Monday, April 18, 2011

Malibu Boy

I tend to write a blog post every time I meet a new boy that has "potential." I have no idea if I'm jinxing myself or not by doing this, but I guess I always just have an urge to share. So it's been a while since Will. That ended in December. There have been two more guys that were more than just the casual one-time date. But obviously, they didn't work out.

This new boy, dubbed Malibu (cuz he lives in Malibu), is super cute, has a very attractive body, and has a really nice personality. He's very laid back. He's also very smart and motivated. And I can tell he's a really sweet and kind person. We met on OKCupid. He actually messaged me first. And I must say that the guys that usually message me, I'm not interested in. So when I got a message from this attractive guy that I seemed to have lots in common with, I was rather surprised and excited.

We just messaged each other back and forth for a bit, asking each other questions about ourselves. Finally, he asked if we wanted to exchange Facebooks and I said YES because I was dying to see my more pictures of him. I wasn't disappointed. He's just as cute in all of his pictures and I found out that he has traveled to so many places in the world. Something that I'm totally jealous about! He also loved seeing all my pictures (especially the really embarrassing ones from Disney. haha). We chat for a bit in the Facebook chat, but it wasn't long before he asked for my number. So of course I gave it to him. :)

I warned him that I'm a HUGE texter. And maybe he didn't believe me... but after a day, he said, "Wow you do like to text!" And I immediately got scared because that didn't sound very good. I apologized... not knowing what to say to that. But he reassured me it was ok and he was just kind of playing with me. Guess it was my paranoia because I tend to just text like crazy and it probably comes off as real needy. The fact is that i'm BORED and I just find texting to be a good way to pass the time. But anyway...

We decided on meeting up. I would drive up to him to have a dinner and a movie. He chose a nice, quaint, outdoor French cafe where we would share a fondue. I had never actually had fondue before so it was a neat new experience. We just talked and got to know more of each other. We're both a bit quiet so it was a little hard to get conversation going. But it wasn't painful. I just really wish I was better at conversations. I really is my biggest downfall :(

We chose to watch Scream 4 in the theaters. I paid for the movie because I already had pre-paid movie passes. OH and I paid for dinner too. I snatched up the bill when it came and he tossed over his credit card, but I pushed it back and offered to pay the whole thing. Right move to make, right?

So in the movie theater... not much talking going on in there, so maybe that was a good thing since we're both not very good at starting conversations. In the middle of the movie, I put my arm on the arm rest and my hand got near his hand. That was my move. He took the signal and kinda inched his pinky onto my hand, so I quickly grabbed onto his hand... a scary part was coming up so I was glad he did it. :P By the way.. I'm SOOO bad when it comes to watching scary movies. I JUMP at the slightest thing. You'd probably be embarrassed to know me if you were with me in the theaters watching a scary movie. BUT, I tried to keep it in control as much as possible when with him. I kinda took advantage of that a little bit to get closer to him ;) He didn't seem to mind. Plus he was saying he was cold in the theater so I tried to get close without making it obvious that we were two gay guys holding onto each other.

Well, I thought the movie went well so I was slightly confident with how the date was going. We walked out of the theater and it was already 1am so we knew we were parting ways. We parked in opposite directions so I asked if he would take me to my car since he knew his way around. When we got into the car, he asked what music I like. I said everything but rap. He seemed a little disappointed in that answer. And then I asked what his schedule is like and what days he has school. Trying to figure out what days we could get together again... So by the time we got to my car, I asked him when he would be free again. He answers, "Well, I'm pretty busy with school... I have finals in a week, and then it's my graduation.. so I'm busy." Hearing that, I just kinda took the hint that he wasn't interested. I mean, if he WAS interested, he wouldn't have said all that right? So I just kinda turned to him and said "well, you just let me know when you're free if you still want to hang out then." So with a little disappointment, I turned to him in my seat and motioned for a hug goodnight instead of the kiss goodnight that I would've like.

I got out of his car and walked to my car, all the while thinking, "well, I guess I blew it somehow. Didn't go as well as I had hoped." He drove off and I was on my way. I had about a 30-40 min drive to get back home, but I didn't want to wait until I got home to send the obligatory "I had a fun time" text. So I broke my rule of No Texting While Driving and sent him a text. He text me back and asked if I was home already. I said no. He asked "what about your no texting while driving rule?" I said, "I made an exception for you." hehehehe. good one right? He said back, "Aww. I had a good time too. I'm surprised you didn't kiss me." GASP, did I read his signals wrong? I told him I really wanted to but I wasn't sure if he wanted me to. And then he told me that he would've enjoyed a kiss goodnight. I sent back "*kicks self for missing out on kissing a great guy* I hope I get another chance." Aren't I just the cutest? LOL

So when I got home, we text each other a bit more and he asks if I had Skype. I said yes. He said he asked because he'd like that kiss goodnight. Hehe. Very cute. But I don't really do well with webcams. You'd think maybe on webcam, conversations would be easier than in real life. But it actually is more awkward for me. I don't know. I'm just weird I guess. So we turn on the webcam and he's super hot and shirtless. And I'm all frumpy with Asian fro hair. We just kinda talk about nothing and then I offer him the kiss goodnight. It was really cute and sweet that he wanted to Skype. It meant he wanted to see me and that he's still interested, so I'm happy with that.

