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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick Update

I haven't been posting... I've been busy ever since I got back from the snow trip. But a quick update: I started work at Disney again. Rehearsals and such. And also, remember the audition I went to about 2.5 weeks ago? I was just informed yesterday that I got it! I can't wait! I've wanted to be in this show ever since I first saw it! It was THE show that made me want to work at Disneyland. So I'm finally going to be able to do it after working there for 6 years!! :)

More rehearsals for me. It's non-stop rehearsals until this new show debuts on March 27th. And then I'll start rehearsals for the show that I just got up until THAT show comes on in June. And then I'll be auditioning for another parade (the Electrical Parade) in April, which will also come up in June. So I think things are looking up for me! I'm so happy right now! WEE!

(P.S. I promise to finish my Hong Kong trip reports and then my Snow trip report too!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cabin Fever

Wow being in a cabin with family and nowhere to go is... BORING! I'm
dying without proper Internet and TV. I guess I'll just try and sleep.
Maybe I'll dream about hot snowboarders like these two:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snow Time!

> Oops I sent the following post with the picture but it didn't go
> through.

> Arrived in Big Bear and already went to play in the snow a bit. I
> don't have proper footgear for snow so my feet are ICE right now.
> Staying in the cabin tonight and then more snow play tomorrow. So
> apparently I got the wrong memo. We didn't come to snowboard or ski.
> We're going to the "Snow Play" areas where they provide innertubes
> and we slide down the hills. I'll provide visuals tomorrow.
> And CONGRATS to Bruce for finding my vids... LOL. Don't tell others
> though. We'll let them search for it. Haha.

Snow Time!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Friends Piss Me Off

Let me preface: Miles was Pip's "Secret Santa" this past Christmas. His gift to her was a big dinner with a big group of friends and he would pay for her. Since then, we've been trying to get together for a dinner. Every single week, someone had SOMETHING to do... we would set a date and then someone would bail last minute. Set another date, and then have to reschedule again because someone forgot they had something to do that night. It is now February 19th!! Almost 2 months after Christmas!! We were supposed to have this dinner tonight! But just now, about 10 minutes ago, Davie decided that he had plans instead and couldn't go anymore! ARGH! I do NOT want to go to a big dinner and spend money without everyone there. So guess what... we're rescheduling again! AGAIN!!

And why am I so freakin' mad about this?! Because I met a boy online tonight and he's FUCKING HOT and interested in ME! And I told him I couldn't meet up with him tonight because I HAD A DINNER WITH MY FRIENDS!! Now he's gone and made plans of his own and we can't meet up. And we can't meet tomorrow cuz both of us have plans with friends. I can't this weekend because I'm snowboarding. And next Mon-Thurs, I'll be in rehearsal for my new show until 10:30pm.... so you see why I'm so frustrated?!?! ARGH!!!


Other News Update: Davie definitely knows that it's me on that hookup site. And knows my "secret" online screen name. Now I'm worried about him finding me on xTube! EEEK! THAT would be REALLY embarrassing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Week of Unemployment

It's the last few days of lounging around doing nothing for the entire day! WOO! If you've read before, I haven't been technically "unemployed." I've still been with Disney this whole time, just not getting any hours. But rehearsals for the new show starts next Monday night and I'm just excited to have something on my schedule! And now these next few days are going to be super brutal because I just want to fast forward to Monday!

I have no idea what to do to keep myself busy. All my friends seem to be doing something with their lives, yet I'm stuck at home just watching TV the whole day. I don't have any money to actually go out and do something fun. Or even go out for a movie. Or a dinner. Nothing. So I'm trapped inside my apartment watching TV and porn. All day. However fun that may sound, even porn gets boring after 6 hours...

Good news is I only have to endure through Friday. I'm meeting my friends from school to watch Slumdog Millionaire at my friend's place. (She downloaded the movie. hehe) And then I head back to my family's house that night because on Saturday and Sunday, I'm going up to Big Bear Lake to try my hand (or feet?) at snowboarding! I've been skiing once or twice, and the last time I went, my sister forced me off of the bunny slopes and up the intermediate lift. I stood at the top, scared as hell, as my sister just said, SEE YA, and left me. I inched my way closer and closer to the decline and then suddenly I was on my way. I had NO idea how to turn or slalom or whatever you call it. So I was zoooooming down the mountain... straight down... and picking up speed the entire time. I TRIED to maneuver side to side with very little success. Eventually, the slope leveled out a bit and I forced myself to crash into the fence on the side to stop. yay. Thank goodness I didn't break any bones.. just some bruises and scratches all over my body. And since then, I've never been back in the snow. And that was.... I think... maybe 10 years?? LOL.

