Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving Again

I'm moving into a new apartment... again. But it's really not that bad of a move. I'm moving within the same apartment building... again. After I move into this new one, I will have lived in 4 different apartments within the same building. HAHA. I just keep moving around.

I actually get the keys to the new place in the morning, but my official big move day is Saturday. Jason's going to be helping me move. :) He also secured me some empty boxes that he found at work and is bringing them to me tomorrow. He's so thoughtful. :P I think he's just finding an excuse to come over so that he can have his way with me though.

I'm going to miss my current apartment. It's a studio, so I live by myself. But in the new one, it's a 2 bedroom and I'll have a roommate. I'm going to get along fine with her (yes, I'm living with a girl) but I'm just going to really miss living alone. It'll definitely be a tough adjustment. But we'll have our own separate rooms, so I can always lock myself in my own room if I need to. And I'm hoping that I'll be locking both me and Jason in there quite a lot! :)

I want to talk more about Jason, but I'm really tired now. And I just wanted to give an update on my life because it seems like I never have time to blog anymore. I used to blog every day... what happened to that? Sigh.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Homework, Birthday Party, and Vegas

So I'm sitting here trying to start my homework. It's a paper of sorts... writing about a problem in education. And I don't have to write that much.. maybe 2 pages double spaced. I just have to do it now because I won't have time this weekend. I have Jason's birthday party tomorrow night, and then work all day Sunday before going to bed ASAP so that we can leave for our Vegas trip at 6am. Yes, I'm going to Vegas again. :)

So Jason's birthday party is tomorrow night. It's at his house so it'll be many of his friends there. It starts at 8pm but I'm going to be arriving late because I'm having dinner with my family. I'm thinking I won't get there until maybe 11pm. But I think that's a good thing because I'm not sure if I'd do too well with so many people I don't know for a long period of time. By 11pm, I'm sure people will be either way too drunk or starting to leave? HAHA. I don't know. But I'm just not the best when meeting new people. So it's a pretty big deal that I'm going. I just want to look good in front his friends. Gosh I really don't know what to expect. I'm not a party person.. and the only parties I attend are thrown by people that I work with... so this might be my first outside party that I'm going to. Eeek.. getting more nervous as I talk about it. So I'm just going to stop talking about it and just GO for it tomorrow.

Other news: VEGAS! I'll be leaving for Vegas at 6am with a car full of friends. TWO cars actually. And we're going to be staying at the Planet Hollywood! We get free booze in the hotel room when we arrive! PLUS, the FAT TUESDAY is right inside the Planet Hollywood shops so we're going to be going there A LOT. I'm really looking forward to it. I have so much fun when I'm there with my friends. It's just a time for us to let loose, get drunk, be crazy, and have tons of fun! I'm also hoping that my friends will want to go to the Rio Seafood Buffet with me because it's AMAZINGLY yummy!! I'm not going to be gambling... much. I'll probably play my Monopoly slot machiine and then before I leave I'm going to do my Roulette thing.

So for Roulette, I have this system that I follow:
1) I put a set amount of money (usually $20) on RED.
  • If it lands on RED, move on to next step.
  • If it lands on BLACK, walk away.
2) Place the original amount of money (so $20 again.. not the full $40) on RED.
  • If it lands on RED, then I have won $40!
  • If it lands on BLACK, then I still have $20!
2) Place all $40 on RED.
  • If it lands on RED, then I have won $60!
  • If it lands on BLACK, well... I've only lost $20.
edit: I knew I wrote it wrong, but I hadn't had time to revise that until now. LOL.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Barry Barry Barry... I miss talking to my British buddy. There are so many things that I want to tell him, but we never chat anymore. I really do miss chatting with him - I used to tell him everything, but now we're never online at the same time. I fear that our online friendship might be ending. :( And I know you're reading Barry -- is the guilt trip working? :P

But seriously, I'm just really sad that it's been WEEKS since we've had a good conversation with each other. I miss our talks. I loved chatting with him because he was never judgmental, yet gave me invaluable advice whenever I needed it. And wow, it's almost been a year since I've "met" Barry online.