This was actually just the night before. So it's rather new. I just hope that he doesn't play games. I don't really want to play games anymore. You know... the I'm gonna wait until he texts me first. And if he texts too much, then he's just too needy. And if he makes himself too available then I'm going to lose interest. Argh. Why does that happen? I just feel like with these games, noone ever wins. So I hope he's not that kind of guy. We seem to have things in common so hopefully we have feelings about not playing games in common too.

I'll most likely update more about Malibu on my Twitter. So if you wanna know more, I'd suggest you follow me on Twitter @nytedragon.

Well it's super late. We just had another Skype date because he text me and asked if I could get on to wish him goodnight. So cute. Again, he was hot and shirtless. I told him he's just so cute. He seemed to like that. I mean, who doesn't like to be told that they're cute, right? ;) Well, anyway.. heading to bed. Fingers crossed for this one, ok?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fuck You!

I see you driving 'round town
With the guy i love and i'm like,
Fuck you!
Ooo, ooo, ooo
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough i'm like,
Fuck you!
And fuck him too!
I said, if i was richer, I'd still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a
Fuck you!
Ooo, ooo, ooo

Yeah i'm sorry, i can't afford a ferrari,
But that don't mean i can't get you there.
I guess he's an xbox and i'm more atari,
But the way you play your game ain't fair.

I pity the fool that falls in love with you
I've got some news for you
Yeah go run and tell your little boyfriend!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things Are Short Lived...

I'm not ok. I don't feel good. Will didn't turn out like I wanted. It was going to be awesome... if only he hadn't just gotten out of a relationship with his ex-bf. Now he wants to date around... see what's out there. Which I get. But then he's telling me about the guy that he went on a date with. And he's telling me that he can confide in me because he feels comfortable with me. WTF does that mean? He doesn't feel he needs to be purely romantic, purely sexual, or purely friendly with me. His words. So I'm just the in-between guy. That makes me feel SOOO good.... :-/

He's not sure if I'm the right guy.. he wants to find out what's out there first before settling. So I MAY be the one, but he doesn't know. Whatever... I told him fine... that's all great.. but I'm not going to be waiting around forever for him to figure that out.

I'm so disheartened... heartbroken... frustrated...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Freakin' Happy

So why am I so happy? Haha. Well... Seriously 2 days after I wrote the "Search for a BF" blog post, I randomly get a message on Facebook from someone I did not know. It said something like:
"hey there. You look real familiar. Do you go to CSUF (a nearby college)? Or have you been in my Starbucks? I work at the one next to Disneyland."

So I respond:
"no I don't go to CSUF and I don't think I go to tour Starbucks enough for you to recognize me. But you are friends with a few of my friends at Disney. No matter! It's nice to meet you. And you have a great smile, btw."

I had checked out his profile to make sure he liked boys first. :P and then from there we messaged each other a few times on Facebook and learned a little more about each other. He eventually gave me his number and said "we should hang out soon."

From there we kept texting each other. I still hadn't met him yet so I found out when he was working next and told him I'd visit and get a coffee. So I stopped by. He was so excited to see me. He gave me my drink for free. :) unfortunately there was a line so I didn't stay to talk. But it served its purpose. I just wanted to see what he looked like in person. So I said we should actually have lunch and get to know each other.

We went for sushi. He loves Asian food. In fact, he loves Asians. Haha. He actually learned Chinese and is a Buddhist. He knows more Chinese than I do! He's SUPER tall. He's 6'5". And he wears really cute glasses... Such a turn on! And he's just a really sweet guy. Oh and he's HOT. Like, one of the cutest, hottest guys that I know. He's also younger.. 21. So I'm 5 years older... But it doesn't seem to bother him. Oh, and his name is Will :)

And for our first meeting, I was actually really comfortable talking to him. It was really fun to just get to know him. And I was able to talk about myself without feeling like, "am i going to say the wrong thing?"

We both enjoyed each other's company and said we felt really comfy with each other. So I asked him again what we should be... Friends with Benefits or more? I then added that I would love it if we were more than just friends with benefits because I really liked him. He immediately agreed and said he wanted more as well. So I told him that we should just go on a couple more dates to get to know each other more and not put any pressure on each other by saying we're in a relationship with each other or anything like that yet. He liked the idea.

