Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Instinct Magazine Party!

This Friday is the Instinct Magazine Leading Men/11 Year Anniversary Party in West Hollywood and I've been invited to go! If you don't know already, Instinct Magazine is America's #1 gay men magazine and has information about fashion, health, and lifestyle. OH, and they have pictures of really hot guys as well.

Miles is really good friends with Instinct's senior graphic designer and he got us in! When asked if I wanted to go, of course I said YES! I didn't need my new "Yes Man" philosophy for that one! Um, hot gay boys walking around everywhere? Who would say no??

So this Friday, we all have work until 7:30... so we're going to HAUL ASS after work to get changed into our nice outfits and then make it up to West Hollywood, hopefully, before 9. Free booze until 10. LOL.

I am wearing my white button-up shirt, grey pinstripe dress pants, a black vest, and Kenneth Cole black shoes. I am debating whether or not I want to wear my glasses that night too... perhaps I'll use my one of my last two pairs of contacts. Or I can wear my emo thick black frame glasses. Just wanna make sure I look good!!

I can't wait to see the hot boys there! I'll make sure to post some pictures from the event when I get back from it though. :)

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Joie Mayfield said...

That's my favorite cover. It makes me moist looking at him. ;)