Well, I really hope that Barry decides to respond to my email soon (::hint hint::)!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friends With Benefits... So Far So Good

So it's been a week since we've decided to be friends with benefits, and I think it's working out just nicely. In addition to the awesome dinner and a movie we had last week, we've also been to the gym together. That was fun because he showed me how to use a lot of the equipment at the gym. I never use the machines because I feel like an idiot having to walk up to the machines and read the instructions... so it was nice to have someone just show me how to do it.

And then yesterday was his birthday. We started his birthday celebration with a midnight showing of Harry Potter. The movie was long, but it was nice to hang out with him. I really would even call it a date. We sat together, and were pretty close the whole time. He was very touchy with me. After the movie he came back to my place and I gave him his present. I decided NOT to do the ice cream thing... I figured the movie tickets were good. And then I gave him the Aussiebums. He seemed to like it. I showed him that I had matching ones, which I was already wearing. hehe.

I had also invited him to go to the House of Blues, but his friends ended up taking him out to the bars to celebrate, so he called me and thanked me for the invite but had to decline. (I was fine with it cuz I was actually really tired and just needed to relax at home, which is what I'm doing now) Then he also told me that he was wearing the underwear I got him and that they're really comfy. He also said that his friends thought they were sexy and he bragged to them that I got them for him. :) That made me feel pretty good -- I picked a good present. hehe.

So, I don't know what you guys are thinking, but I'm thinking what we have going on is pretty good right now. So what if we're not officially dating? I feel like we're doing some pretty date-y stuff. We still have plans to have an at-home movie night to watch "He's Just Not That Into You" and several epsiodes of "Doctor Who" and "Buffy." I'd probably call that a "date" in any other circumstance. But yeah, I just think that maybe he likes that we don't have the pressures of officially dating, and frankly I think I like that too.

But with there being no real commitment, I just have to remind myself not to get too emotionally attached to him because things can end at any moment. I don't see that happening soon because it really seems like we're enjoying each other's company a lot, but I just can't get my hopes up about him, I guess.

Well what are your opinions on the matter?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Might As Well Update

I wrote a reply to the comments from my last blog, and I thought I'd just write a post about it since it's kind of important and not everyone looks at the comments.

So I've had a few comments from concerned readers about me being fuck buddies with Jason and how, in the end, I'm going to end up being hurt if I'm not careful. I fully appreciate their comments and I want to thank you guys for caring about me and looking out for me. And because of your comments, I know I will be careful. But, I've decided to go along with the sex. Here is what I wrote back to the comments:
@ HCI, Godfrey, and Aek: thank you for being concered about me. I really appreciate it. I've taken your advice into consideration, but... I've decided to be fuck buddies with him. As Anonymous points out, I do like that he was honest about it and that he cared enough to not hurt me like his previous relationship had hurt him. Now that I know how he feels, I am confident I can draw that line myself and not get extremely attached. Obviously I'm keeping my options open with other guys.
In other news, I've already bought the "Commando" underwear from Aussiebum and they're on their way! However, I'm not going to be getting him the blank DVDs. I was over at his place last night (I'll talk about that in a sec...) and I asked him about his DVDs. Well, he started to burn a few and he took out his giant tower of DVDs that he has. So, I feel like he wouldn't like it as much. I'm sure he would appreciate it still.. but I want him to like it. So, I've decided on something else. But let me talk about last night first because it goes into what I'm going to get him.

So after our talk about not wanting to date, being fuck buddies, etc... we still decided to go on our dinner and a movie "date"... we moved it to last night instead of Saturday afternoon. And I guess I had a better time at this "date" than a real date because I felt less pressure. I could just be myself. And we both paid for ourselves (although he did pay for the tips for me since I paid with cash and he paid with card.. I was going to add more cash for tips, but he told me not to worry about it). Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself though.... anyway... So I got off of school and I picked him up at his house. We went to this place called Maggiano's, a really nice Italian restaurant with GIANT portions. We both ordered a full size plate of pasta and OMG it was HUGE! Sooo much pasta! but OH so yummy.

Anyway, during our dinner, we talked about a lot of different things. He talked about his childhood and his problems growing up. He comes from a really poor family and he had to cope with several learning handicaps too. But he was able to move out to Southern California and find himself a job and support himself. He still takes care of his mom, sending her money every month. It's very sweet of him. We talked about our favorite foods and we talked about desserts that we like. And then he says he LOVES all kind of ice cream, and he's recently discovered and started liking Green Tea ice cream... LIGHTBULB! Green Tea ice cream is a little rare, and can't be found everywhere. BUT I have an Asian supermarket that I go to that I KNOW will have it.