So we hung out again a few nights ago. He came over to watch Harry Potter and he brought over a pie and ice cream. :) we cuddled up on the couch and talked and watched the movie. Soooo awesome. We stopped the movie halfway and went into my room because we couldn't keep our hands off each other :P No details... but it was definitely a good time. After that and after watching the rest of the movie, it was late. So I invited him to stay the night. :) guess he planned on it because he had clothes in the car :P

We spent the rest of the night on my bed telling each other our life story. It was great to just lay there with him and talk. I've never done that with another boy. And he would randomly just grab my face and give me a peck. So damn cute!!

Tonight, we went on another date. I originally had invited my roommate to see the Beauty and Beast stage show. I had gotten a pair of free tickets through work. This morning, my roommate texts me and offers her tickets to Will. She said that she wanted us to have a fun night out together. She's being really supportive because she wants the best for me. And I told her this is one of the nicest things she's ever done for me. :) So I offered the tickets to him and he immediately jumped at the chance. We rode in the same car to the theater.. and as we walked up to the theater, he reached for and held my hand. So cute! And after that, when we were walking around, he put his arms around me. During the show, he reached for my hand and just kissed it. He just knows what to do to put a smile on my face. :)

The show was also Will's "debut" to my friends. Two of my friends were also at the show. So he was introduced to them. One of them already knew him because Will is that awesome Starbucks barista that remembers who you are and your drink of choice. ;) But yeah, I was excited to introduce him to my friends. Because he's WAY hot and yes, I wanted to show him off! :P

After the show, we were both hungry, so we drove through a fast food joint and brought it back to my house. We just sat in bed, watching TV, and eating fast food. He said it was refreshing to be with someone that enjoyed eating. :) I had to agree.

Tomorrow night, we're going out for dinner at a place called the Boiling Crab. I've only heard GREAT things about the place and I'm excited for him to introduce me to it. I'm just super excited about spending more time with him. I'm enjoying it and letting things just happen. I'm making sure not to put pressure on each other and I think that's what making being with him enjoyable. :) YAY! So happy!

(BTW! This was my 300th Post! YAY!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Never Too Early

It's NEVER to early in my books for CHRISTMAS music! I love listening to Christmas music! It just makes me happy to listen to the songs that I grew up with and all the new songs that have been created in recent years. It just makes me think about being around friends and family... it always brings a smile to my face. :) I love this time of year --- and I won't let anyone tell me that it's too early!!

'Tis the Season everyone!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Search for a BF

More and more, I'm thinking about how nice it would be to have a relationship with a guy that I love and that loves me back for who I am. I hadn't really thought too much about having a boyfriend until recently. I mean, yes, I've wanted to meet guys and date. But I think I'm finally ready to have a relationship with a boy. I've become a LOT more comfortable with myself and how I live my life. It would just be great to have someone to have fun with, laugh with, talk to, etc.

The only problem is, I still haven't figured out how to find the guy of my dreams. I seem to be looking in all the wrong places. When will I finally find him? And how will it end up happening?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Bored...

So my Halloween costume isn't as slutty as last year's Buzz Lightyear costume.. but I'm still going to be slightly sexy. I'm going to have a sleeveless shirt on so I'm going to need my arms to look good. So I was just working out my biceps right now...

And then I got bored so I opened Photo Booth and took a pic :P Enjoy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

26th Birthday

It was my 26th birthday this past Sunday! It was a REALLY long day.... Let's do a quick explanation of why it was one of the longest days I've had in a while:
  • Saturday night, I was at Disneyland with family until 11pm
  • And then I went home to study my lesson plans for a class I had to teach at work in the morning... a class that I didn't know I had to teach until a few days before
  • Stayed up until 3:30am to get comfortable with the "script" of the class
  • Woke up at 7:30am, on my birthday, to get ready and be at work at 9:00am
  • Arrived at 9:00am to prep the classroom, class started at 10am
  • 8 hour class... with an extra 45 minutes of wrap-up time for me. Didn't leave work 'til 7pm
  • Went straight from work to a birthday dinner with my friends
  • At the birthday dinner, one of my friends ask me, "What do you have to do tomorrow?" which means, "Do you want to go to Vegas?" -- they/we go to Vegas all the time
  • After some convincing, I agree to go to Vegas for the night!
  • We leave for Vegas at 11pm... arrive there at 2:30am.
  • We immediately walk down the Strip and find drinks and get drunk
  • We stay up until the sun comes up
  • We go back to our cars to sleep/nap
  • We wake up at 9:15am to satisfy my craving for a Vegas buffet
  • We eat at the Mirage breakfast buffet... stay for the beginning of lunch and I eat my favorite buffet food: crag legs!!
  • My friend drives us back home in a hurry, because I have to be at work for my show choir at 4:30pm
  • I make it home at 3:45pm, rush in to get changed, and then rush out the door.
  • I arrive at show choir just a few minutes late... have a 3 hour rehearsal with my students
  • I rush out of rehearsal to go to Disney for work... rehearsals for the Christmas parade.
  • Rehearsals at Disney last from 8-midnight.
  • I arrive back home past midnight... which is now technically Tuesday morning.
  • Instead of going straight to bed, I shower and watch two hours of TV
  • And then I peacefully sleep in my bed until 1pm :)
Even though it was a very hectic, busy, and tiring few days, it was an awesome birthday spent with great friends. I really enjoyed myself and I wouldn't change it one bit. :D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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If you don't follow me on Twitter, this is what you're missing out on:

This was taken for #showpantssaturday! ;)
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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Internet Crush

Two months ago, I was on the internet dating hookup site that I always go on just checking out the guys on there when I get a message from a really cute guy. Hmm, why is this cute boy messaging me? When I looked at his pics, I thought to myself, "This is exactly the type of guy that I am attracted to!" So, I was excited to get a message from him and more interested to know why he would be interested in me. So I message him back and strike up a conversation.

His name is Garrett. He's white, a bit shorter than me, athletic build, swimmer, likes working out, WAY cute, funny, educated, motivated. Everything I want in a guy :P But after a few more messages, I notice that he's from Arizona.... 500 miles away :(

But that didn't stop me from messaging him and getting to know him better. He seemed to be interested in learning more about me as well. And since then, we've been talking every now and then. We've also swapped phone numbers so we text each other as well.

However, every time we chat now, it seems so superficial. It's always, "Hey, how's it going?" "What have you been up to lately?" "What'd you do today?"

I'm such a bad conversation starter. I'm even worse at keeping conversations going. So, everyone, please help me out! What do I talk about now? How do I keep our conversations interesting?

And I know you're asking, "Why are you so interested in keeping fresh with him? He lives far away..." Well, it turns out that he's getting a job offer out here in California in a month or two! He won't exactly be right next door, but he'll only be about 1.5 hours away. Way better than the 5-6 hours away that he is now. So we're most likely going to be meeting each other when he comes out here. I just want to keep him interested in me from now until then.

So how do I keep him interested? How do I make good conversation?...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Broke The Rule...

I had a rule... never get mixed up with the drama at work. That means, don't date guys from work, don't hook up with guys from work. Nothing good ever comes from it. Relationships are bound to end and people get nasty. It has happened time and time again and I just see it destroying friendships. Not just the two people who are involved.. but all the people around them because then we have to choose sides... Just bad all around. So that was my rule... Don't Date/Hookup From Work!

Well... it happened. I broke the rule. A few weeks ago, one of the boys from work, Jonah, came up to me to just chat. He's a definite cutie. He's younger, by 3 or 4 years. He has such a great personality.. very fun loving and kind. He just has the cutest face and a really toned body. He once told me that he never works out.... damn him and his awesome genes. I guess I've always had a little bit of a crush on him.

Back to what was going on... he came up to me to chat. Then he proceeded to tell me that he has a mini-crush on me. I was taken aback. I was surprised and flattered and a bit excited all at the same time. He just thinks that I'm cute, I guess. So I then also told him that I've had a mini-crush on him for a while now too. :P He seemed to be happy to hear that.

Ever since that chat, we've been a bit more touchy with each other. We'll give each other hugs more often and just kind of hold each other or sit close to each other. A very innocent thing, but totally cute and totally comfortable. And then one day, he taught me a few phrases in Korean (he's learning Korean.. he loves Koreans). He taught me the basics: "Hello" and "How are you?" And then also, "You have a cute butt" and "I want to do it with you." LOL. Well, if that isn't telling me something, then I don't know what is!

Keeping my rule in mind, I kind of played it off and just laughed. And then we left work. But I was definitely thinking about it that whole night. Well... a few hours later, at home, I was bored and a bit horny (when am I not?). So I decided to get on Jonah's facebook and write on his wall: "So can you teach me how to say those Korean phrases again? :P"

A few minutes later, he messaged me on iChat. Actually, he attempted to video chat me so that he could teach me how to say it. Well, for whatever reason, the video chat wasn't working. It just wouldn't start up. Being playful, I say, "Well, you just have to come over and teach me in person." I forget what was said next, but to summarize, he said not to tempt him because he was pretty horny. Well, I definitely didn't stop it... OK, I actually encouraged him to come over. But really... I didn't think he was actually going to do it!