So I'm really hoping I'm a little bit more coordinated now. And hopefully snowboarding will just miraculously come natural to me. HAHA. We'll see... I'll keep you all posted.

In other news, I think my friend Davie has found me on the internet dating hookup site that I go to... he text me last night at 2:42am while I was sleeping. All he wrote was, "(the name of the site)?" And I got it this morning when I woke up... very confused... but a little embarrassing if he's found my profile just cuz of the photo that I put up there. It's of me shirtless... I put it up a few days ago. I HAVE been getting a lot more messages than usual after I put that picture up though, but not exactly from guys that I'm interested in. Anyway... I don't even know why I go on there. Maybe it's an ego thing. Cuz I really don't think I would hookup with anyone on there .... anymore :P

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MacBook Battery

Hey, remember that one post back in November where I asked for a MacBook battery? Well, I need it more than ever. Back then, my MacBook battery had significantly deteriorated and could only hold a charge of about 30 minutes. Well, fast forward to February 2009, my MacBook battery does not hold ANY charge whatsoever anymore. Which means each time I accidentally unplug the AC cord from the computer, the whole thing shuts off... :(

And if you're familiar with the new Mac computers, they're all equipped with the MagSafe Power Adapter (Fig. 1). The power cord uses a magnet to connect to the computer so that if you accidentally trip over the cord, it will safely rip away from the computer without taking the whole computer down. Well, this has become a problem because it's EASY for it to just get ripped away... and I find myself doing something important and WHOOPS I rip it out and lose everything.

Fig. 1

What's even more annoying than losing important documents is having the computer shut off while in the middle of watching porn! ARGH!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ask A Blogger #20

A fun little blogging game made up by my buddy AJ @ AJ's Ramblings. Here are the rules:

1. Blogger 1 posts a question on their blog.
2. The first person to comment on said Blogger's post needs to direct readers to their blog, and then becomes Blogger 2.
3. Blogger 2 answers Blogger 1's question on his/her own blog (so Blogger 2's blog).
4. Blogger 2 posts a question on his/her blog.
5. And then the new Blogger repeats step 1-4.

The last question was asked by Planetx_123 over at Lion, Tigers, and Science... Oh My!:
"If you could've grown up anywhere in the world, would you have preferred to grow up somewhere else?"

Well, I think I had it pretty good in which I grew up for the first 5 years in Hong Kong, and then the rest of my childhood was spent in Los Angeles. Both places I liked. I've always said that I liked a big urban city to live it. That's why I chose to stay in LA for college. BUT, sometimes, it's nice to think about growing up in a very small town... where everyone knows each other. Kind of an All-American town. Would everything be different? Would I be a totally different person? It's tough to think about what kind of person I would've become if I grew up in a small town.

With that said, I think growing up in New York City would've been pretty interesting. That's like the mother of all urban cities! The two times that I've visited NYC, I've really enjoyed myself. I think it's the type of lifestyle that I would love... the hustle and bustle... it's so me. I like things in a fast pace. And I love how it's the city that never sleeps (cuz god knows I never do!). I think one day, I would love to move out to New York City. That would be fun :)

Did I even answer the question? I feel like I went off into a tangent. LOL. Anyway... here's my question:

If you had to make a list of 5 celebrities you would want to spend a night having hot, passionate sex with (either one at a time or all together!! haha), who would they be? And provide pictures! HEHE...
(LOL, I'm such a perv.)

Hong Kong (Part 3)

So, I finally get to the Hong Kong portion of my "Hong Kong" posts. On Sunday morning, my Mom, Dad, and I went to the ferry port to board the ferry back to Hong Kong. And to avoid seasickness, all three of us sleep through the entire 1 hour ferry ride. Once we get there, we get on a bus to meet up with my aunt (mom's little sister). After dropping off all our luggage, we head out on the town. I requested that we go back to where I grew up and my the kindergarten that I went to. It was really cool to check out where I used to live. I don't really remember any of it... just really vague bits and pieces that may or may not just be what I THINK I remember after seeing pictures of myself when I was little. Nonetheless, it was nice to be back there again and listen to some of the stories from my mom.

