Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Gifts

Remember that Early Holiday Wish List that I posted at the beginning of the month? Well, it's pretty amazing that I got pretty much 3 out of 4 of those things!!

1. The 320gb Hard Drive: my mom sent me a check for $200 and you bet I went online and bought that hard drive right away! I transferred the files and installed it in my laptop ASAP! And now I have an extra external hard drive as a bonus! :)

2. MacBook Battery: still working on this one... Cost is $130... I can't afford it right now. But I just checked the battery's statistics right now:
  • Original Battery Capacity: 5020 mAh (Don't ask me what mAh stands for.. I dunno lol)
  • Current Battery Capacity: 629 mAh - 12% of the original.
LOL, isn't that ridiculous? and this is only after 29 months. Well, anyway, it's definitely time for a new battery because I can't get more than 15 minutes of use without plugging it in.

3. Cuisinart Blender/Food Processor: so it turns out that my family DID buy one of these a long time ago and they just never used it. SOOO I went home and grabbed it and now I own one! Well, without the food processor part, because they lost it... BUT I have the blender! And I've been making myself smoothies since I've gotten it. YUMMY!

4. Iron Gym: I didn't think I'd be getting this one, but the other day, the 26th, I went to CVS Pharmacy with my ex, Jen, after having dinner at Islands. She needed medicine because she was getting sick, so I tagged along. There I was in the aisle for Sudafed when I turned around and saw the Iron Gym on the top shelf of the next aisle. I ran over and grabbed it, checked the price, and proceeded to go buy it. LOL. $30. :) So I put it together, and tried it out on my door. UNFORTUNATELY, my door frames are too wide. LOL. But, the quick fix is to extend the bar (which is not recommended, but i'm going to do it anyway).

So yay for Christmas gifts! I'm happy that I got what I wanted this year! I can't remember a year where I actually got most of the gifts that I asked for! So that's pretty nice!

Did you all get what you wanted this year? What did you guys get? What was your favorite gift?


Joie Mayfield said...

I basically got all I wanted this year. I asked for a Blu-Ray Player and some movies. I got the Blu-Ray Player and The Dark Knight and Iron Man on Blu-Ray. I got some money, and clothes.I was very happy.

I'd say The Dark Knight was my favorite thing I received! :)

Anonymous said...

At least someone made out this Christmas. W00t for presents, :P.

Aek said...

1. Wow, 320Gb . . . that's more than double my hard drive + all my USBs combined. o.O

2. I think mAh = milli-Amps-hours. That's just a random guess though. :P

3. Mmm, smoothies . . .

I got nothing for the holidays, lol. Well, a new wireless mouse.

AJCon89 said...

congrats man... you did pretty well for yourself...

Plus you did get a nice emo boy to fuck you :-P Thats a pretty damn good gift...

victor the geek said...

i got everything i asked for, because i didn't ask for much. which is good, i usually buy everything i want anyhow.

on the laptop battery, yeah, mah is milliamp hours. lithium ion batteries should last longer than 2 years though. 2 considerations are
1. cold is lethal to liion batteries. cold will kill one quicker than anything else.
2. they have a limited number of recharges, if you plug it in without the batter really seriously needing charged, it will eventually kill it off too. like if you used it for 10 minutes and plugged it back in, that will do it. laptops are hard to do this with though, especially if you use it a lot, or have a dock. not sure what to tell you on that.

Doug said...

Joie: I totally want a Blu-Ray! But... i guess it's a little pointless since I have a horrible tube TV.. I'll wait until I win the lottery, I guess.

James: one or two presents.. not too bad. ;)

Aek: Hey new wireless mouse! That's cool!

AJ: I did get an emo boy to fuck me. That's a pretty damn good present, if you ask me!

Victor: Thanks for the tips on the battery life. I'll definitely take care of the new one better (whenever I get one).