So for his birthday, I'm getting him a nice birthday card, the matching Aussiebum underwear, and GREEN TEA ICE CREAM! mmmm yummy! hehe. I think it's going to be a good gift and I really hope he likes it. What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, after dinner, we saw Transformers 2. I liked it. LONG, but I liked it for the most part. We both enjoyed it. Then we drove back to his house, and I stayed over for the night. Being fuck buddies,... we fucked. LOL. And oh it's so freaking good. I came a total of 3 times before I left his place. We're both just super horny all the time and horny for each other, which is a big reason why I've decided on our unique relationship. I do think having this friendship benefits the both of us: he needs more gay friends, and I need more non-work friends. He's pretty much my only non-work friend that I want to hang out with, and I'm his only gay friend that he wants to hang out with. So for now it works out nice.

And one last thing.. and congrats to those who read through this whole post and got here.. a few of you have asked about my P90X progress so I decided to take a few pictures for you ;) Here's my best frame. hehe. Comments on my progress (that will boost my ego) are greatly appreciated ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well That Answers That...

Not very good news tonight. Got home at around 11:30pm and started chatting with Jason on AIM. We were talking about dinner and a movie when this conversation happened...
Jason: So I have to ask. You sure you are ok with us being just friends? I know we are closer than we should be for being friends... the sex and all.

Me: Well are you not looking for anything more than just friends at all?

Jason: I am just not into dating right now. I understand if you are not ok with that.

Me: You had told me that from the beginning so I understand.

Jason: I just had my heart broken and I want to make sure to not do that to you.

Me: Thanks. To be totally honest, I think I really like you. But I'm glad you're telling me this now. Well, tell me this... do you see ANY potential of us dating in the future?

Jason: I don't know. Not right now at least.
So there we go... at least now I know. I'm not going to lie... I really started to like him but I guess I was being overly optimistic. I DID know that he wasn't looking for a relationship when this all started, so I was just being naive in thinking that spending a few days with me would change that.

I've made the decision to stay friends with him. He continued to tell me that I'm really his only gay friend that he has right now. And I have no reason to not believe him. And the sex is really quite good so I'm ok with us having some benefits too. I know that you'll all have something to say about this, but I'm holding on to some sort of hope that he'll warm up to an idea of dating later on. I truly believe that he's not ready to date because of what happened with his last relationship and not because he doesn't like me. I mean, why else would be insist on us staying friends and ask to hang out still? (we're still going to have a "dinner and a movie" night tomorrow... I can't very well call it a "date" anymore though, I guess)

I know what you're all thinking... If I go down this path, I'm going to end up being hurt. But I really don't want to lose him as a friend. He's about my only friend outside of work, and I really can't afford to lose that. I'm just going to go along with it and hope for the best.

Oh and THANK YOU to all who gave me advice on the birthday gift. I took a lot of your advice into consideration and I had decided on a gift for him (before the "not ready to date" conversation):
  • Pack of Blank DVDs (he has a huge collection of burned DVDs that he's quite proud of)
  • Pair of "Commando" Aussiebum underwear (with a matching pair for myself)
  • A nice birthday card with a nice birthday message
I already bought the Aussiebums online so I'm for sure giving those to him. And you can't give a gift without a birthday card, so I'm doing that as well. So I guess I just have to decide whether or not to get him the blank DVDs. I was going to buy a pack of 50 for $12.99 at Best Buy. Should I just forget it? Or should I just go for it and buy it for him? I know that buying him these gifts won't automatically change his mind about dating... but maybe it'll give me a few points that will count when he does decide he's ready to date again...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disney World Boys (Part 3)

Finally finishing up my blog about Florida! hehe. Man, I had such a great time in Disney World. It really was a great vacation and one that I needed to have. And it was just nice to have it filled with boys. Made me feel pretty good about myself to have boys lined up to hang out with me. :P

So my last day, I'm supposed to meet Bryan in Epcot in the day so I make my way out to that park by myself. I text him as I was leaving but I didn't get a response from him by the time I got to the park, so I decided to have lunch by myself. Still no text after lunch, so I went on a few rides by myself. Still no text after the ride, so I went to watch some shows. Finally after the shows I get a text from him telling me that he woke up WAY late and doesn't had been finding a ride to Epcot. He felt really bad for ditching me on my last day in the parks.

