Saturday, September 13, 2008

Coming Out, #2

Well, I did it! Last night, I came out to my friend, Milo. He's gay as well and he's been the friend that I really wanted to come out to the most. He's become one of REALLY great best friends and it's just been killing me to not be honest with him. Last night, we were talking online just about random stuff and I just felt like it was time to tell him. I was talking to Barry at the same time too and I was telling Barry what I intended to do. Barry was so supportive and pretty much coached me through telling Milo. It was so nice of Barry and I think he really helped me.

So I just IMed Milo and told him that I had something to tell him. I typed out what I wanted to stay but my finger hovered over the "ENTER" button for a good 3 minutes. Finally, I just decided to press the button. And at first I didn't know how he was going to respond. But he was nothing but supportive. One of the first things he said back was: Can I just tell that I'm very proud of you for being true to yourself. He really is a great friend and it just makes me feel so good to finally be honest with him. And for the next hour and a half we just talked. He got mad that I told JW first (well not really mad.. just jokingly). He also told me he was going to take me out to West Hollywood with JW and celebrate. LOL. Of course, we talked about J, and how I was going to Florida to possibly see him. He gave me some valuable advice and I'm definitely going to try and listen to it.

Well, two coming outs and both were great. As Barry said, I'm just letting my friends know a little bit more about myself by coming out to them. It's just one more characteristic of me that they'll know about. I'll still be the me that I've always been. I think thinking about it that way is really going to help me in coming out to more of my friends.


midoriverdegreen said...

good for you, two down a whole lot more to go, right? any ways i like the changer on your site.

Shane said...

Nice one!
I'm happy that it was a pleasant experience. Brave!

Joshua said...

Glad so far your coming outs have been good!

I'm kinda pissed that I haven't had any time to read your blog (or anyone's, for that matter), because I've been so busy. I reread your past posts, though, and it's so awesome you're going out to FLORIDA! That's like, on the opposite side of this country.

Haha, just kidding. But seriously, that's awesome--enjoy it, vacations don't come that often! :D