But the next thing he said was that he was going to hop in the shower and then head over. Whoa! It was really going to happen! Not sure what exactly was going to happen when he got here, but I was starting to get nervous! What am I wearing? What do I look like? What are we going to do when he gets here? Do I need a shower too? Seriously 10 million things going on in my mind.

Well, I ended up taking that shower. He got here about 15 minutes later. (oh did I mention that by this time, it was 4am?) I showed him to my room and we laid down on the bed together. I turned on the TV and we just kind of cuddled for a bit. It was really cute. We were spooning. And I hadn't had someone to do that with in a REALLY long time. And after a few minutes of that, he turned towards me and gave me a peck. And that little peck led to a pretty hot makeout session. And the makeout session led to clothes coming off. And well... you get the picture.

Ok... so he really likes rimming. He's a big fan of ass. And I guess he was a big fan of mine. and I wasn't complaining! He did that for a REALLY long time. It was awesome. And then there was some humping going on... which is the international signal for "I want to stick it in." Well, I really wasn't anticipating it getting this far... so I was a little hesitant at first. But... he made me extremely horny and I just couldn't say no. So I went and grabbed the condoms and lube and told him to let me have it.

Wow it was awesome. He had a nice cock. It was a nice size... not too big or small. Just perfect. And it definitely hit the spot! After pounding me from behind, he had me sit on it. And THAT really hit the spot. After a while of that, I couldn't hold it anymore and I came all over his chest. He jerked off for a bit, had me moan in his ear, and he came too. Both of our juices all over him. And by this time... it was 5:30am.

He took a shower and then got dressed. I walked him back out to his car. We gave each other a kiss goodnight and then he drove off. I broke the rule. And climbing into bed after that, I was nervous... what if our friendship changes because of this hookup? Is it going to be awkward when we see each other at work? I just don't know how that works... hooking up with someone that I have to see everyday at work...

Well, the next day came... and we were both at work. We see each other and we say hi. I was a bit cautious when saying hi, but he was his normal self. He came over and gave me a hug and just kinda held me by my waist as we talked for a bit. WHEW. Things are normal. And the only one being awkward was me. So I quickly relaxed and just let things be normal.

And since then, it's been normal... well we may be a bit more touchy than before. But I don't mind that. He still calls me his mini-crush. That's how we greet each other now. And so things are good. I'm just glad that breaking the rule didn't ruin everything. I'm not going to say that I'm going to just ignore that rule now... it's still in effect. Guess I just made that exception with Jonah. And I wouldn't mind breaking the rule with him again sometime in the near future ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New (Slutty) Experience

So I have had so much going on in my life... And I'm a little bit frustrated that I haven't kept up with blogging because I'm about to write about something that happened with weekend, but there a few things that led up to it that I could've written about (and may still write about). But now if I do write about the backstory, it'll be out of order... but oh well. Anyway -- enough blabbering.. let's get to how much of a slut I am.

This weekend, I was in Las Vegas for my figure skating competition (which I will talk about in another blog post). Sunday morning, my friends who I was there with left because they had to be back at home for work. I, however, had no other obligations for the rest of the day, so I decided to sleep in and wait until the last possible minute to check out of the hotel. But what to do the rest of the day? I was in Sin City, by myself... I had to take advantage of this situation! So, I had been on Grindr the night before to check out the guys in the area. But, I didn't find anyone to my liking and noone had hit me up either. Well, how else can I find guys to just have some fun with??

Well... that's when I looked into going to a bathhouse - a place where gay guys go to basically have sex. I did some research on the place and it seemed that it was a clean one with a nice staff and above average reviews. So I decided to just go for it. I've thought about going to a bathhouse here in Los Angeles before... but I just never got the courage to do so. But this is the perfect circumstance now.. I'm alone in a place far away from home with lots of time to spare. So I just did it.

I drove up to the place, parked my car, got out, and stepped into Hawk's Gym. I walked into a tiny little lobby, and was met with a pretty cute latino guy at the window. I gave him my money and got my "daily membership" and he let me in.

The place was dimly lit and definitely clean. So that's good. The guy gave me a towel and a lock to use for the locker. So I walked over to the lockers and got undressed and placed the towel around my waste and locked up my stuff. I then started to walk around and just familiarize myself with the layout of the whole place. In the front, there was gym equipment which noone actually used. lol. Then there was a lounge with a big screen tv and then a pool table off to the side. Down the hall, there were a bunch of doors that led to private rooms. And then there was a steam room, a sauna, and a community shower. Other rooms included the small dark room, a porn room, a glory hole type room, and a large dark sex room equipped with sex swings and slings and other sexy things. :P

As I was walking around, I was getting looked at by the guys that were already there. Not too many guys.. and noone that really caught my eye, unfortunately. So I decided to stop in the steam room first. Walked in and saw that two other guys in there already. I sat down and started to just play with myself. One guy decided to leave, but the other guy stayed. He then struck up a conversation with me and asked if he could sit next to me. And then he motioned towards my dick and asked "do you mind?" I assumed he was asking if he could see it/touch it. Little did I know, he meant if he minded if he sucked it! So he went right for it and I wasn't about to stop him! Felt pretty good... but then it got way too hot in the steam room and I just had to get out of there.