I told him it was ok and that I was heading back to my new hotel to official check-in to the room so he can just meet me there. So when I got back to the hotel, he was there to meet me. What can I say about Bryan... oh yeah... he's TALL! I'm just about 5'8.5" but he's 6'2"! Almost a half a foot taller than me. HAH. And he's skinny and cute. ;) We sorta just chatted for a little bit in the room and then I suggested we go to the pool and play on the slide because I had heard that the slide was super fun.

He was definitely down for it so we changed into our swim trunks and headed out to the pool. Let me just say that I had such a fun time at the pool with him. We just played around while chatting about nothing. And then we met this crazy kid, Nick, who must have had ADD/ADHD because he was just talking talking talking with us while waiting in line for the slide. I brought my video camera with me so we filmed ourselves coming down the slide and playing around the pool and everything. We also spent a little bit of time in the jacuzzi to talk before heading back to the room to get ready for our dinner reservation.

But before we move on, I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I had started the p90X program before this trip. I just felt so much more comfortable about my body.. actually, I was proud of my body and wasn't shy about wearing the tank tops or going to the pool with the boys that I'm interested in. Before P90x, I really didn't like my body and I was always ashamed of taking off my shirt to go in the pool. But now, I'm much more confident... and hopefully I will keep up with it (because I've sort of slacked off a bit after coming back from the vacation).

Ok so we got back to the room to get ready for the dinner. I decide to shower because I don't like smelling like chlorine while eating. So I hop in the shower but secretly, I was hoping Bryan would burst through the door and we could have a hot steamy shower together. LOL.. it didn't happen, but it was nice to think about.

While getting ready, we put on the High School Musical 3 soundtrack and we both sang along. We're both big Disney goobs; it was nice to hang out with a fellow goob. HAHA. Our dinner reservation was at 9:45pm so we were both getting really hungry, so we decided to get on the bus early and head over. We got there early, but they had a table for us already so we didn't even have to wait.

Ok, if you guys have been to 'Ohana at Disney's Polynesian Resort, then you know just how amazing the food is. I can't begin to explain how awesome this place is. It's an all-you-can-eat meat heaven! They grill everything right there and then bring them to you in giant skewers. So if they just finished cooking the shrimp, they'll bring the shrimp skewers over, ask you how many you want, and then shovel them on to your plate. They have shrimp, steak, pork, turkey, and chicken wings. OH SO GOOD!! I think I might have gained 20 pounds that night. LOL.

Another cool thing was that since our reservation was so late, we actually got to see the fireworks from the windows of the restaurant at 10pm. So it was a really nice restaurant, really good food, great fireworks, and fun company. We got to know each other better while we were there and all in all, it was a good, relaxing, fun date with Bryan.

I feel like I look incredible gay in this photo...

Bryan and I go back to the hotel, stuffed to the brim with yummy food, and we just kinda lay on the bed almost in food coma. We turn on the TV and we continue to talk. Not going to lie, I really wanted things to progress with him to a more sexual place.. I mean, come on, I'm on vacation. When else is it a more appropriate time to be slutty? But then again, I also didn't want to because we're just getting to be really good friends right now and doing anything sexual might ruin that. So in the end, we didn't do anything. And he didn't make any advances either. At around 1am or so, his friend came to pick him up. We gave each other big hugs and said goodbye, promising to stay in touch and for him to visit me in Disneyland when he returns to Arizona for school in the fall.

So that was my trip to Disney World! I had soooooooooo much fun. I can't believe it worked out so well. I forget if I mentioned this, but this trip was supposed to be with a group of my friends because I wanted to share my nice hotel reservations with them. But all of them flaked out of me and I couldn't cancel because I would be losing money if I did... so I just went by myself and all these amazing events happened. Things really do happen for a reason and things just turned out awesome. :) Now to plan my NEXT Florida trip! lol

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Advice on Birthday Gift

Hey guys, I need you advice. PLEASE please please comment because I need as much input as possible. And ASAP. So even if you've never read this blog before or never commented before, PLEASE do so now.

