Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Happens In Vegas....

.... doesn't stay in Vegas when who is involved has a blog to write! It's already Wednesday morning and I feel bad that I haven't written earlier. But better late than never right? So many things happened in Vegas, but maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. Everyone has been doing their "10 Things" list on their blogs, so I might as well do that same, but use it to write about Vegas! (WARNING: this is a SUPER long post! lol)

So just a little background, I went with a group of my friends to Vegas. There were 4 of us the first night (Eric, Jon, Kelly, and me) and then 6 of us the second night (ML and Miles drove up themselves). Then we all left to go back home together on Sunday afternoon.

So here are my 10+ Things That Happened in Vegas (And since I've been so late posting this, I'm going to make it up by making a picture blog):

1. The first thing that we did after we checked into our hotel at the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel was go downstairs to its little shopping area and get drinks at Fat Tuesday. For those who don't know what Fat Tuesday is, it's a little store that sells blended alcoholic drinks in mugs, glasses, and jugs. And they have many flavors - most of them VERY good. We got there and had jello shots right away. Of course, it had to be cherry flavor jello... BLECH. If it was any other flavor, I would like it more. I just hate cherry. It always tastes like medicine to me.

Our hotel: The MGM Grand! (That's Kelly in the reflection)

2. The Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino was THE hangout for our group this trip. After our shots at the Fat Tuesday in MGM, we walked over to the Fat Tuesday at Planet Hollywood and got drinks there. Another friend from work, Chris, was in Vegas with his friends at the same time we were, and it just so happened that they were at that Fat Tuesday too! While we were in line to get drinks, I felt someone put their hands on my shoulder and I thought, "Who the hell is touching me?!" And I turned around, and it was Chris! He was already pretty drunk. Apparently, they had been sitting in front of the Fat Tuesday for a while. After we got our drinks (I got a Bellini, which is basically Peach Schnapps and Champagne), we all sat down together and chatted for a good 30 minutes to an hour. Just hanging out and getting drunk! I kept taking sips of the drink because I knew I needed to take it slow or else I'd get sick. But the drink tasted soooo good that I drank a LOT of it in a short period of time. So, that meant that my face got REAL red and hot, and I got kind of loud. My friends thought it was funny. :)

(left to right)
Me, Kelly, Chris, Jon, and Eric

3. After we said goodbye to Chris and his friends, we went to the lounge inside the MGM Grand Casino: Tabu. We got in free because Jon knows someone in the Cirque du Soleil show @ the MGM, KA, and he got us into the lounge. It was a nice place. Pretty small, since it really is just a lounge and not a club. But people were dancing, and so we danced. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to look at around us. The crowd was definitely an older crowd, filled with guys that can't dance and girls that think that just being slutty means dancing. So, after about 10-15 minutes of this place, we decided to leave. I guess it wasn't that bad, considering it was free to get in. Just wish it was a little better. And afterwards, we decided to head back to the hotel room, where my friends called it a night.

4. And while Kelly and Eric decided to stay in, Jon and I went downstairs because I wanted to try my hand at roulette. So here was my plan. I'd play 3 rounds MAXIMUM. 1st round: I bet $10 on RED. If I lose, I go back upstairs. If I win, I play again. 2nd round: I bet all $20 on RED. Again, if I lose, I go back upstairs. But if I win, I move on to the next round. 3rd round: I bet $20 on RED again, and pocketing $20. If I lose, then I still have $20. But if I win, I have $60, and will have been $50 richer. And why just RED? Because Red is the color of fortune in China (along with blood and Communism... but that's besides the point). So I get to an empty roulette and exchange chips for the $10. Right as I do that, 3 older guys come to the table and exchange for chips too, but they each put down $100... How embarrassing... Anyway, I bet RED. First spin: Red 19! NICE. So then I put all $20 on RED again. Second spin: Black something. Don't remember the number, because I lost. So, unfortunately, my plan didn't work out very well. Upon further analysis of my betting, in Round 2, I should've pocketed $10, and bet the other $10 on RED. This will have given me at least let me break even. Oh well... you live and learn. You win some, you lose some. (Insert some other idiom here)

5. I did not spend money on meals on this trip to Vegas. Normally, I have to eat at least ONE buffet. Eric and I had talked about getting the awesome Seafood Buffet at the RIO... but we just never did it because Jon and Kelly couldn't afford it. And we didn't win any money in the casinos to justify spending that. So basically, we ate fast food the entire weekend. After the first night, the first thing we did was go to the food court and eat Panda Express (which is a national chain that serves Americanized Chinese food. Still good tho!). I would've loved to have had a buffet, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be this time around. Maybe next time.

6. Two more stops at Fat Tuesday later (still drinking the Bellini), we stopped by the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops to do some window shopping. We walked around FAO Schwarz and played with some of the toys there. If you've ever seen BIG, the movie from the 80s with Tom Hanks, then you will know that they have a giant piano keyboard that you play with you feet. Jon was talented enough to play Chopsticks for us. It was quite impressive. Then Jon and I went in the Apple Store, where apparently, I got really touchy with the Mac computers. I picked them up and rubbed them against my face and confessed my love for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. My friends were convinced that I was wasted... but they don't realize that I do this every time I walk into an Apple Store. lol. We also stopped by other high-end, luxury brand stores such as Armani and Coach. In the following picture, you will see me in the Coach store, bright red in the face and completely drunk.