That night, we had Hot Pot (Fig. 1), where you just have a big pot of boiling water in the middle and you throw veggies and raw meat in there until it's cooked. We had a bunch of different meats and veggies. My favorite is the beef of course... very thinly sliced beef. I think I had a whole plate by myself. :P

Fig. 1

The next day, we woke up early enough to head to Immigration Servies to get my Hong Kong Permanent Residents Card. Even though we had an appointment time, we STILL had to wait over an hour before we were seen. We were first screened by a very unfriendly worker. My dad had a few questions for her and she snapped back saying that we needed to ask the official (supervisor). Then when she approved me, I had to wait for an official. Another 20 minutes. Finally got called. At least the official worked quickly. We paid, and then we were on our way to meet my aunt for some dim sum!

The dim sum restaurant was more upscale and lots of business folk were in there having their lunch. I liked a lot of their dishes. Everything was fresh and tasty, including the chicken feet (foreground in Fig. 2, closeup in Fig. 3). YUMMY! hehehe.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

The rest of the day, we walked around Hong Kong for a while, before deciding on heading up to The Peak. Along the way, we had some egg custard? I think it's egg custard. I really don't know what it's called in English. I just know it's yummy. And it's a dessert. And it can be eaten hot or cold. And they make a milk version too. I had the egg, my mom and dad had the milk. Here's a picture after I finished eating it... so it might look kinda gross. haha.

We took a hike up to the tram for The Peak, which is one of the highest points in Hong Kong. Now it's a tourist trap. The tram drops you off in a shopping center that doesn't seem to have any exits... We had to leave through a back hallway. LOL. I did take a picture to show how high we were once I was able to get out (Fig. 5)

Fig. 5

We didn't do any shopping or anything. Just basically went up there just to say we did it. Didn't even stay to eat or anything. Just took a few pictures and then went back down. And that pretty much concluded our nice touristy, sight-seeing day. We went home and had some home-cooked Chinese food... err, I mean... just food. hehe. Here's a nicely crafted New Year's Cake made to look like goldfish (which is a sign of wealth and fortune) that we had as dessert. :)

Actually kinda creepy looking.... HAHA. And then the next day was my last day in Hong Kong. Went to Hong Kong Disneyland with my mom, aunt, and cousin. So I'll save that post for another day. :) I'll end this post with a nice shot of Hong Kong Island, taken from Kowloon (which is still a part of the whole of Hong Kong, but is on the mainland). I just thought it looked cool with the reflection on the water... with the Red, White, and Blue too. hehe.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was over at Matt's Debriefing The Boys and I read on his twitter: "Hot straight guys shouldnt be allowed to wear pants to work that makes their ass look great. Its just not fair. And such a waste!"

Aside from the LOL, I thought: "What kind of jeans/pants SHOULD I wear to make my ass look good?" I have such a horrible fashion sense and I definitely don't know what makes a pear of jeans good. However, I HAVE noticed that the pairs of jeans I own now do NOT make my butt very flattering. In the past 2 months or so, I know I've lost an inch or so in my waist so I've moved on to the next hole in my belt. But that just scrunches up the waistline in my old jeans and makes everything look baggy. I don't fill in my jeans like I used to.

BUT, I also had a pair of skinny jeans that I wore the first time I went out to WeHo. I'm not sure if I blogged about it.. but they were so tight that I couldn't breathe when I was sitting. LOL. But now, they fit pretty well... YET when I look in the mirror, it still looks baggy around the butt and the upper thigh area. ARGH.

So, what sort of jeans/pants am I supposed to look for? And what makes an ass look great? It'd be nice to know. LOL. And I'm guessing the answer is different for everyone because everyone's ass is different, but a little advice would be greatly appreciated. I want a better looking ass when I go out! hehe.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hong Kong (Part 2)

Where did I leave off? Ah that's right... my second day in Macao. I slept through the night, just as I had hoped. And woke up around 10:30am or so, refreshed and ready for another day of sightseeing. :) By 11:30am, my mom and I were out the door to meet my dad at the nearby Dim Sum Restaurant. For those who are unfamiliar, Dim Sum is a Chinese lunch in which you receive small plates of many different types of food so that the table can share. We got some egg rolls, some turnip cake, some rice noodles, and some barbeque pork rolls. YUMMO

After Dim Sum, we walked through the crowded streets of Macao to get to the Church of the Mater Dei. It's a Macao landmark. Many years ago, the church burnt down and all that was left was the front facade of the it since it was made of stone. The Macao government have left it up and used the area to build a museum and park around it.