I walked around a LOT with no destination.. hoping that a hot guy will randomly come in. I stopped in the porn room to just sit and jack off a few times. Some other guys came in to watch. One creepy old man asked if I wanted to join him in his room... I declined.

And then I was walking around and a younger, black guy came in. He noticed me and probably thought, "hey, another young guy," and just kinda followed me around. Obviously, he was interested. We walked into the shower together and took a quick shower side by side. We just talked for a bit while washing up. Then we walked into the big dark sex room and walked into the corner. There, we jacked each other off. And then we went down on each other. He seemed to like my blowjob, but I wasn't too impressed with his skills...

And THEN, he had me sit back onto this weird contraption on the ground, my feet in the air. I told him I wasn't going to be bottoming for anyone... but for some reason he just wanted to hump me. I'm not sure why that would feel good or be stimulating. But he did it. And I was just kinda lying there... totally uninterested and NOT turned on at all. A few people walked by to check out our action because they probably thought that we really were fucking. But NOPE... it was stupid. I finally just told him to stop and got up and got out. WAY stupid.

There wasn't much else that happened... There just wasn't anyone there that I was really interested in. Bummer. I guess I just wasn't lucky enough to have someone attractive be there the same time I was. But it was still a successful experience.. I finally got up the courage to do something crazy like this. And it wasn't like it was horrible. So I'm glad I did it.

PLUS, now that I've done it, I won't be nervous about going to one here in Los Angeles. I've already enlisted the help of Jason - and we're going to be going to one THIS Saturday together. :P It's going to be my birthday present to myself. LOL. If there aren't any hot guys to play with there, we'll just play with each other. ;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Street Fair, Hookahs, and Kisses

Every year, the city of Orange, CA has their International Street Fair. They close off a stretch of road and set up booths and stages. They serve alcohol and food from different places around the world. They have "Italian Street," "Denmark Street," "Greek Street," "Irish Street," "Mexican Street," "Polynesian Street," and so many more. Tonight was my first night going to the street fair. Man, it was packed! So many drunk people just stumbling around. Within the first 5 minutes of arriving, I was shoved and had beer spilled all over my arm. Lovely.

I finally found my friends after about 15 minutes of searching. But when I got there it was already past 9pm and the whole place stops serving food and beverages at 10pm. So one of my friends and I hurriedly ran around trying to find food that sounded good, since we were hungry. We found Fish and Chips on "England Street" and that was amazing. Then we tried the "Dutch Fritter" and that wasn't so good. Then we went in search of Abelskivers from Denmark, but by the time we go there, it was already 10pm. So we never got to try them. :(

After the disappointment, we walked back to our friend Kelsie's place. All our drunk friends who had been at the fair since 6pm were all there already. They all sat out in the patio and were smoking some hookah. I had never smoked hookah before... I just don't like smoking... so I never found hookahs exciting or interesting. But since all my friends were doing it tonight, I was a little more than curious.

And what made me more curious was that my drunk friends were all passing their hookah smoke. Meaning, someone would smoke the hookah from the pipe, then hold the smoke in their mouth, and then pass the smoke off to another person. At first, it was a guy passing to a girl and a girl passing to a guy. But then it just got crazy and everyone was passing to each other. My gay friends were passing to other gay friends. Gay friends passing to my straight girl friends. Then gay friends started passing to my straight guy friends! AND THEN my straight guy friends started passing to other guys! LOL. It was just ridiculous!

So I knew I had to get in on it! PLUS, all my friends are super attractive. And though I never really had dirty thoughts about my friends (for the most part... :P), I wasn't going to pass up the chance at kissing them! ;) Especially, Matt, who is BY FAR the most attractive friend that I have. Yummy. He's such a cutie-pie. He's gay and has a boyfriend, but some harmless hookah passing wasn't going to be anything bad. Especially if everyone was just doing it. Oh and then there's also Dicky. He's super hot too.

