Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deleted Post

Well, last night, I made a post, and then regretted it this morning. So I deleted it. Was just kind of embarrassing.. especially if my friends were to read it. So I decided not to keep it up.

But I wish I kept some parts of it. I wrote a lot about an online friend that I reconnected with: Mikey. He lives in Portland, OR. We started chatting back in 2004 when Yahoo Messenger had awesome chat rooms. But after the summer of 2004, they took those chat rooms away, and pretty soon, I sort of lost touch with all my friends that I made on those chats.

Well, about a week and half ago, Mikey came back on Yahoo. It was a nice surprise. And we started talking again. He was always one of my favorite people to chat with in those chats. Since it was a Gay chat room, it was my one and only place to talk about gay stuff. And that's why I think I went back every night and established friendships with these guys. Mikey would actually get on his mic and talk to us instead of type because he hated to type. And I loved hearing his voice. His was a lower, sexy voice. I like guys with a deeper, manly voice. :)

So when we chatted again last week, I was glad that he was getting on his mic again. I got on cam for him (which I did back in 2004 too), but now I also had a mic. So we talked to each other for over an hour last week. Just about everything. And of course the conversation got into sex and how horny we were. And we had some fun together. :P

Same thing happened last night. And ... I'm not going into details this time because that was where it got embarrassing. It wasn't embarrassing DURING our chat... I just don't want to repeat it here....

So I'm very happy that I reconnected with Mikey and I hope we chat more often. He's a really cool guy. And if we lived closer together, I would definitely have to say that I'd pursue him. In our few chats this week, he had already expressed his interest in me... if only I lived closer.

Story of my life, right? I really think I'm living in the wrong part of the country... I just don't think anyone around here has ANY interest in me. Any suggestions as to where I should move?


Stu said...

Ok, so maybe your deleted post was a little too explicit - but it was pretty entertaining!

Joshua said...

I agree with Stu...I didn't think it was too much information! I like detail, haha!

You should move to Irvine, where not only will people not be interested in anyone, you'll be in a far more boring city with no clubs and no worries!

Just kidding, move as far away from Irvine as possible.

Steevo said...

Guys--- People are people all over. Moving is not the answer. In one post a long time ago I reminded us all that it is a myth that there is only ONE perfect soulmate out there. It's a thing that grows... you build it. Together. So u meet a few turkeys. Move on. He was just getting u a step closer to someone special.

The idea is to be socially active, meet people, be as out as you can... You are maybe more likely to meet a nice guy volunteering for a "Kids with Cancer" non-profit that some bar. Or Sierra club. Look for your peers that are doing something positive and join. Choir, yoga class, writing group, Ecology Action, senior citizen service group, AIDS org. meals on wheels.

If you are in class contribute and let people know your ideas. Make comments that show you are a thoughtful and decent guy. You don't hafta tell everyone you are gay and on the prowl. But you can project ideas of justice, equality, acceptance of diversity, etc. Show you have a brain. That's sexy for the kinda guy you want to meet. How about: "Well a few years ago my bf and I were....." Shows you are` secure and confident. That Obama rainbow button! There's always the boa and eye shadow too! LOL



Anonymous said...

I'd say move to Michigan, but then you'd be honing in on my territory and I couldn't have that, lol.

I think for those of us bloggers or IMers that have become good friends that's the story of our life, too far away from the other. We just have to learn to be content with what we have.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the deleted post, but whatever. for moving...well, that's what I did! I found somebody online who lived 700 miles away. After spending time online every night for 6 months, I took a vacation and spent a week with him. Two months later, he took a vacation and spent a week with me. After that, we knew we ought to be together, and I moved. There was no reason not to. We've been together for 5 years now. Best thing I ever did.

E said...

That post was very honest. Isn't that the point of these blogs? TO finally have an outlet where you aren't adjudicated by a panel of people that look at you sternly and shake their head in disappointment.

The very first homosexual encounter I experience will probably be documented in my blog in very vivid detail. Though not for any purpose other than to continue to share my time finding my way, and a journal of sorts to help me remember in the future.

In two months I have posted more here than I have told all of my very closest friends ever combined.

naturgesetz said...

I think aron and steevo are right: don't move in order to find someone. Move if you've found someone to move for. And meanwhile, be alert for possibilities where you are.

Doug said...

Thanks for your comments guys. Absolutely right in saying that I should just move unless there's someone to move for. I guess I was just blowing off some steam.. cuz it just sucks to seem like noone is ever interested in me. But I really just need to put myself out there.. And thank you Steevo for giving me all those great ideas of places to go/organizations to join.

And about the deleted post, E, you're right. This blog is for me to be honest and just share. I had already posted it, so I shouldn't have deleted it. No more deleting posts! :)

Anonymous said...

it's your blog. post and delete as you wish. YOU are the decider here.