Friday, December 5, 2008

Twilight and Polls

Tonight, Davie convinced me to go watch Twilight with him in the theaters. It ended up being a group of 5 of us watching together. This is Davie's SIXTH time seeing this movie. HAHA, he's obsessed.

During this summer, all my friends at work were super-crazy-obsessed with the Twilight books. Everyone had one of the books in their hands and were reading them franctically in anticipation of the movie coming out. I thought it was such a stupid obsession and just a dumb fad that I didn't want to be a part of.

Well, finally, I was convinced by Davie to go see it. I just wanted to see what this Twilight stuff is all about. I mean, it's definitely my cup of tea. I like sci-fi movies dealing with mythological creatures. You all know now that I was/am a big Buffy fan, so vampires definitely pique my interest. So, I said, "what the hell" and decided to go.

I must say that the movie was pretty good. A good balance of action and romance. It was an interesting story and it set up the mythology of the series very well. The characters were developed alright - though I wish there was more exploration of some of the characters.

All the Twilight fans have been going ape-shit over the character Edward Cullen (the main vampire character) played by Robert Pattinson. They're all soooo in love with him because they think he's SOOO hot. BLAH BLAH.. I really don't see it. Sure, there were some scenes where he was pretty cute. But I guess he just isn't my type.

But let me just say that I TOTALLY wanted to see more of Emmett Cullen played by Kellan Lutz! OMG, I'll take him over Edward ANY DAY! SO freakin hot. And if you don't believe me, here are some pictures of him to drool over.

Omg so freakin hot!! Especially that last picture of him! ::melt:: He can turn me into a vampire any time! mmmmmmmm... I will totally go see the movie again just to see him. His was one of the characters that I wanted more exploration of! Hopefully we get to see more of him in the next movie! :)


The Polls! So the CUISINE poll has ended. Thank you everyone for voting. It was cool to see what type of foods everyone likes.

For a while, Italian and Japanese were tied at 1st. But towards the last few days, Italian inched ahead and got 46% of the votes. Japanese received 32% of the votes. Americana was third with 25%. Chinese and Mexican cuisine came after that. And then there were some votes for British, Indiana, French, Greek, and Thai foods. All very yummy. :)

NEXT POLL: What kind of car do you drive?! These are the standard car categories so hopefully everyone's car(s) fit into one of them. And PLEASE let me know what car you actually drive. Would love to know! :)


Mr. HCI said...

2001 Saturn SL-2
140K miles, so far

I want a Mini Cooper but that's not financially realistic at the moment. I've wanted one for years; I had no idea 'til recently that it's a supposedly "gay car."

Joshua said...

Wow, he is hot, but not hot enough for me to watch the movie...

Craig Horner, on the other hand, makes me want to watch Legend of the Seeker every Saturday night at 6PM. :D

Doug said...

HCI: ooo Mini Coopers. They're sexy :)

Josh: you should still watch the movie. It was good. But yeah, I just searched for images of Craig Horner.... Yummy yum yum!!

Seth said...

Lets hear it for an eco-unfriendly SUV - just a plain old sorta-butch-sorta-proud-to-be-an-American-but-really-not Ford Explorer. But I ~do~ have an HRC equal sign and a rainbow squiggle on the back bumper. That makes me a lesbian, according to my friends. LOL.


midoriverdegreen said...

twilight was a good movie especially the second time around. i agree that emmets actor, Kellan Lutz, was way hotter than Edward's, Robert Pattinson. Although i found that if you just focus on the bottom half of his face, Edwards i mean, than he is at least twice as hot.

Although most of my friends thought the actor that played Jacob was hotter im going to have to dissagree.

Gay Snowboarder said...

I (HEART) Edward Cullen!!!! I am so in love with the Character. I don't think Angel from Buffy could even compare to Edward Cullen...

AJCon89 said...

hmmm... I think a post went missing :-P


Joie Mayfield said...

I don't think Robert Pattinson is all that attractive, either. Those pictures you posted got my blood boiling, though, lol. ;)

I drive a '95 Nissan Sentra. It gets good gas mileage, but has so many things that are wrong with it. When the lights come on, the panel's lights don't at night, I have to use a flashlight to see how fast I'm going. I