Friday, December 19, 2008

Finance and Banking

This holiday season just hasn't been very jolly. Aside from my own financial woes, I just found out the other day that my Dad was laid off from him job in China. My Mom had just flown back to stay with him for the rest of the year, and then he got laid off within days of her arriving. I felt so bad for my Dad... it must be so hard to be told that you're going to be let go from your job. It's almost worst than getting fired, because getting fired means you did something wrong. Getting laid off just means they can't afford you anymore.

I'm not sure what my Dad is going to do now. Is he going to find another job? What place is going to give him a job? At his age? At least he has lots of experience. My Mom will probably have to go back to work somewhere now. He called me to assure me that everything is fine and that I shouldn't worry about him or my Mom. They're actually going to take the next month or so to do some traveling together. The last few years working abroad, he was able to make some good money. So it's ok for now. I'm just worried for them in the future.

And now because of this, I REALLY can't rely on Mommy and Daddy to bail me out financially anymore. I went to an Interview for a teller position at Wells Fargo today. I hope to get a response from them soon for a final interview. For those of you who have read my blog from the beginning are probably thinking: "Don't you have a teaching credential? Why aren't you teaching?" Well, I'm going to have think more about that now. Unfortunately, they don't usually just hire people in the middle of the year, but I'll look into that. Substituting is an option as well, but that's not a stable income because they might not need me every day, and it's pretty much the worst to have to be a sub because kids HATE subs.... we've all been in high school and remember how much we hate our substitute teachers!

So, wish me luck with the teller position. I think it will be a good experience for me. I think I can do well. I have great customer service skills and I think one of my best qualities is my friendliness. So I think it's a good fit for me. And I think it's going to be a great way to make some new friends. I'll have a different group of people to work with and to get to know. :)

PLUS, think of all the customers that walk in. My fantasy:

A ridiculously cute, handsome boy walks into the branch and we make eye contact. He waits in line and stares at me the whole time. He's now at the front of the line. But I have a stupid lady who's asking me lots of questions about her account. I work fast and answer all of her questions and shoo her away. I ask for the next customer in line and he finally walks up. He looks even cuter up close. I take my time helping him with his banking needs, all the while flirting with him. He flirts back. I end his transaction and we say goodbye. But before he leaves, he hands me his business card. He's a regional manager for a very important corporation. He tells me to give him a call so that we can grab coffee some time. Then he walks away, as I check out his hot bubble butt.

And that is how I will meet my husband.

Wouldn't that be the best ever??


naturgesetz said...

That's too bad about your dad, but if he feels able to spend money on travel, he must be pretty confident.

lol at your fantasy

James said...

Maybe you can take orders for the rest of us?

I'm so sorry Doug! I really am...I know what it's like, my dad lost his job right about the same time several years ago. 25 some odd years at the business, gone. I was devestated and cried a lot, so if you're still upset by it, it's natural.

Yeah, that was about the time I realized no one would bail me out if I fell. That's a very scary thought. I'm glad you're looking for more work elsewhere, though, and I've got my fingers crossed hoping you'll get it.

E said...

I was in contention for a job at Suntrust Bank, but the fuckers decided to promote internally. I'm still at my current retail job, but it is no longer enough for me financially. I'm ready to move on or get offered a better position there. I tried hard not to be a down and I got my close friends and family stuff for Christmas.

I wish you better luck with your job than I had with mine!

Anonymous said...

Haha you're funny, i hope the teller fantasy comes true for you... and i'll keep the deposit and withdrawel jokes to myself..


David said...

hey. sorry about the job thing :/

some of my favorite teachers WERE substitute teachers. and i'm sure you'd be a great one. plus any gaysian high school boy would probably look up to you :)

i love your bank teller fantasy. i'd want to meet my husband that way too!

xoxo and stay warmm!

Aek said...

Good luck with the teller position thing! :)