Friday, December 26, 2008

The Date: Details

I finally have some time to sit down and post about my time with Matty. I have a feeling that this post is going to be a rather long one, since many of you wanted DETAILS about what happened. So I think I'm going to bore you guys with the nitty gritty details that you asked for! So I suggest you go and get yourself a snack to eat and a drink while reading this, because who knows how long it'll take you to finish. :P

So in my post "Tuesday's Plans Expanded" I explained that instead of only coming down for bowling and burgers, Matty would come early in the day to have ramen for lunch, Disneyland during the day, and then bowling and burgers. That post was me freaking out about finding things to talk about with our extended date. Well, if you also read the comments in that post, I actually posted an extra update. Well, to explain, the weather forecast for Tuesday was rain. And in the area that Matty lives in, the high desert, it means that there would be snow. And when there's snow, the roads going out of his town and towards my area would be closed. Basically, neither of us wanted to postpone our date, so I asked if he would like to join my friends and me in a Nintendo Wii party that I was throwing at my place. He would stay over at my place after the party, and then we could go about our date the next day. He agreed that it would be a good idea.

Well, he came to the party on Monday night. He actually got to my apartment early while I was still at work, so he just kept himself company in his car for two hours. I felt so bad to have made him wait like that! When I got home, he was bundled up inside his car and sleeping. I called him to wake him up and he had this cute "just woke up" face. Thankfully, it wasn't an awkward meeting. I offered to help him carry stuff up to the apartment and we talked about his drive down here. Prior to meeting him, we had been texting and he mentioned he hadn't eaten anything, so I offered to make him a grilled cheese sandwich when he got to my place. So once we both got settled in, I made him his sandwich. He seemed to like it, because he asked for a second one. :)

Pretty soon, my friends showed up for the party. One by one, they came in, and I introduced them to Matty. My friends weren't nosy about how I knew him and who exactly he was until later in the night... I'm glad my friends aren't nosy like that, or else it would've been awkward for me. But Matty got along great with them. He joined in on some of the games, but didn't hog the time. I spent my night close to him, making sure he wasn't feeling left out or anything, while still being a good host to my other friends. Towards the end of the party, some of them DID ask who exactly Matty was, to which I just answered that he was a friend of a friend. They didn't pry. Some of them actually don't know that I'm gay... or at least, I haven't explicitly told them that I'm gay, but I think they all assume that I am. (At Disney, the assumption is that you're gay unless proven straight. lol)

By 2am, only about 7 people remained at the party, and we were all tired. So they all left and Matty and I were left alone in the apartment. I sat next to him on the couch for a bit asking how he was and if he had fun. We just had a bit of small talk.. don't remembe exactly what we talked about but conversation did seem to flow easily. After a bit, I told him that I wanted to shower before I went to bed since I had a long day of work before. So I got up to get my stuff ready for a shower. He stood up as well and proceeded to the "bedroom." (I live in a studio apartment, so the living room and the bedroom is pretty much the same room, but I placed my entertainment center in the middle of it to section off the two "rooms")

He sat on my bed and kinda made fun of how small it was. I only have a twin bed because I kept my bed from my college years, where space was limited and we didn't have room for bigger beds. I told him that I spent a lot of money on the bed and that I liked how comfortable it is, so I never traded it for a bigger bed. He then wanted to test how comfortable it was for himself, so he laid down on it. I kinda took that hint and went over and sat on the edge of the bed to talk to him. I then propped myself up at the head of the bed and had my legs up on the bed, while Matty was lying face down on the bed next to me. We stopped talking for a bit, both of us were tired, and so I ran my fingers through his soft hair. He seemed to like it because he didn't move. Then he picked up his arm and wrapped it around my legs. We stayed that way for a while as we both dozed off a bit. I then moved my arm to make myself a little more comfortable, at which point he looked up, and grabbed me and pulled me down so that I would join him laying down. We were face to face when he told me that I was cute. :) And then he moved in for the kiss.

We kissed for a good few minutes. We explored each other's bodies as we made out. He would slide his hand beneath my shirt and feel my chest and I would reach under his shirt and run my fingers up and down his back. All the while, I was developing a boner and it was pushing up against my jeans. As I explored his body, I let arm brush up against his crotch area a few times and I could tell that he was getting hard as well. After a few more minutes, he looks at me and tells me that he's ready to take a shower and that he didn't want to take it alone. So I said, "OK!"