So the boy I'm seeing, Jason... his birthday is coming up next Wednesday July 15th. I really want to get him something. The thing is, I'm not sure what to get him because I'm not really sure what we are yet. He's mentioned the words "friends with benefits" which I kind of got a little sad to hear? But he's willing to hang out and stuff, I invited him to go to my friends' 4th of July party with me and he was actually contemplating it.. and I invited him to the circus that's coming in town and he said yes. So... I guess I'm still confused as to what kind of relationship we have. Regardless, I still want to get him a birthday gift.

Now, I've had one person suggest that I get something kinky/sex related. Why? Because a week ago when I stayed over at his place, he tied me up with arm restraints that he had installed on his bed! HEHEHE. Oh and I was blind folded too. OMG, so hot.

But should I get a more traditional birthday gift? Something cheap though... cuz I don't want him to think I'd spend so much money on him when we're just "friends" for now. Something funny, perhaps? He was also telling me about his skydiving and swimming with the dolphins so he's done a lot of cool things. And then he was telling me about his scars and the multiple times he's been to the hospital cuz he's a bit of a daredevil. hehe. So something related to that could be funny? I dunno.. That's why I need your help!

So please please please give me some input! I'll love you forever!! THANKS guys! If there's a group of guys that I know I can count on, it's you guys!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Indeed!

I haven't talked about him much, but Jason and I have been seeing each other more than just occasionally. Ever since I got back from Florida, we've gotten together a few times. A few nights ago I actually stayed over at his place... never slept over at another guy's place before. So that was a cool experience.

Well, we both have the day off today, so we're having our own 4th of July celebration at my place. ;) It's gonna be filled with sexy times. He's already told me what he wants to do with me when he gets here. LOL.

I'm really hoping that Jason wants a relationship with me. He's so cute and funny. And he's HOT! We're definitely sexually attracted to each other, there's no doubt about that. But I'm hoping that he wants a bit more out of me too. But for now, we're having a good time with each other.

So I hope you guys have a day filled with BBQ and fireworks!

Disney World Boys (Part 2)

Ok... I still think I was a little too detailed about everything in Part 1. I need to not write so much! Anyway.. if you haven't read Part 1 yet, I suggest you do that first. :) Oh and the blog is gonna get kinda sexually explicit now... so don't read unless you want some sexy details. :P

So where was I? Oh yeah, Jamie and I getting frisky after the jacuzzi/pool. Well, we take each others' clothes off and have some sexy time. And it was AMAZING. I had forgotten how big Jamie's dick was. hehe. He goes gentle at first, but pretty soon it gets very hot and steamy. I actually almost experienced cumming while being fucked without touching myself... but I guess my moaning was really hot and he couldn't hold out any longer. But oh my god it felt so good. I hadn't had sex since December. I needed it so much.

We just collapsed on the bed afterwards and just chatted with each other. Somehow we got to food and we both expressed that we were REALLY hungry. So at 4 in the morning, we go out to the Waffle House and have an awesome breakfast together. We get back to the hotel and sleep in each others' arms. It was so nice to have someone to cuddle with again.

We wake up around noon or so and head out to Disney's Animal Kingdom. We spend the day there, going on rides, watching shows. Basically an awesome time spent with Jamie. I really loved every minute of it. The park closed early so we left around 6:30pm. He decides to take me on a tour of the Disney World property, going to backstage areas and stuff. I thought it was really interesting and I loved that he was playing tour guide. After we went through most of the major areas, we decide to play some miniature golf... something I hadn't done in years!

There's something about miniature golf that screams "fun date!!" for me. And it sure was. We both were horrible at it, but that made it even better. We just made fun of our lack of skill the whole time. And there were other people palying so we had to wait to play some of the holes, so we would just sit down on the bench together and talk. So nice to be able to do that with him.

Sitting on the bench with Jamie :)

After miniature golfing, we drive over to the Magic Kingdom just in time for the fireworks at 10pm. Fireworks are usually a pretty romantic thing, but there were just too many people around and I was sweaty and gross from the entire day, so I had a hard time getting close to him during the show. :( Oh well...

