Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Not Dead

Wow... how long has it been? I'm not dead. I've just been busy... and lazy.
New "parade" opened at Disneyland. Opening weekend was GREAT. Crowd was amazing. Lots of my friends came to support it. Too bad a lot of Disney-Fanboys (and fangirls) hate it... They think it just doesn't belong in Disneyland... not traditional enough for them. They miss the old parade. BLAH... it kinda puts a damper on things. Wish I just didn't know about these "reviews." Oh well.

Debating whether or not to post a video of the show on here. Help me decide.

So my crush at work... only works ONE day on the parade. And it's on a day that I'm OFF. BLAH. sucks big time. He's so hot. I can't stop staring at him when he's around. He actually showed up to the Pizza Party that I organized at a local Shakey's Pizza Parlor. I was surprised to see him. Too bad we still didn't get to know each other better. I did get a picture with him though. HEHE.

There is another boy at work that I DO see around all the time. He's super hot/cute. AND he rides a motorcycle. DANGEROUS! hehe. Something about the bike that makes him even hotter. Too bad he's taken... going out with someone else in the parade. sigh....

Am I ever going to find a boy of my own? And one that doesn't annoy the hell out of me? lol. Matty has been IMing and Facebook chatting me ALL the time. And it's just too much. I feel bad.. but it's just really annoying. So I really don't feel all THAT bad when I just ignore him. I almost want to just block him from AIM and delete him from my Facebook friends... sigh...

Well I hope everyone is doing well! I'm going to try and get back to blogging more often. And also stay more up to date on all your blogs. Promise!

P.S. I just re-read this post here... I just realized that I write so horribly. It's really just like a stream of consciousness. Am I even writing in complete sentences, or is it just a bunch of fragments? I'm going to make an effort to write a little better. I don't know... unless you guys like the way I write. But reading it back just kind of bothered me because I don't think any other blogs read that way. It really makes me look very uneducated... but I swear, I graduated from UCLA! LOL.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Caught the cold... and now I think I'm spreading it around work. Ooops. Bad timing because we are premiering our new show a week from today and we have rehearsals EVERY night (in the late night... weeee hours of the morning).

I've been so bad at updating this blog. Guess there's not really anything to report or blog about. It's all been rehearsals, rehearsals, and more rehearsals. Nothing exciting at all. Other than gawking at my crush every time he walks by me. I watched him perform during our rehearsals last night. I couldn't help but stare. Did I already mention that he's straight? Damn... And he goes to a Christian university... Double damn. Probably no chance of him "playing around with guys." lol.

P.S. Has anyone figured out 4236 yet? lol.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been on a bit of a cooking craze the past couple of weeks. I'm not sure what it is, but I just decided that I want to cook a bit more. And the more I've cooked, the more I enjoy it. Most likely because AJ keeps telling me to cook my own food instead of buying frozen meals all the time :P So THANKS AJ!

As I type, I have a Banana-Chocolate Bread baking in the oven. This week, I made Spaghetti Carbonara (sooooo goooood) and a bunch of smoothies (ok, not really cooking, but at least I'm MAKING my own). I also made Steak au Poivre (which is a steak coated with peppercorn) and Steak with Teriyaki sauce. I also made Shrimp Scampi Linguine.... wasn't very good though. I think I put too much lemon. So instead, I turned it into Shrimp Linguine with Garlic Alfredo sauce. :P

So I'm getting all these recipes from this huge cookbook called "The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook" which I got as a gift from my friend Sean a very, very long time ago. I can't believe I didn't use it sooner because this cookbook is seriously amazing. Everything that I've tried to make is amazingly simple, yet super delicious! If you're looking for a comprehensive cookbook that gives you recipes from Breakfast to Dessert, Poultry to Shellfish, Meats to Pastries, then I highly recmmend this cookbook for you!

HAHA, I turned into an infomercial. But really, the food is so good. And I'm really glad that I'm cooking. It's really rewarding to eat the food that I took time to make myself. I think I'm going to take cooking classes from the Cooking School opening up under my apartment building later this year. I want to learn enough to start making stuff on my own, just by taste, and not by following recipes. It'll take time, but it'll come. :)

The ONLY thing that I don't like about cooking is the fact that I have to do all the dishes afterwards! lol. Oh well.. you win some, you lose some. =P

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Crush

Argh... the crush... name is Matt... (why is everyone named Matt, btw??)... and he's straight. sigh. Oh well. Still nice to look at. :P

And someone asked who he looks like. Well, I found a picture of Drew Fuller (Charmed, Army Wives) and I think he looks like him.. but more rugged. Drew Fuller is much hotter in Army Wives than Charmed, by the way.

