Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bowling on Tuesday

For the past few days, I've been chatting with a boy. I met him at my job's Holiday Party. He was one of my friend's date and all of us hung out together. We found each other on Facebook and we started commenting on each other's pages. Then we used the Facebook chat to talk a bit. And then moved on to AIM. And last night we exchanged phone numbers so we could text each other (cuz we both love texting).

Well, on Facebook, I posted a status saying that I really want to go to this new bowling alley that opened up near by and if anyone wanted to join. Well, he responded to it pretty quickly. And we just started talking about it and how we're both real interested in bowling because we hadn't done it in a LONG time. Well, through our AIM conversations, I could tell that he was interested in me :) And I think he's a pretty cute kid too. He's younger than me by 5 years, but that shouldn't matter, right? So last night, I just asked him if he'd like it if it was just the two of us that went bowling. He said that that'd be real fun. :)

So I think it's a date on Tuesday. I dunno. I'm just going to take it as two people hanging out and getting to know each other. I don't want to classify it as a date, because then I'll get all nervous and dumb again. So I'm just going to let it happen and be cool about it. And hopefully we'll both have fun in the process.


Jonathan said...

Haha, how cute! Well, good luck and just be yourself.


Joshua said...

CUUTE!!! :D I think it's good that you're playing it first as friends, but keep it don't close yourself off because it's not a "date" or whatever!! (even though it clearly is and etc.! :D

Anonymous said...

Thats the right attitude, just take it as a nice gift from the universe and go with an open mind. Enjoy the moment, expect to have a great time!


E said...

Sounds promising. What did he say that convinced you that he might be interested?

Doug said...

Thanks all for the well wishes. There are actually further developments, that I will blog about in my next post.

E: I don't think it was one thing that he said that convinced me... it was just the manner in which we were talking. It was very flirty. And he also complimented on some of my photos, saying that I looked "good" and "cute" in them. :) So, that kinda made me think that he was interested.

Anonymous said...


PS - Cradle robber.... :P ;)