Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So apparently my poll closed and I didn't even know! HAHA.
The question was: What kind of car do you drive?
33% of you drive Sedans.
Followed by 26% of you driving SUVs! Wow.. that's a whole bunch!
Tied at 9% are Wagons and Coupes.
And the rest are distributed among Luxury, Convertible, Hatchback, and Hybrid.
And I think the Hybrid vote was my own.

Well that's pretty interesting. I was hoping more people would vote on it though. :(

Now new poll:
Which continent do you live on?

Pretty self explanatory. :) But you MUST post in the comments which COUNTRY you are from too. And maybe which CITY as well? I guess the more specific, the better. I just want to know were all my readers are from! I mean, I have that map thingy at the bottom of the sidebar that tells me, but there are so many dots everywhere, I can't tell where each one is exactly or who my loyal readers are.


In other news, I just want to say how relieved I am that AJ is getting professional help at the hospital. If you haven't read his or Matt's blog lately, AJ has been feeling very depressed recently and it has gotten to the point where he thought he might hurt himself. So now he has checked into the hospital and is hopefully recovering well. I'm sending all my love and thoughts out to him. Matt says that he'll print out his comments for him read so go over to AJ's Blog and leave him some encouraging comments!


naturgesetz said...

I won't get more specific about my location than to say it's in eastern Massachusetts, not very far from Boston.

Zee said...

I am from the US! As far as living goes, my college is in the state of Michigan. My house is in the state of New York.

Stu said...

Sydney, Australia!

mirrorboy said...

Australia = win! :D

victor said...

oklahoma city(ish) oklahoma. yahoo.

Anonymous said...

near Seattle, WA, USA

exalen said...

I time share between Sydney, Melbourne, and live in country Victoria, in Australia.

(Lots of travel with work.)

Aek said...

Somewhere in Michigan. ;-) Same place as where Zee is, actually.