I'm holding a Coach purse for some reason, and Kelly is there to make fun of me

7. After we are through with the Forum Shops, we walked over to T.I. (or Treasure Island) to meet up with Chris and his buddies. We get there and knock on their suite door. We can already hear that there was a party going on. When he opens the door, we are hit with an unbearably humid room. They had crammed 20 people into the suite so that they could party and get drunk. And this suite was not big. It was only called a suite because it had double doors and two bathrooms. Other than that, it seemed actually smaller than our room at the MGM Grand. Chris greeted us loudly - could definitely tell he was drunk. And then he introduced us to all of his friends. One in particular, Jon was very fond of. Tall white guy, with dark features and an awesome body. He was actually shirtless and wearing board shorts when we walked in because they had come from the pool not too long ago. And in those board shorts, we could all see something quite big in there! So I'm really pissed off about what I'm about to write about.

I get a phone call from Miles because Miles and ML had been on the road for over 3 hours trying to avoid traffic from the California wildfires. They had to take a long detour that they were unfamiliar with and they needed my iPhone to tell them where they were. Because the room was so loud, I had to step outside to talk to them. About 5 minutes later, I walk back into the room, where INSTANTLY Jon comes at me, jumping for joy. While I was away, Board Shorts Boy had gone into the bathroom to change out of his board shorts. Jon was standing right outside the bathroom. But Board Shorts Boy didn't close the door and he just dropped his shorts. Jon was in the perfect spot to see all of this. And Board Shorts Boy didn't mind... probably too drunk to care. But Jon saw him in all his glory. And apparently he was BIG. sigh... I'm pissed off because I totally missed it. And it's all Miles fault for calling me at the worst possible time!! So mad! I wanted to see penis too! Oh well, ... it was for the better because for the rest of the trip, Jon was just completely obsessed with Board Short Boy and I probably would've been too if I was there to witness the dropping of the shorts.

(left to right) Board Shorts Boy (with clothes) and Jon
Jon secretly wished that Board Shorts Boy was gay

8. Miles and ML finally arrive in Vegas after 7 hours and 42 minutes of driving (when it should've only taken them ~4 hours in normal traffic time). But their determination to have a good time with us in Vegas got them through it and they made it just in time to go out on the town! ML was the driver and I have no idea how she found the energy to go out after driving for that long, but I guess she was just THAT excited to have fun! And we were excited to have them with us as well!

(left to right; top) Kelly, Jon, ML, Eric
(bottom) Me, Miles
About to go out on the town!

9. To start our night, we went to Planet Hollywood (of course) to get more booze at Fat Tuesday. Got myself another Bellini and we all did one jello shot together to celebrate all of us being their together. It was cherry flavored AGAIN. WHY do they do that? I just swallowed it. Gross, but did its job. Pretty soon, I was drunk again, and I started to talk loudly. So instead of going to a club right away, we decide to play some slots in the casino at Planet Hollywood. I was all for it because my FAVORITE slot machines was there: Monopoly Money Grab!! It's this amazing high tech slot machine where it is touch screen and very interactive! The best part is when you get 3 "Chance" Bonus cards in a row and you get to play this Bonus where the characters of Monopoly jump up on the screen and grab money. And whatever money amount they grab is the amount of credits I win. This was a penny slot machine, so each credit is only work 1 cent. But, I ended up winning over 2700 credits on the bonus game, giving me $36 to cash out! I had only put in $5 to start! And when I went over to my friends to tell them that, I told them "I won 5 times the amount that I put in!!" And at first, they were so happy, but then Jon had this puzzled look on his face and he said... "Don't you mean 7 times the amount?" And then I thought about it, and agreed with him. And THAT'S when you know I'm drunk... when a Math teacher couldn't do simple multiplication... LOL

Here I am with the Monopoly Money Grab, my FAVORITE slots game EVER!

10. Upon exiting the Planet Hollywood to make our way over to the Paris Hotel and Casino, we come across this water feature on the side of the Planet Hollywood. It has a stead stream of water flowing down a wall lit up with many small white LED lights. Kelly and ML had taken pictures in front of this before in a previous trip to Vegas, so they suggested we all take a picture in front of it as well. When the picture is taken, it creates a cool silhouette of all of us. And I'm SOO glad we took the pictures because it turned out AMAZING. We didn't ask anyone to take a picture of all of us, so Kelly and I took turns taking the picture. And then I came home and photoshop-ed the two pictures together so that we'd all be in it. So here's the final outcome. It's my absolute FAVORITE picture ever and has become my default picture in all my profiles online. (well, except this one)...

