Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Cousin and My Day

So, I knew my mom wouldn't drop the subject. At breakfast this morning, my mom once again asked if I was going to call up my cousin to give him my address. ARGH, so frustrating. She really doesn't understand that I like my alone time and my TV time.

But I've thought about it a little more. Next week, Monday - Wednesday, I'm going to be going to work from 8:30pm to 12:30am. Most likely, I will go out to Denny's afterwards too. So I probably won't be home until late, when I will want to just sleep. SO, I'm thinking that my cousin can come over and crash on my couch on those nights. If he doesn't mind me coming home late at night, then I guess it will be alright with me. And it takes a lot to wake me up in the morning, so as long as he's not stomping around like an elephant and playing loud music in the morning, then I'll be fine too. I'll just give him my extra key for those days.

I guess I'll call him up and let him know. And then I'll still be my mommy's good son.

After breakfast, I went to the pediatrician's with my mom and my little nephew. He's about 15 months old now and had to go in for his flu shot and other vaccinations. He's a little cutie. But he's starting to get a little troublesome. Taking after his 4 year old sister, I guess. She's definitely a handful. I'm hoping she grows out of her whining and crying soon! But yeah, my nephew of course cried during the shots, but it only lasted about 10 seconds and we were done and out of there.

I then drove back to my area and got a haircut... at Supercuts. I know, I know... Supercuts its horrible! But it's cheap and I don't need too much done to my hair.. so I go there. But now it's a little shorter than I wanted it to be. I guess I should've just shown him the picture of me that I keep in my iPhone, so it's my fault for being lazy.

Later, I went to dinner with Miles and my ex, Jen. We went to eat RAMEN! Japanese noodles. Yeah, like Top Ramen instant noodles. But the REAL kind. lol. It was so very good. Just a good time with friends. We dropped Jen off and then went to Blockbuster to get the new Tinker Bell movie and this other gay movie, "Kiss Me Guido." But alas, our night to be gay fairies was not meant to be as both movies were not available. So we got "Baby Mama" instead. I had not seen it before but wanted to so I was glad that Miles found it.

I'm back home now. We'll probably start Baby Mama soon but we're both on our MacBooks right now just browsing around and relaxing. He wants me to download some porn on his computer because he knows I'm a subscriber to some sites. LOL.

Still gotta pack for Vegas! Leaving at around noon! Can't wait! WOO!


James said...

You lil perves :P.

Joshua said...

OMFG BABY MAMA IS HILARIOUS!! :D I <3 tina fey and amy poehler! :D

AJCon89 said...

so... what porn did you download for him :-P

have fun in vegas!!! and win some money for me... hahah

Stephen Chapman... said...

The internet was invented for porn and email... oh and blogs...

Doug said...

James, AJ: I guess he either forgot to ask me or he felt awkward to ask. LOL, but he'll probably bug me about it again soon.

And THANKS AJ.. but all money will be going to the Doug Fund. ;)

Stephen: AGREED!

midoriverdegreen said...

good luck with your cousin, extended familly members suck even more than regular familly members.

Brass Matt said...


Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I'm AJ's Matt.

He made me read up on your blog and told me all about you and made me link to your blog.

Have fun in Vegas.