Here's a pic of Drew Fuller:

And by the way, have you guys been to Torchy's blog? His blog makes me laugh. Stop on by, if you haven't been already.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crushing at Work

There's this guy at work that I'm really crushing on right now. First saw him when I went back to work. He doesn't work directly with me, but we'll be working on the same show. He's a singer. I'm just a lowly dancer. So we don't really cross paths. But I do gawk at him from afar. I can't stop looking at him. AND he sings! That's sooo freakin' hot! He just has such a handsome face. And he's tall. And fit. And just the whole package.

But I know I'm never going to have the nerve to even introduce myself to him. Maybe when the show actually starts, we'll be able to have some interaction... I hope! I don't even know if he's gay or straight... I think he's straight... But even if he was gay, I would have no chance with him. But goddamn he's HOT! Argh, I can't get over it. Did I mention that he's hot?! Wish I had a picture... then I can show you all how hot he is!! lol.

Looking forward to staring at him more during the upcoming rehearsals. :P


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Went to the DMV today to get a print out of my driving record... my job asked for it. Man, I hate the DMV. It's such a hell hole. Sooo many people there. And I always wait forever and a half before I finally get called. Today was no exception... waited for an hour and 10 minutes before getting called. JUST to get a printout. My form was already filled out... just presented to the guy, gave him 5 bucks, he typed some stuff into the computer, and out came the paper on his printer. DONE. It took all of 1 minute.. yet I waited 1 hour and 10 minutes for it. ARGH.

The only thing good that came out of it was seeing two hot guys. One was a big, muscular guy... marine type... buzzed hair and all. He was in a zipped up hoodie and black gym shorts. His ass was HUGE in them. And the shorts hugged his cheeks just right. Couldn't stop staring. Then there was a guy sitting behind me in the chairs with slight facial hair and a baseball cap on. He was VERY handsome. Rugged good looks, I would say. YUM. :) If only I could get me one of those.... sigh. hehe.

I really hope I don't have to go to the DMV again any time soon.

Oh.. and... 4236.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hong Kong (Part 3): Hong Kong Disneyland

I've kind put off posting about Hong Kong Disneyland just because I think you guys might find it boring. I really doubt that any of you share the same excitement about Disney Theme Parks as I do... but I promised, so I'll post. :P

So we took the subway over to Disneyland. It was about a 30 minute subway ride away. A few changes in station. But Disneyland had their OWN trains that took guests over to the Disneyland Resort. You'll see in one of the pictures below that they went all out with the train... Mickey windows, Disney character statuettes inside, Mickey handles... pretty cool. :)

When we got there, we were greeted by a massive fountain that featured Mickey Mouse riding on a surfboard on top of the water blown from the spout of Monstro. Well, I assume it's Monstro, from Pinocchio. But I guess it can just be some random whale... And then other Disney characters (The rest of the Fab 5: Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto) are on the sides as well.

Then it's on to the Main Gates. If you guys have been to Disneyland (California one) before, then you'll recognize the Train Station and the Floral Mickey out front. Also, the castle is an exact replica of Sleeping Beauty Castle found at our Disneyland here. But you can tell this one is from Hong Kong because of the Lantau Mountains in the background.

We first went to "The Festival of the Lion King" which is a stage show in the round, where they tell the story of the Lion King. Really done very well. Some of the singers weren't the best, but overall, the experience was great. Just a very intricate show with awesome floats, costumes, staging, and dancing. :)

Then we were off to the Jungle Cruise. It was pretty special over at Hong Kong Disneyland because it's HUGE. The river that it operates on is GIANT. And there's a special portion that no other Jungle Cruise has, which you will see in this movie:

The rest of the day, we went on rides such as "it's a small world" and "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters." Didn't go on other rides because they're all repeated from other Disney parks. We did sit down and watch the parade, but it really isn't anything that great. So I won't bore you with those pictures. I'm just happy that I work at Disneyland USA where our parades are amazing. ;)

I will, however, share a picture from their other stage show: "Golden Mickeys." It's a borrowed show that originated from the Disney Cruise Lines. Several small changes here and there, but it's basically the same show where a presenter is giving out awards (Golden Mickeys) to different Disney characters, and along the way, of course there's singing and dancing to music from Disney movies. :)

All in all, a very fun day. We did pretty much everything that I wanted to do in the 6 hours that we were there. It's a very small park. And I mean REALLY small. But I got in free.. got my family in free.. so it was worth it. ;) Here are some extra photos of their Main Street (notice no trolley tracks on the ground) and some atmosphere art (a Chinese written character made to look like Mickey).

After leaving Disney, we went back to my aunt's house for a quick dinner, and then it was off to the airport! My mom and I took a late night flight back to LA. So, like I said, a real quick trip. But got a lot of things done and glad I made the trip. :) It was just nice to see all my relatives again.

So yay! I finished my Hong Kong posts! haha. Hope I didn't bore you all with all my Disney goob-iness. :P