We go to the shower and we strip. He was definitely already hard. He has a nice cut, 7.5-ish dick. I didn't measure and I didn't ask, so it's just a rough estimate. We jump into the shower and I immediately have a good time. I don't know if I've ever said anything about this, but fooling around in the shower is one of my recurring fantasies. So having the shower be our first sexual activity together was definitely a major turn on.

So a little description of Matty: He's 19 years old and around 5'11". He's a skinnier boy, but he definitely has a small tummy... it's kinda cute ;) but I do usually find guys with a more toned and muscular body to be hotter. He's sort of an emo kid, longer hair that goes over his eyes (after he straightens it, because he has naturally curly/wavy hair) and again, I don't usually go for the emo guys... but I'm sure Mirrorboy would LOVE Matty. ;)

In the shower, we continue to make out and jerk each other off. He then takes charge a little and kinda spreads my legs with his legs as we're kissing, and I took the hint that he wanted me to go down on him. Have I told you guys that I've only blown one other guy before? This was only going to be my second time giving a BJ. I was a little nervous, but I just went for it. He seemed to like it. After a while, he motioned for me to get back up. And then he got down and sucked me off for a bit. It felt great to be under the running water and getting a BJ. HOT!! When he got back up, he continued to take charge. He turned me around and pushed me up against the shower wall. He grabbed both my hands and placed them on the wall as he grinded his dick against my ass. Omg, that was seriously hot. I'm getting hard right now just thinking about it. He pushed his body up against mine and let his cock just slide between my ass cheeks and continued pumping himself like that. He then reached around and started jerking me off hard and fast while he grinded against me. We both came pretty much at the same time. Damn, it was so fun!! I love shower fun!! ;)

We cleaned up and got out of the shower. We then got ready for bed and he told me that he was going to have to share my tiny bed with him now. ;) I didn't object. We cuddled in bed, him holding me, as we both fell asleep. In the middle of the night, we kinda shifted positions, and it wasn't the best night's sleep because my bed is so damn small, but it was still comfy to know that he was next to me.

The next morning, we woke up at around 9:30am and got ready to go have ramen at this restaurant that my friends and I go to all the time. We arrived and saw that they didn't open for another 45 minutes.. so I decided that we should go to the nearest shopping center (South Coast Plaza) to walk around a bit and do some window shopping. During this time, we had some conversations about TV shows, most prominently Heroes. We're both Heroes fans and we got into some discussions about the plot of the series and our favorite super hero powers. :) I was glad that I could be geeky with him. We continued the conversations when we sat down for food. Again, not much awkward silences or anything. I think it was a good balance of me asking questions and him asking questions too. :) I was happy that it was going smoothly.

Since we got to ramen early, we also ended lunch early, so we drove back to my apartment to unwind a bit before I had to go to work. And when I say unwind, I mean we got to laying on the bed again. And when in bed, we both got horny. ;) Pretty soon, we were both naked and grinding up against each other. After a bit of that, I couldn't wait any longer and I went to grab a condom and lube. He quickly put the condom and lube on. I laid on my back and he threw my legs up in the air. Ok, so reminder that I hadn't had sex since Jamie in September... so I was a bit nervous about how much it would hurt. Well, thank goodness he used a good amount of lube. He slid inside me without too much trouble and he went slowly at first (thank goodness). There was some pain at first, but it soon subsided a bit. But I guess he was a little bigger than I thought because everytime he thrust deep inside me, I felt pressure inside. It was a little bit of pain... discomfort, I guess. But depending on the position of my legs in the air, it felt better. I don't know, is that normal? Should I be feeling that pressure/discomfort? hopefully some of you can help answer that for me?

Anyway, there was more pleasure than there was pain. And I enjoyed him fucking me deep and hard. I'm pretty sure I was pretty vocal during sex. Lots of moaning to be heard by my neighbors. LOL. It really felt good. I told him to go faster, and he did, and pretty soon we both came one right after the other. Oh it was great! Too bad it didn't last longer because I had to get to work!

I then dropped him off at Disneyland while I went to work. He watched me perform in all my parades. But he was alone the whole time, just exploring the park by himself. I did have 1.5 hours where I accompanied him in the park (during my lunch break). We went shopping for some Christmas gifts for his cousin (since I get a good discount). While shopping, there was this really cute Tigger and Eeyore doll that doubles as a pillow. We both it was so cute.. especially the Eeyore. He's one of my favorite characters. ;) He asked my opinion of whether he should get Tigger or Eeyore, so of course I tell him Eeyore. Such a soft pillow Eeyore makes!