So, long story short, I got up the courage and passed some hookah to them. And they passed some back to me. Best thing is... they were drunk, but I was completely sober. HAHA. So I'm definitely going to remember this. And one of my "straight" friends, Curtis (and notice that "straight" is in parentheses) kept taking a hit and then passing it to me. I mean, he did that with every boy in the beginning, but towards the end of the night, he passed it to me quite a few times. It was fun giving him a kiss :P

I know nothing will come from any of this.. and obviously I don't want it to. But I just love how all my friends are so crazy and ridiculous. And then a bunch of my friends are going to Vegas this weekend. I was supposed to go with them.. I actually got the days off already, but I didn't want to be there while everyone was REALLY drunk, while I just sat off to the side being sober (since I don't drink). Plus it was going to cost me some money, which I don't have right now. So I opted to stay home this weekend. Hope I don't end up regretting it.

Well, all in all, a FUN night with my friends. But then again, I always have the time of my life with my friends. Looking forward to this week since I have a couple of parties and celebrations to attend. Maybe there'll be more kissing to report!! ;)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup

I grew up watching soccer/football. (Sorry... have to address this... I'd rather call the sport football, as that's the term that I learned when I was a wee kid growing up in Hong Kong. Then I started playing soccer when I was middle school. And since I do live in the US, I guess I'll call it soccer in this blog.. but know that I'd rather use "football" since I absolutely despise American football.. ANYWAY...) I get really excited when the World Cup rolls around. There's just not enough soccer coverage on American TV unless it's World Cup coverage. So having a month of awesome soccer to watch is just amazing to me. :)

Some may think that soccer is boring.. that nothing happens.. and usually only 1 or 2 goals in the entire game. Well, I appreciate the entire game. All the gameplay in the middle, the challenges, the attempted shots, it's just all exciting for me! I'd most certainly watch 90 minutes of soccer than 90 minutes of ... ugh.. baseball.

But aside from the exciting gameplay, I'm also finding that I'm in love with many of the players. LOL. Perfect example would be Portgual's Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean, who isn't in love with him? How can you not be?! And Spain's Fernando Torres is mighty hot! There are quite a few hotties from Germany, Australia, Netherlands. And soccer players just have awesome bodies. They're lean, yet not skinny. Just my type. :P

Well, here's the two of my favs. They're so hot!!

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Fernando Torres:

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Just some tanning out in the backyard to prepare for my upcoming Florida trip. Can't look too white!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Saying Hi

It's really a shame that I don't post as often as I used to. I used to do it so often.. writing about the most mundane things. But I've come to realize that noone really wants to read about my boring life. But you know what? At least that means there's no drama. So I guess in that sense, it's a good thing. However, I do have two things to write about right now. Chris and Disney World.

Let's start with Chris. He's a new guy that I had met on Grindr. We kind of hit it off because we both were not looking for hookups (like so many people are on Grindr). We got to talking cuz we thought each other cute, and we eventually decided on a day and place to have lunch together. We went to California Pizza Kitchen and spent almost 2 hours just chatting. We learned about each other and it was good times. I always like a guy that's a talker, cuz that means I don't have to do too much of the talking. I mean, I did my fair share of talking. I wasn't just quiet and sitting there. But he did chat a lot and shared a lot about his life, which I like.

We continued to text each other after the lunch and decided on getting lunch again because we had talked about getting Thai for together. So he suggested that I order Thai food and have it delivered to my place so we can just hang out. I was a little hesitant to have him over at my apartment so soon, but I just felt comfortable with him. So I agreed to it. We sat in my living room, enjoying lunch, and just watching random TV. Eventually he got comfortable on the couch and we were a bit more touchy. He offered to give me a massage and I said yes. I never turn down a massage! After he was done, I returned the favor. And when I was done, I put my arm around his neck and we were just in each others arms watching TV. We gently caressed each other while we watched TV. It wasn't anything too sexual.. just sort of... nice. :) After a bit of time, it was time for him to go back to work and for me to get going since I had made plans with my friends. That night, he was on a plane to South Florida for a vacation with his mom. He's gonna be gone until June 7th. But we said we'll definitely do it again when he gets back.

The other thing is... I'm going on vacation too!! And it's also in Florida. Central Florida. Going to Disney World again!! I make a trip every year. This time, it's NOT alone! My best friend Jon is coming along. He's bringing his new boyfriend with him though.... Never met the boyfriend before.. so hope it won't be awkward hanging around them. I'm just gonna be the third wheel... great. At least they're staying in their own hotel room while he's there. And then when the boyfriend leaves, Jon will stay with me. Guess I'll just have to have a boy of my own to hang out with ... and I plan to. Jamie (yes, that Jamie..) should be spending some time with me.

I'm way excited! I always am when I'm going to Disney World. I leave June 2nd and come back June 9th. So it's only a few days away and I just can't wait!! I hope I find the time to write a report once I get back. :) And maybe there'll be more to report on Chris as well. ;)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Disney's World of Color

Can't freakin' wait!!