Next stop, we trudged up the hill to the old fort. The Portuguese army built this fort up on the hill nearest to the port so they had a bunch of cannons up there as well. The cannons up on in the fort now are obviously not the ones they used way back when, but we got to take pictures next to these replicas, which was pretty cool. :)

We made our way back down the hill and we visited my dad's old elementary school. We also went for a stroll around the park right next door to his school where he used to play. Pretty cool to see where my dad used to grow up. We also stopped by the area where he used to lived. He used to live in a small house, now replaced by a high-rise building, just like most of Macao. We also walked by my mom's old house, again replaced by another high-rise apartment building. Macao has changed a lot since my mom and dad were kids.

Then, as we were walking back to our house, I was attacked by a vicious lion!!! Ok, I'm lying. But we really did encounter a lion... a Chinese ceremonial lion. It was just walking down the street with several performers, celebrating the New Year. I'm guessing it was on its way to their next gig down the street. LOL. The Lion performers are so talented. They really make the movements of the lion look real.

That night, we ate a famous Portuguese cuisine restaurant. REALLY yummy food. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the meal. But I did have a yummy curry pork fried rice dish.

Rest of the night was spent with relatives, watching TV. We watched an "American Idol" type show. We just kinda spent 3 hours watching episode after episode. LOL. Got dropped off by my uncle and then slept the night away. :) The next few day, we traveled back to Hong Kong to meet up with my other aunt and uncle, to get my Hong Kong Permanent Residents Card, and to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Will post about that another night... I'm pooped now.

By the way, still waiting for the call about the audition. If I don't get a call by the end of the this week, then it means I didn't get the show. But hopefully I'll get a call. And about Jamie... I haven't made up my mind about it. But it's not like I'm going to make a trip out to Orlando now.. it'd be some time around June. Perhaps I can talk to Jamie about it the next time we chat. Maybe he'd want to take a vacation out here?? Who knows... Blah, I just can't believe I'm still talking about Jamie! I was hoping that by now I'd be blogging about some boy that I really REALLY like and that really REALLY likes me back. Hopefully that comes soon...

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Chat With Jamie

Saturday night, and going into Sunday morning, I had a chat with Jamie.... yes, THAT Jamie. We chatted for a good 2 hours. We asked how each other were and talked about our jobs. And then he asked whether I was dating or not. I told him that I had been sort of seeing a boy but things are over now... explained that he was too young and immature. He then told me that the boy he was seeing at the time that I had visited him back in September was also too young and immature for him, and that's why he broke it off with him. Then the conversation somehow got to our first time together and when we had sex... how nervous we both were and everything. We both agreed that it would've been a much better experience if we had both relaxed a bit more.

Here's the kicker... he then tells me that after our little date that night in Orlando in September, he wanted to come into my hotel room and do it "the right way," as he put it. Just under the circumstances (him seeing that boy at the time), it just didn't seem right. I always wondered what he thought of me and our date after that night. As I blogged, I was just dropped off at my hotel after our date and left to walk up to my room alone. I regretted not asking him to come up to the room at that time, and now I REALLY do wonder what he would've said if I did ask! LOL.

But I guess it's just a nice ego-boost right now to know that he did enjoy my company and still wants to do dirty things to me :P And, not gonna lie, I'd love it if we could get together again. I just know that we have many things in common, we're attracted to each other, I'm really comfortable being around him, and we have a good time together.

I'm thinking about planning another trip out to Orlando again... Blah, is that stupid of me??

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ask a Blogger #5

A fun little blogging game made up by my buddy AJ @ AJ's Ramblings. Here are the rules:

1. Blogger 1 posts a question on their blog.
2. The first person to comment on said Blogger's post needs to direct readers to their blog, and then becomes Blogger 2.
3. Blogger 2 answers Blogger 1's question on his/her own blog (so Blogger 2's blog).
4. Blogger 2 posts a question on his/her blog.
5. And then the new Blogger repeats step 1-4.