After 8 hours in the park, I finally pick him up and we go off to the bowling alley. We get inside and get our rental shoes and our lane. So the first game, Matty did well. He started off strong, with some spares and strikes. I on the other hand was sucking real bad and guttered my first two frames. I got a few pins towards the end. First game results: Matty-111, Doug-68. I was hating life, but I was still having fun. I was more embarrassed than anything, cuz I totally wanted to be good at it! Well, second game came along, Matty didn't start off very good. I think he got only one or two pins the first two frames. I, on the other hand, started to get the hang of it and was doing better. I picked up a few spares and even some strikes. Matty continued to do poorly and kept guttering. Each time he guttered, he got real frustrated. He would walk back after a gutter and I would try to cheer him up. But he seemed really pissed off. After his turns, he would stand in the back, with his arms folded. I asked if he was ok, and he would only give one word answers. It was obvious that we weren't going to play another game. Not with this attitude.

Let me just say that at this point, I was REALLY turned off by his attitude. I understand being frustrated about not doing well in the game. I mean, I wasn't doing all that well in the first game either! But I played it off and just kinda laughed at how horrible I was. But he couldn't do that. And it just shows that he's a bit young and immature for me. I just couldn't get over the fact that he was pouting and not talking to me. I mean, he's on a date. No matter how pissed off he really is, wouldn't you think he'd at least fake it and cheer up a little?... sigh...

We paid for the games and walked back to the car. Virtually silent the whole time. We agreed to still go grab burgers (In-N-Out) since we had talked about it and made plans for that beforehand. The whole car ride to the restaurant was silent. I couldn't get him to talk. We ordered and drove it back to my apartment. STILL quiet. Got back to the apartment, decided to put in the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (since we had talked about it in our earlier chats). FINALLY, when the episode started, did he start to open up again. As we ate, he finally loosened up. And pretty soon, we were singing along to the songs and sharing our favorite moments in the episode.

It was just unfortunate that I had to see that side of him. But I guess it's a good thing that I got to see it sooner rather than later. It gives me a better judgement of who he really is. Well, as the episode went on, we finished our food (YUMMY) and I went to get ready for bed, since it's been a long day for the two of us. When I got out of the bathroom, Matty had turned off all the lights and was lying on the couch watching the rest of the episode. I went over and joined him, lying on top of him. We stayed in that position and made out for a bit.

Then he got up and led me over to the bed where we continued to make out. Again, our clothes came off soon after that. Next thing I know, I was on top and straddling him. I grinded my ass against his cock a bit, and finally decided to go and grab those condoms and lube again. I put the condom on him and lubed him and me up good. I then slowly sat on his dick, letting it go all the way in. Again, I felt that pressure towards the end, but when I would lean forward or back a certain way, the discomfort was gone. So I tried to stay in the more pleasureable positions. After a bit of riding him, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me from behind. I had never had that before so I definitely wanted to try it. And OMG, did it feel good. He got behind me and pounded me GOOD. I, again, was pretty loud. Neighbors probably weren't happy. ;) My head was knocking up against the wall too. HAHA. He came inside me (in his condom, of course), but I didn't cum. I wanted to get in the shower and finish there.

So we both jumped in the shower and I had him give my dick some attention in there. I had him jerk me off and suck me. Then I had him sit down in the tub as I stood over him. I thrust my dick in his mouth for a bit, then I pulled out and started to jerk myself off. He was also hard again and ready to come again (ah... to be 19 again....). We basically came together again. Another amazing shower ;)

We went to bed in each other's arms again. Felt nice to be hld while falling asleep. Definitely something that I missed. The next morning, we decided on Dennys for lunch before he had to pack up and get back home. However, conversation at Dennys was a bit harder. I don't know what it was. Perhaps what happened the night before at the bowling alley was affecting how I perceived him. But I definitely felt that there was less in common between us. Again, I think the incident at the bowling alley just made me realize that I needed someone more mature. However, we still had a nice meal together and went got back to the apartment with a bit of time to spare before I had to get to work.

