Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone!! I'm just about starting my day right now. I woke up to make my famous fried rice for a potluck we're having at work and now I'm just packing it up and getting ready for work.

I know I'm overdue for an update on how it all went with Matty. It was a mixed bag.. and I'll go into detail about all of that. He's a cute kid and I like him... but the problem is that he's just too young for me, I think. Age difference shouldn't matter, and it doesn't, but in this case, he really is a little immature for me. Again, I'll be more detailed about it in my next post, which probably won't happen until later night tonight. I have a long day of work today. But hopefully you all can wait just a bit longer for the nitty gritty. ;)

Thanks everyone for the comments!! I really love it when you guys give me advice and feedback. So keep it coming!

And last but not least, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! I love you all!


Aek said...

How old was Matty anyway? And you're working on CHRISTMAS?! That's gotta be annoying. :-/

Look forward to the next post (if I don't see you online). Happy holidays!! :D

Steevo said...

so be an "active mentor"? Is he a hottie? cutie? let him down easy if u have to. and wasnt he gonna stay overnite?

Maybe teach him a thing or 2? Jk... but u nebber know. Maybe he can teach YOU!

happy happy

aek: he works at disneyland...365.

Magic Kingdom, ca-CHING!

aron2631 said...

I do think that age matters. Not so much physical age, but psychological age.

I think that a big psychological age differences has a huge chance of creating an imbalanced relationship.

Steevo said...

aron: psychological age.

I am not sure I know what that is or means.

I think any person on any given day may act "immature" or very "mature"...

Perhaps maturity is a construct more crucial to the older person in a relationship. At the risk of sounding pompous... at 24 I think I probably worried a lot more about and noticed OTHER guys' immaturity than I do now.

Seems logical and very human that we might focus on another person's shortcomings because we see similar traits we r dealing with ourselves. When I have an 18 yo student acting 15 I hope I smile to myself and think, "Well he's only 3 years past that age."

I know 18 yo guys [HS teacher here] who r very mature and sensible and sometimes I wish they'd just fuck up so they know what it feels like inside. And I know some guys that at 35 r still spoiled self-centered brats.

If Matty's only major issue is that he pouts when he does not bowl well, well, boo-hoo. XD Wait and see. After several times hanging out you'll see if it is a consistent pattern. Maybe he had a dad who trained him to feel like shit when he failed by example or belittling.

It's just bowling FFS. But I think its a good idea to take note and tuck it away for future reference.

Besides, he's nowhere near ready 4 a life partner application. He's a friend with potential, esp. if he has that certain something that rings yer chimes.

Relax, as I sed above... go with th flow. Enjoy.

steevo [feeling older by th minute lol]