online dating hookup site that I go to. He had given me his Yahoo screen name so I messaged him to say Hi.

One or two messages of formalities later, he proceeds to tell me that he's on cam right now with another guy. o.O

Well, alright... I play along. I tell him "that's hot." but I proceeded to tell him that I'd love to join him but had just had a nice wank in the shower. He tells me it doesn't matter, and that I should get on cam anyway to play because he can get me hard again.

Intrigued, and because I thought he looked hot in his picture on the website, I agreed to playing. So, I decided to cheat a little and turn on a nice porno vid, and then turn on the cam. He, of course, was already had and jerking. He begins to type dirty to me, and I guess that's what gets me because I was getting hard pretty quickly. And by 3:15am, he has cum, and I cum for a second time. And it was another impressive load too. ;)

So, I guess it was within 10-15 minutes that I came twice. LOL. That hasn't happened in a long time.. if ever! It was kind of fun but I'm pretty sure little Doug is tired now. ;)


In other news, I'm watching "From the Earth to the Moon." Did anyone watch this when it was on HBO in 1998? I can't believe it's been 10 years since this was on! For those who don't know, it was an HBO Miniseries (before Band of Brothers, I believe) produced by Tom Hanks and Brian Grazer. It chronicles the manned missions of NASA's Apollo Space Program, so all the missions that had to do with going to the moon.

The whole thing was well written, well filmed, well acted. I just love every part of it. I bought the DVDs for it a few years ago, and now I'm re-watching from the beginning. Currently, I'm watching Part 5, which talks about building, testing, and flying the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) used for landing on the moon. :)

God I'm such a nerd. LOL. But I seriously recommend getting these DVDs and watching them because it's absolutely amazing!


Mr. HCI said...

We watched From the Earth to the Moon last night, too!

Except it was a sci-if movie from 1958 based on a novel by Jules Verne and starring Joseph Cotton and George Saunders. Neither of us came, though. Saunders, usually a fine actor, was overacting so much that it was distracting.

Aek said...

LOL, it seems little Doug got his exercise for the day, eh? ;-)

You told me about that mini-series. It seems interesting. Perhaps I'll invest in watching it sometime. Although, I still have to get through all of Planet Earth with sexy David Attenborough's voice.

Anonymous said...

A testament to the fact that you are still young. :D

I saw that series, but like a month ago. XD

Joie Mayfield said...

LOL. Nice. I enjoyed this post...for some reason. ;)

Steevo said...

careful... u might get calluses...