Being the hornball that I am though, I started to mess around again, and got the two of us hard and horny. I told him that I wanted a quickie before I had to go to work. (I'm such a slut, aren't I??) Well, I wanted him to fuck me from behind again. This time felt even better than last time. Again, a little discomfort, but I found a position where it felt good. Again, hard right now just thinking about it! We finished together and got cleaned up.

We quickly packed everything up. And as we were about to leave, he picked up the Eeyore that he had bought and had been sleeping with and handed it to me and said, "Merry Christmas." I was surprised by that. I told him that he really should...that he should keep it for himself. Well, he insisted I take it since I looked like I really wanted it when he bought it. So I accepted it and thanked him for being such a sweetheart. It was actually the only real Christmas present that I got this year. So it kinda means a lot.

We said our goodbyes. It was a bit rushed because I really had to get to work. But we told each other that we would keep texting the rest of the day. And that we did. And are still doing. This morning, he actually told me that he thinks that we should date. I was a little put off and worried about the implications of that text. So I straight up replied and told him that I didn't want anything to serious right now and that I just wanted to see where things go between the two of us. Well, that was what he meant by "dating" .. nothing official or anything. Just hanging out with each other and stuff. So I told him I was happy we are both on the same page and that I would love to see him again some time.

Yes, Matty is a bit young and immature at times, he's still a sweetheart and a cute kid. I just don't want that one incident at the bowling alley to be the deciding factor... so I'm going to see him again and see how it goes. We are planning to see each other around New Years. He's coming down to the area with a friend and I think he'll stop by for the night again or something. We've also been texting each other back and forth. I can tell that he's interested in me ;) Tonight, he wanted to make sure that I was home from work and comfy before we went to bed. I thought that was really cute and sweet of him. :) I asked why he was being so damn cute, and he tells me it's because he's trying to woo me. HAHA. I told him that it might be working a little :P

Wow, is anyone still reading this? And did you really read all of it? Cuz this was like an essay. I'm sure it's like 5 pages of writing in a word processor. LOL. I just wanted to make sure I wrote out everything, since you guys asked for it. And plus, it's my way to keep a log of what happened in my life. I mean, I did start this blog as a sort of online journal for myself. So I guess the more detailed the better, for my own purposes. And if that satisfies you guys, then all the better ;)

But do any of you have any advice? Comments? I would love to hear what you guys think of Matty from what I've written here. And I would love to get your opinions on how I should proceed with him. My big thing right now is our age difference and his maturity level. Is that a big deal for you guys?

Well, hope everyone had a great Christmas... now looking forward to what the new year brings us all.


Jake Annonymous said...

mmm Mirrorboy...
that was an epic post my dear friend!
and.... g didn't skip on any details at all lol

Jake Annonymous said...

P.s we all love people younger than us. lol and he sounds like a nice guy. plus, he plays wii, so he gets points for that.

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

wow. putting out on the first date? haha. sounds like it was worth it. :) as for the sulky attitude, maybe it's something he'll grow out of pretty quickly. he is 19 after all. but i would definitely see him a couple more times before actually deciding one way or the other. overall it sounded like a success. definitely keep us posted on any more action. and you can take that however you like. ;)

Mr. HCI said...

Sounds like quite a first date! Then again, our first date lasted 18 hours (no sex, though).

So, advices:

Age: 19 and 24 (right?) is a pretty large gap at that age but not insurmountable. Since you've already seen him act really immature (on your first date, no less), I wouldn't necessarily get your hopes up, sadly.

Fucking Pain: Your large intestine turns sharply around 6 or so inches inside. It sounds like he's hitting the intestinal wall at the turn and, yes, that can hurt like Hell! As you discovered, a quick change of position makes a big difference.

Steevo said...

Some males are just very competitive, especially when they can keep score with numbers. You dont understand that if u r not a jock probably. You just may compete in different ways... best clothes, youngest BF, nice car, whitest teeth, etc. Its a guy thing that is far from a deal breaker. IMHO. If the sex is good, and he is so considerate and cute... keep seeing him and enjoy the ride, as it were.

Young and cute can be very enticing. So enjoy it. DO NOT OVER-ANALYZE FFS! He may want someone a a bit older... not a daddy by any means, but maybe more like an older cousin type thing.

just slow down and enjoy... dont judge/analyze too quickly...

have fun
feel the pleasure....


Anonymous said...

Pressure = his dick too long, your rectum too short, lol. Just be careful. :P

I LOVE the, all my fantasies as well.

See!? I TOLD you...