After that we returned to the hotel and went to the pool and jacuzzi again. We talked for a while again just about everything and anything. It was very nice to get to know more about Jamie. And I think he got to know me a little better as well. After that, we went back up to the room and once again had some sexy time.

I actually feel bad... because I was REALLY loud. But I couldn't help it because it felt so damn good. He was hitting the spot with every thrust and I just couldn't be quiet. But I still felt bad because it was about 3:00 in the morning and I was staying at a Disney hotel, which meant I probably had little kids next door. But my god, the sex was just amazing. He had me in several positions, and I'm pretty surprised that it felt so good so quickly even though his dick was so big and thick. But yeah, once again, he had me so hard and wanting to cum the whole time. Mmmmm -- loved it!

The next morning, he had to get ready for work again in the afternoon, so he took me to the Magic Kingdom (where I would meet Bryan) and just dropped me off. I was sad that he had to work because that meant that this would be the last I would see of him for a long while. But it had to end some time. I gave him one last kiss and then climbed out of the car. I looked back as he drove off and I just remembered thinking, "Sigh.. that was a great two nights spent with him." And that's all I could have asked for.

So Bryan was working at the Magic Kingdom as a certain tall character. :P I don't want to ruin any magic for any Disney lovers out there. HAHA. But I text him when I entered the park and he told me where he would be. So I went and visited him at his location. On his lunch, he came out to see me and watch the parade with me, which was nice. The rest of the time I spent by myself. I stayed until the night and watched the nighttime parade by myself :( Oh well.. I couldn't have a boy with me every day, right? LOL.

I got back to my hotel and actually had to pack because I was moving hotel rooms for my last night there. So I packed up and went to bed early. Definitely not as exciting as my other two nights.. LOL

So I only have one more day left to blog about.. I'll save that for another night. Again, I'm tired and need some sleep. Also, I really need to blog about Jason. He's the guy that I met up with before my trip to Florida. There have been new developments with him -- good developments -- and I should tell you guys all know about it. Soon. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Disney World Boys (Part 1)

It's about 3 weeks late, but I'm finally finding time to blog about Florida. It's been pretty crazy these past few weeks and I'll get to all that, but I wanted to blog about Florida (especially the boys) before I forget too much stuff. So here goes!

So I think I'm going to spare you all the details of my entire Disney World experience and just talk about what I assume you all want to read about: the boys :) Of course that's going to overlap with the vacation details, but I'll try not to write pages upon pages about it. Oh and there are several boys that I will be writing about.. hope you guys don't get confused about who is who. Use the labels at the bottom of the post to go to posts about the boys. LOL.

My flight left at 7am in Orange County, but I had a layover in Phoenix, AZ. While on the plane to Phoenix I was thinking about what I brought with me and how I packed everything within 4 hours of leaving my apartment. And then it hit me: I FORGOT TO PACK MY CONDOMS AND LUBE!! When I realized it, I was SOOOO pissed off. I seriously couldn't believe it. In Phoenix, I text Jon and tell him my unfortunate situation. Naturally, he laughs at me. He tells me to ask one of my boys to take me to the store or bring some themselves. Sigh... what an embarrassing situation. I seriously didn't want to ask them... and furthermore, did not know which boy to ask. I was to make this decision later.

So I arrive in Orlando International Airport at around 5pm or so and I text Bryan to let him know that I made it out there and excited to finally meet him. We made plans to meet each other at Epcot to watch the fireworks. On the way to the hotel, I also text Jamie, just to make sure he's still planning on meeting up with me this weekend when he's off work. I get a response from him saying that he has no plans this week and that he was all mine. ;-) That of course makes me happy. And then I decide that Jamie is to be the one I would ask about the condoms... Here is the text conversations:

Me: Hey um, this is awkward and I don't mean to be presumptuous, rather just safe, but is there anywhere you can take me to get some condoms and lube?... I forgot to pack them :(

Jamie: To the mega sex depot we go.

Me: Can I some new sex toys while we're there then? LOL.

I guess the situation wasn't as awkward or embarrassing as I thought it would be. ;) So then it's time to meet Bryan out in Epcot. I get there early and walk around by myself, in the horribly humid weather. And I do so in my jeans because my luggage had not arrived in my hotel room... So freaking hot - I was sweating like a pig!

