Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jamie Saga Continues

Just when I thought I had gotten over Jamie and had stopped thinking about him, he gets on Facebook and comments on two of my videos that I posted. They were just videos of me and my friends at Disney World and Disneyland.

They were short comments: "Awesome Video Doug!" and "WOW!

But when I got the emails notifying me of these comments from Jamie, I got hit with a bunch of different emotions. I was excited to be hearing from him. I was surprised that he initiated some sort of contact with me. I was angry at him for ignoring me in the past. And I was disappointed in myself for letting him get to me again.

I just kinda sat there, looking at the comments for a minute or two. And everything that happened between Jamie and me just came rushing back. I thought I had pushed the thoughts away by now but it re-surfaced again. I hate myself for letting that get to me. I thought that I had gotten over him, but it obviously wasn't the case.

I wrote back on his Facebook, thanking him for the comments. I didn't want to just ignore him. Am I just a big sucker? Should I have just ignored him? I just felt the need to reply. So we'll see if he says anything back, I guess...


Barry said...

Don't feel bad for replying and thanking him for the comments - it was A Nice Guy thing to do and you're a nice guy :)

I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you for a week or so Doug. I was hoping to catch you on Yahoo messenger today but had to run off to the Christmas party for my new workplace. Weird evening! Will explain all when I see you and tell you about Leicester :)

Oops lol sorry - off topic! Don't feel bad for wanting to do nice things :)

naturgesetz said...

I agree with Barry. If memory serves, it was a relationship that didn't develop as you had hoped, but there was no big breakup. So I see no reason he shouldn't post comments on Facebook, and no reason you shouldn't reply courteously.

It will take time for your feelings to diminish. If he doesn't do it too often, you'll probably find that your reaction each time is not as strong as the previous time.

Anonymous said...

I had to re-read a lot of the posts to remember what things were like. It sounded like a lot of "ships passing in the night."

Anyway, I understand the mixed emotions.

It doesn't seem like he is trying to play you, nor does it seem like he's trying to get with you. It sounded like he was just trying to be kind.

I think it is okay to tell him in a sentence or two how you feel--maybe "I miss you," or whatever it is. No big drama, and definitely no expectations in return.

Accept the gift of his appreciation and make a connection with no strings.

Anonymous said...

You did the right, socially appropriate thing. No more, no less.

Barry said...

Take his comments how ever you see fit Doug.. he's not exactly allowing you an insight into his feelings so trust your gut.

And don't be harsh on yourself if it still takes you back seeing a message from him. :) You had genuine feelings for the guy and feelings often stick around, but not for long don't worry. And I know you are already better off without him :)