I really need to get back into an exercise routine. I'm getting really disappointed (and almost disgusted) at the way I look right now. I keep thinking to last summer when I had such a nice body. And even then, I felt like I could improve tons. But now... it's just gotten out of hand. And so I really need to find a good workout program that I will enjoy doing and that will work. Last summer, I had P90X. And that was AWESOME. It really works. But no matter how hard I try to start that again (and I've tried multiple times now), I just can't. It's OLD to me. Same thing over and over. I just can't seem to stick with it like I did when I first went on it.

Well, I found this program called the "T-Shirt Body Program" in Muscle & Fitness magazine. They're workout exercises designed to make your body look good in a normal, everyday t-shirt. Sounds pretty cool, right? I mean, I'm not going to be walking around shirtless all the time... so looking good while in a t-shirt would be ideal. It's a pretty intense workout though. Lots of barbell and dumbbell work. I've actually never worked out with a barbell before so it was a new experience for me. Chest Presses are a LOT harder than I thought they would be. lol.

I hope to at least stick with this for a month. And I need to really think about increasing my cardio workouts. I stay active through my job... but after a year of doing the same thing, I'm afraid my body has adapted to it and I'm not burning as many calories as I should be. And all the excess fat is showing up as a spare tire around my stomach. :( I need to get rid of that ASAP. I'm going on vacation in the first week of June and I need to look GOOD. (I'll blog more about that real soon)

So wish me luck on my new workout endeavors. And I hope this finds everyone well. BTW, to all of you who may still read my little blog... write me a comment and say HI. Would love to hear from all of you :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Complicated Relationship, Part II

I've had a few extra days to think about this. And reading the comments from Part I has awakened me a bit. And I've realized that getting in between two people is just about the worst possible thing anyone can do. No matter how tempted I am by one of those people, I shouldn't be doing anything to further that. If he wants to ruin his own relationship, then so be it. But I cannot/should not/will not help him with that.

Last night, he kept slipping in that I was cute. Here's the conversation after that...

Doug: "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were flirting."
Kyle:  "Well I'd say you were right. I think I am. I'm sorry... :P"
Doug: "Well, it's ok.. I guess. But you have a boyfriend..."
Kyle: "I know.. and you don't like me like that. But it's so easy to fall for you. I'm really sorry."
Doug: "Oh Kyle, don't be sorry. I just wasn't ready for a relationship when you asked for one."
Kyle:  "I understand. I know I have a bf and I don't want to ruin that, but I can't help but have feelings for you."

Sigh... told you it was complicated. I just have to be careful with how I talk to him now. Not going to egg him on. I won't just stop talking to him.. but if it starts to head in a dangerous direction, I'll put a stop to it. I am NOT going to that guy that breaks people up.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Complicated Relationship

You may want to read about Kyle/Cute Boy before you continue reading. (Kyle and Cute Boy is the same person, but I gave him a name after a few posts. So you may need to click on both links to get his full story)

So Kyle messaged me on Facebook tonight. We haven't chat like we used to in a while. And we used to chat almost every night on Facebook or via texts. And they were just fun little conversations that led to nowhere. Just to catch up.. see how each other were doing. We managed to stay friends after that one night together.

Well, a few weeks ago, he tells me that he's in a relationship now. I was happy for him, I really was. Because I know that's what he was seeking with me. And when he asked for it with me, I really couldn't say yes. I don't know why it was.. and I still don't. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'm just scared of being in a real relationship with a guy? I've been out of the closet with my friends for almost 2 years now but I still haven't had a real boyfriend... but that's gonna have to be a different blog post.

Anyway... upon hearing his new relationship, I was happy, but I also couldn't help but be jealous. This boy, who has been pursuing me, now has found someone else. And now, all of a sudden, he's starting to spark my interest again. Why have I fallen into the "typical guy" category?? You always hear stories of guys who don't want to enter into a relationship (whether straight or gay) but once the other person is no longer available and no longer pursuing them, they're interested again. Is this what they call "the thrill of the chase?" When they're not available, they seem more exciting and more "attractive" in a way?

I know very well that Kyle still has feelings for me. He actually admitted to it tonight. I said something funny and witty and he just said, "you're really frustrating. You keep reminding me why I like you so much." And what do I do? I egg him on... trying to see what else he'd say. And in the back of my mind, I'm thinking about what it'd be like if he were to dump his boyfriend and get with me. How wrong is that??

I don't know what to do. Are my fears about the "thrill of the chase" accurate? Am I really trying to have a relationship with him? If he really were to leave his boyfriend to pursue me again, will I push him away again? And lastly, would I want to risk our friendship and try becoming more than just friends? Too many questions... sigh.