Sunday, December 14, 2008

Night Out to WeHo

So I posted before about going to the Instinct Magazine party in West Hollywood. So the boys and I got ready and got there around 10:30pm or so. When we got to the front of the club, they were taking down the Instinct banners and signs. Miles saw one of his friends that work at Instinct and asked what was going on. Apparently, the party was only from 8-10pm. And the 600+ people that were there had all left already. LOL. How ridiculous. What kind of West Hollywood party ends at 10?! haha.

Well, basically, we just went bar hopping the rest of the night. I had a lot of fun with the boys just drinking and messing around. This happened Friday night, so I'm actually late in posting this for you all. But I had a busy day today and I think I'm going to save all the picture posting and details until tomorrow. :)

In other news, my shoulder is getting better. I decided to try and do some push ups again tonight. Well, after 10, I didn't feel any pain, so I just kept going. I got up to 50 and decided to stop... And when I say "I decided" I mean my arms were tired. heh. But 50 is pretty good for not doing any push ups for the past 2 weeks right? I took a small break (maybe 90 seconds) and then did another 25 push ups. Then I called it a night. My RIGHT shoulder is actually starting to hurt a bit now (it was my left before), so I'm not going to push it any further.. But I'm definitely going to try and get back into a workout routine.

Speaking of that, I'm actually going to be discontinuing my 24 Hour Fitness gym membership.. well.. I'm going to put it on hold for now. I am REALLY tight on money, so that's one cost that I have to forgo for now. Besides, my apartment complex has a gym that I can utilize. I also had to put my Netflix account on hold. AND my porn subscription! >:( Ok, well only one out of two subscriptions. LOL. Porn is a NECESSITY! HAHA. Hopefully, cutting these costs will make it a little better on my wallet.

Well, stay tuned for the pics from WeHo!


Jake Annonymous said...

If you think about it, by keeping up your porn subscriptions your giving urself a form of recreation and exercise. Who needs Netflix and gym memberships when you have a working hand?

That comment was so strange coming from me I thought


Godfrey Off the Grid said...

Paying for porn?! Crazy!

That's what aMule is for. Haha.

Joshua said...

LOL why would you pay for porn? Anyway, you should switch to LA Fitness..I don't know if there's one where you live, though. There's two within a five mile radius of me, lol. LA is much more interesting and more fun and less industrialized (I think).

$35 a month. I dunno if that's expensive or not, but at least you don't need to do that thing where you can only go to level 3 and below or something like that (with the whole 24 hour fitness Sport, Super-sport, ultra-sport)!

Doug said...

Jake: Haha, very good rationalization. Works for me!

Godfrey: I tried aMule before, I think. Torrents right? I'm just not patient enough to wait for them to download!

Josh: There's an LA Fitness around.. but farther than the 24. If I couldn't even make it to 24, I probably wouldn't go to LA. lol. AND if I couldn't even make it downstairs to my gym in the apt complex, then I DEFINITELY wouldn't make it to LA. LOL.

Seth said...

2 hours? thats not a party, its like... the coat check line and standing in line to get a drink.


every little bit of savings adds up, for sure.


Joie Mayfield said...

Cutting corners is a normality in my life.

E said...

I have a ridiculously expensive apartment nowadays. I understand how it is to not be able to do all of the great things that one did before.