Finally I get a text from Bryan telling me to meet him in front of Mexico. :) I hurry over and spot him right away since he's 6'4" or whatever he is. As I get closer I see that he's with his friend, Shannon. Not going to lie, I was a little bummed that she was there too, but I guess I totally understand since it was our first time meeting in person. What if I was a serial killer or something? He's just being cautious. LOL. And plus she was his ride.

So we watch the fireworks (which I love) and just kind of chat with each other. We didn't really get to talk one on one since Shannon was there, but it was still nice to meet him. After the fireworks, they just took me back to my hotel and we said goodnight. I didn't want to ask if he wanted to stay over -- cuz it would've sounded really slutty, especially when Shannon was there too. So I just let that go and went back to my hotel room. I spend some time texting Jamie just to chat with him before going to bed. Nothing too exciting, but I didn't invite him over that night because I made plans to meet up with Bryan and Tony the next day. So I go to bed early to get ready for the day to come.

Next day, I have Tony come pick me up at my hotel - the same Tony that stayed over at my apartment for a week and a half. He finally moved out to Florida again. So he and his brother pick me up and we go to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

There I am with Tony, and his brother Matt, clearly not interested in taking a picture with us. Tony is such a cute, good looking, hot guy. too bad he's straight. Oh well... I spend half of the day there at that park with Tony before Bryan gets off of work and comes to the park as well. We all hang out with each other for a bit and at around 6pm or so, I get a text from Jamie asking me: "What's for dinner?" I tell him where ever he'd like to take me and for him to come pick me up at Disney's Hollywood Studios. So at this point, I had to awkwardly tell both Tony and Bryan that I was meeting up with another friend of mine. Tony just kinda left quickly... I'm not sure if he was pissed off or what... Assuming that I'd find Jamie out by the parking lot, I walked to the exit of the the park with Bryan so that I can say goodbye to him there. However, Jamie was standing right at the exit waiting for me. A slightly awkward situation for me -- the two boys I'm trying to get with meet each other.

But I guess the two don't know any better and just assume that they're just normal friends of mine. Perhaps I'm just a really popular boy. :P They actually have a conversation with each other about working at Disney World and all. So another awkward situation that didn't turn out to be too awkward afterall.

So Jamie and I leave and I ask him to take me back to my hotel first so that I can shower and change. I had been sweating all day and it was just gross and didn't want our date to be gross. So he drives me back and when we park, I was glad to see that he packed his little suitcase of clothes, meaning he was definitely staying over for the weekend. :P

Oh I have to show you guys a picture of the hotel I stayed at: Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. The lobby is GORGEOUS. I loved every part of the hotel... my room... my view of the animals from my room... the theme of the hotel... the pool. EVERYTHING. Look at the detail of everything in this picture!

I shower quickly, but I was half hoping that he would've opened the door and jumped in there with me. But I guess I was getting a little ahead of myself. That stuff will come soon enough. ;) So we get back in the car and he drives me to the same sushi place that we went to the last time I went to Florida to visit him. The sushi was AMAZING, of course. But the company was even better. We just sat and talked. I don't remember any awkward silent moments. I think it helps that Jamie likes to talk and that I like to listen.

After the yummy sushi, we drive for a little bit just for kicks and then head back to the hotel room. We decide that we want to go out to the pool for a swim, perhaps go relax in the jacuzzi. We get there and both jacuzzis were taken.. so we just played around in the pool for a while. It was late so the pool was a bit empty, so I got a bit courageous and got pretty close to him on several occasions. He looked so cute with his hair wet, half his body in the water.. It was just a good time spent together. We went back to check on the jacuzzis and they were finally open. The water was SOOO hot. But we get in anyway. We just talked about everything... work.. school.. Disney. I loved every part of it. And of course, we got even closer at the jacuzzi.. but of course not too close, since we WERE in the public at a Disney hotel. We finally can't take it anymore so we go back to the hotel room.

We sit on the bed together and watch some tv. After a bit of that, I couldn't hold it in any longer and just leaned over for a kiss. That kiss turned into a really long make out session. We then take each other's clothes off...

Ok, this post has gotten long enough.. and I'm only on Day 2. I think I better split these posts up. HEHE. Such a tease huh? I'm just getting tired and I want to be awake to write the sexy, steamy parts. I promise not to put this off. :)