So AJ's question was: "When/how did you know you were gay/bi/whatever?"

My answer: Wow... this is a tough question to answer. I mean, it definitely wasn't like one day I just KNEW. But I guess it definitely all started back when I found the Spice channels on our cable box. We had the illegal black box that got all the pay-per-view channels. And at night, there would be softcore porn. :P So I began watching that, but after a while, I found myself watching the guys. And then we got the internet, and I started surfing for porn on there. At first, it was just straight porn. But again, I found myself really intrigued by the male body. And then after a while, I started searching for gay porn. I distinctly remember downloading 5 second clips of gay porn and having it play over and over on repeat. LOL.

So I knew I liked boys early on, but I kept telling myself that I liked girls too, even though I never really cared for straight porn too much. I would still get aroused by straight porn... I wasn't, and still am not, disgusted at the sight of a naked woman like some gays do. So I just kept telling myself that I was bi. But after I broke up with my girlfriend, and I had my first sexual experience with a boy (re: Jamie), I knew that I was definitely gay. And it was then that I accepted that I was gay.


Well, I guess it's time for my question. It's sorta lame.. I'm horrible at coming up with questions.
"What's the most number of times you've jerked off in one day, and why were you so damn horny that you had to jerk off that many times!?"

And to recap the rules, I'm Blogger #5, which means whoever comments first will become Blogger #6. And remember, don't comment with your answer to my question... Save the answer for your own blog post. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hong Kong (Part 1)

I finally have some time right now! Well first off, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm feeling a lot better. I don't think I'm sick any more. whew! And today's audition DID go well. We are now just waiting for them to make calls. So I'll know within the week. :) Fingers crossed!


So Hong Kong! On Wednesday Jan 28, I was scheduled to take a 10:20pm flight out of Los Angeles International Airport. But because my flight had so few passengers, they merged my flight with the 12 midnight flight out to Hong Kong. Which meant I had to wait wait and wait until all the passengers from the midnight flight had arrived. BLAH. So I arrived in Hong Kong an hour and 30 minutes late. And when I got there, I had to navigate my way over to the Hong Kong-Macao Ferry Port, buy my own ticket for the ferry, and cross customs. And damn that customs line! It was SOOO long for for the Visitors line! Macao is a small city along the Southeast China coast, an hour's boat ride away from Hong Kong. It has recently become a HUGE gambling city, with Las Vegas sized casinos. The Wynn and The Venetian are both there already!

Anyway, I finally arrived in Macao. My mom and aunt were waiting for me at the terminal. We dropped off my luggage at the house, where my dad greeted me, and we all immediately went out to get some food to eat! We went to my dad's favorite place to get coffee because they have really good pork sandwiches and ox tail soup. hehe, yes, oxtail soup. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of this delicacy because I didn't think about taking pictures of food yet, but I assure you that the food was YUMMY.

Then we headed to the Macao Immigration Services office to take care of what I went to Macao and Hong Kong for. As I had explained before, since my mom and dad were born in Macao, I am eligible for a Permanent Residents card in Macao that allows me to stay in Macao indefinitely and to get a job there if I so choose. ALSO, it allows me to stand in the "Macao Residents" line at customs, thus bypassing that HORRIBLY LONG Visitors line that I had to endure through just a few hours prior. So I took my picture, did the fingerprints, and filled out the paperwork. Then they told me that I'd receive the card in a few weeks - and my aunt (who reisdes in Macao) will pick it up for me.

After taking care of that, my mom and aunt and I went to go shopping for cheap clothes. ;) I bought authentic American Eagle and Abercrombie sweaters for only about $80 Macao, which is about $10 US! SCORE! And then, because I'm a fatty, I was already hungry again, so we stepped outside the store and decided to eat some "Hot Pot" from a little side-of-the-street vendor. YUMMY! I had some fish balls and cow intenstines. yes, cow intestines. :P

Look at all the yummy food!

After having my little snack, we took the scenic route back to the house. Lots of people in the city because it was still within the festivities for Chinese New Year. And plus, it's such a small city that it's crowded everywhere you go. We met back up with my dad there, and then my aunt drove us out to a smaller island neighboring Macao called Coloane, where we sat down in a restaurant called Lord Stowe's Bakery and had the famous Portuguese Egg Tarts. The difference between normal egg tarts and Portuguese egg tarts is that they caramelize and slightly burn some sugar on top. Man, SOOO Yummy!