(Left to right) Eric, Miles, Kelly, Me, ML, and Jon
I look like I'm taking a crap... but I still think we look... what's the word?.. FIERCE! lol

11. We arrive at the Paris Casino and proceed to their club, Risque, to try and get in because all we wanted to was have fun and dance! When we get there, they tell us immediately that we were welcome to just go up to the club with no charge since it was already later in the night. We jump on the opportunity and head up to the club. Risque is smaller, but still had a nice size dance floor. The club was set up nicely with the bar area in the front of the club and the dance floor in the back, slightly elevated. Good lighting and the music was already great as we walked in. A good dance beat, you know? So the 6 of us are dancing with each other and just having a great time. Then ML leans in to all of us and says, "Um... do you guys notice that we're the only non-Indian people here?" HAHA! I look around, and all I see are middle eastern people dancing and having a great time. And then we all notice at the same time that we've been dancing to Indian/Bollywood music and that everyone in the club knew the words to it and was singing along! LOL. We thought we had crashed some private party of something, but noone was kicking us out or minding that we were there. So we just continued to dance and have a great time. We just had a great laugh about it and it's one of those things that we won't forget about our trip.

If you can't tell... I'm pretty drunk. But NO, I'm not THAT red. It was just the light on me at that moment.
And that's ML, with her amazing body, dancing with me. SO fun, even though I kinda look like an idiot

12. During my time in Vegas, I drunk text-ed Davie (who I came out to before, described in this post). It was amazing, and I'll just let you read the actual texts:

Me: Davie! I heard that you are well endowed! Jon saw it in the bathroom and got turned on. DAVIE!! I want to see it! Will you show me when I get home?

Davie: LOL! Omg, u drunk asses! And Jon... ur gross! He did not! I never change in front of anyone!

Me: He saw you thru the cracks of the stalls when you're changing.

Davie: Lol. What a lie!

Me: Davie I want to see your dick, ok? And he's serious. He saw you.

Davie: I don't believe him! Was he talking crap? :-(

Me: No. he just said you are real hung. He peeked through the stalls from the outside. He didn't know it was you until you walked out.

Davie: LOL. Too much. You bitches

Me: Davie! I love you!

Davie: Love you, too. Be safe and have fun.

13. So second night, the 6 of us shared a room that only had two queen beds. Right when we got back to the hotel, Eric basically collapsed on the round. So it was decided that Eric would be one of two sleeping on the floor. We gave him blankets and a pillow and he stayed in that position for the rest of the night. Miles volunteered to be the other one sleeping on the floor. I slept in a bed with Kelly and Jon slept in the other with ML. Secretly, I wanted to be in the same bed with Jon so that I could cuddle at night with him. But we were already in this arrangement from the night before (Kelly requested to sleep in the bed with me instead of Jon because she was afraid that he'd be too drunk and kick her out of bed. lol). I just wanted some cuddling because I've been sleeping in a bed by myself for so long. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. And then in the morning, Miles jumped up onto our bed when Kelly went to use the bathroom for a bit. So the three of us slept in the same bed together. It was the closet to cuddling that I got. ;)

Me and Miles take a pic as we wake up in the morning

So that's my Vegas weekend! As you can see, I had so much fun with my friends. I'm so glad that I decided to blow off my second job at the high school and go to Vegas. It was basically my FIRST time getting drunk to the point where I'm not sick and throwing up and just letting loose and having a great time. I feel like I now know my limit and I shouldn't worry about getting sick when drinking alcohol. And now I know what drinks I should order too. Drink of choice: MIDORI SOUR! yum! Doesn't taste like alcohol at all. In fact, it tastes like a Green Apple Jolly Rancher. Drank a few of those during my Vegas trip too. ;)

Alright, well this post has been long enough. Wonder if you all spent the time to read all of it. :P


Barry said...

Doug! wow what a trip! Amazing... I would LOVE to go to vegas... although I don't know whether its the secret gambler in me (after all, I went to Monte Carlo and lost my cash lol) or the fact it looks so amazingly amazing! maybe it's just the fact bright lights entertain me?

Lol and I love cherry flavoured things! In fact I think they're the only fruit-based alcohol things that I would drink! Though I'll remember that for your trip to the UK ;)

Still love that pic of you all stood in front of the lights - amazing :o)

AJCon89 said...

haha... that was long but a great read.

Your trip sounded like a fucking blast!

I;m so glad you had a good time... you deserved it


E said...

I went to Vegas 5 years ago and had a GREAT time. I can't imagine what it would be like now that I'm legal!

Anonymous said...

No cuddling? :(

Cherry is disgusting as an artificial flavor, I refuse to consume it any more. I guess for jello shots that's a good thing, but that's another story for another time.

I love the pic in front of the LED's. :)

Shane said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

Vegas sounds so fun - if only I was in America. SIGH

midoriverdegreen said...

midori, i want some.

Doug said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. Glad you guys are still reading, even though I was away for a while.

Barry: I can't believe you LIKE cherry flavored stuff. YUCK!!!

AJ: It WAS really long.. took me forever to write it!

E: I highly recommend it!! You should go back!

James: That pic is seriously my favorite picture of all time. I made it the background for my iPhone so everytime I use my iPhone, I see it. ;)

Shane: Come visit me and I'll take you to Vegas! ;)

Midori: Yes, the midoris were VERY yummy... I want one right now too.