Mr. HCI said...

Good point, Steevo . . . I went bowling last week for the first time in several years and got pissed off at my many gutter balls. Got a coupla strikes, thankfully, so my ego was not totally destroyed.

One thing I should've thought of before: maybe he was upset at looking incompetent in front of you when he wanted to be impressive (not to show you up but to make you proud of him).

Aek said...

I, for one, love details - right down to him being uncut, lol. XD

Aside from the bowling incident, it sounded like the two of you had an amazing time. I want an Eeyore pillow now! I have a friend who really likes Eeyore . . .

And like everyone else already said, big dick + maximal rectum length = not comfortable. There is such a thing as "too big." o.O

Have fun, be safe, and all that. :D

Anonymous said...

So you had a 95% great time, with 5% of his pouting. I think just about anyone in the world would be totally happy with that!

Let the bad part go and enjoy all the rest.


victor said...

steevo and mr hcl have a point there. i'm not competitive, but i know most guys are. i wouldn't chalk him up over one incident at bowling. stay in contact and see where it leads. if he persists in having tantrums, then deal with it. btw, i suck ass at bowling. the last time i went, my high score was like 23. i love bowling though, it's the only game i know of where you can hurl 16 lb objects around and not get in trouble, and not break anything.

Doug said...

Wow, can't believe you guys read that huge post. Thanks all! And thanks for comments/advice!

Jake: He does get points for playing the Wii. :)

Godfrey: Are you trying to say that I'm a slut? ok.. maybe a little. I will be seeing him again, so I think I'll try to not let that one incident ruin it. I'll keep you posted ;)

Mr.HCI: So you do think the age gap will be a problem then? Yeah... I'm just going to give it a chance and see from there. And yeah, changing the position makes a difference, so I guess I just gotta learn which positions feel better than others. Any tips as to which positions are good?

And as for your second comment, if he wanted to impress me, then he shouldn't have been all pouty...

Steevo: Yeah, he did tell me he's super competitive. And I mean, so am I... BUT, we were on a date ffs... shouldn't he have toned it down just a tad? But yeah, I won't judge too quickly. I'm giving him a chance. We're still talking right now.

James: Showers are awesome, aren't they?? and.. Told me what?

Aek: Oops, did I say that he was uncut? He's actually cut. I'm uncut. ;)

And as for the pain, he's actually not that big though.. like I said, 7/7.5-ish. That's not too big right?

Tristan: I'll try and let it go. Thanks. :)

Victor: Yeah, I forgot how much fun bowling is! :)

Mr. HCI said...

victor: I don't think sucking ass at bowling is a very good idea. You might get banned from the bowling alley or even arrested.

Doug: Positions vary by couple as we're all built a bit differently inside. It depends on how you're structured inside and how he's structured . . . outside.


If it hurts, just move a little bit, as you've found. The only specific thing I can recommend is, if he points to the left strongly, doggie style would probably work better. If he points hard right, go for missionary. I would think his angle would have to be rather extreme to make a big difference, though.

As to the poutiness being possibly a result of thinking he's looking bad to you, remember we humans don't always act rationally, and dates can be nerve wracking. Especially a first date with someone you think is really hot (assuming he thought that given the number of times he fucked ya'!).

Mr. HCI said...

Oops, age!

Five years is rather a lot at your ages. That doesn't mean I think there's no hope, though! The main thing is if you two are able to click emotionally and cerebrally (sex already seems a good fit . . . ha!). Age, in a lot of respects, is just a number, after all. I sure as Hell don't feel anywhere near as old as my physical age.

Aek said...

Lol, thanks for the correction. :P

W00t for being uncut (for you). I am too! XD

7-7.5 can be too big for some people. I think I'd consider that big . . . I mean, average is what, 5.5-6 inches?

Doomed but cheerful! said...

Pair of alpha males - go with the flow, I reckon. What's the Nike thing? just do it!

Anonymous said...

That was hot! I'm all wet. I think the older you get the age makes less of a difference. Right now is post college age vs post high school age.
On the bright side, at least is not a sugar daddy - boytoy age difference.

David said...

nice! :D

heroes!!! omg it won't be back for another month or so :(

E said...

Long post; worth the read.

I guess it's just me that's alone now. Why I can't find someone hot to hook-up with?

I think that his ego was hurt with the bowling too. Let's see what he does on the next date before deeming him immature. Guys take losses hard.