We finished our snack and then drove back to Macao. My aunt dropped my mom, dad, and I at The Venetian Hotel and Casino. We stayed there for about an hour to just check it out and to play the slots a bit. My mom loaned me $100 to play (which is equivalent to only about $15 US), but I lost it all pretty quickly. I don't have very good luck with slots, I guess. My mom, however, kept winning and winning! She ended up making $180. NICE!

Then, we made our way to our other aunt's house and had some home cooked Chinese food there. But, of course, over there, we just call it "food." :P Oh and, by the way, my mom had 7 brothers and sisters. So you're going to see me talk about several aunts and uncles. lol. So we ate, and then watched TV for a few hours. But because I'm a fatty, I agreed to have dessert at this new neighborhood hangout. We drove out to the shop and we ordered some Black Sesame Soup and a Mango/Tapioca dessert.

So, if you've been counting, I've already eaten 5 times in one day. And that's not even counting the meals I had on the plane. LOL. I definitely gained some weight on this trip. However, I didn't gain TOO much weight because I did have to walk a lot. Thank goodness! And also, you may have noticed that I didn't really take a nap or anything this whole first day. That was my plan. I didn't want to sleep at all until it was actually nighttime and a proper sleeping time. This is my secret for being jetlag. I slept right away when it was time, slept through the whole night, and woke up super refreshed. ;) No jetlag whatsoever!

Well, more about the rest of my Hong Kong trip coming up. I'll talk about straddling a big cannon and my encounter with a lion! (How's that for a cliffhanger? lol) I'll leave you all with the view of nighttime Macao from our house.

Auditions, again...

Another day... and yet I still have not posted about Hong Kong. Sorry... I think I just feel like it's going to be a super long post and I just don't have the energy to do it right now. I'm still sick, but I am feeling better. So that's good. Especially because I have another audition in the morning. This time it's for a show that I've auditioned for 5 times, each time being met with a rejection. So I'm really not getting my hopes up on this one. But I know I just gotta still go and try. So we'll see how it goes. No worries if it doesn't go well.

Guess I better get to sleep now... after I check out my latest downloaded videos from SeanCody and CorbinFisher, of course :P

Friday, February 6, 2009

Been Sick..

So I'm back at home in my studio apartment.. but I've been sick. :( Hence not posting about my trip to Hong Kong as promised. But the post is coming. It'll just take me a little time. I have a busy weekend. It's my mom's birthday tonight (and I still haven't gotten her anything... eek!). Then I have another audition at Disney to go to tomorrow morning. And then all day Sunday, I'm helping my friend shoot a dance film.

I just hope I don't die from this cold.... I just ran out of tissues to blow my nose... great....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hong Kong

I'm having a great time here in Hong Kong. I've gotten some business taken care of regarding my identification card in Macao (a neighboring city-state of Hong Kong) and will be doing the same for Hong Kong tomorrow. Since my parents were born in Macao, I am eligible for a special "Residents Card" that allows for easier entry into Macao. And since I was born in Hong Kong, I'm eligible for Hong Kong's special "Residents Card." So after I receive these cards, I'll probably make trips to Hong Kong more often since it'll be convenient. :) And plus I have lots of relatives here in Hong Kong and Macao.

So, I've seriously eaten SOOO much in my 3 days here. Macao and Hong Kong have little restaurants EVERYWHERE. Every street has some sort of restaurant. And they're little hole-in-the-wall style shops. And there's ALL different kinds of foods. I've eaten a different style of Chinese food every day. I've even gotten some Portuguese food as well! But surprisingly, I'm not any fatter than before. Must be all the walking that we do.

Two days from now, we're heading to Hong Kong Disneyland. I get to go for free, so why not?! And I get to take 3 family members with me too! There's not much to do at this Disneyland, but I'm excited to see the shows and just see a new Disneyland. I'll be taking loads of pictures -- living up to the Asian Tourist stereotype! :P

Speaking of pictures, I don't really have time to upload any pictures now. Plus I need to take some time to "Anonymous-ize" my pictures. (Like my new word?) But I promise to post pictures once I get back to the comfort of my own home in the States.

More updates soon! Hope everyone is doing well!