Friday, November 21, 2008

The Color Purple

Tonight, I went on a "date" with Miles to see The Color Purple, the Broadway show. It's playing at the Orange County Performing Arts Center (OCPAC) right now. I bought season tickets to the Broadway shows for the 08-09 season at OCPAC and The Color Purple is the first show in the series.

For those unfamiliar with the show, or the Oprah movie, or the book, it's about a girl name Celie, who lives in the early 1900s in Georgia. And it's basically her life, living with an abusive father, then an abusive husband, and her struggles through it all. I had never read the book or seen the movie. And I had never heard any part of the musical either. And that's a first, because every musical I've been to, I was familiar with the music beforehand. But this time I wasn't.

I think had I been a little bit more familiar with the music, I would've enjoyed it more. I was sitting in the nosebleeds (cheap seats) so it was a little hard to hear the dialogue and some of the singing. I mean, it was loud enough, but I couldn't understand the words very clearly. And the music was okay. Nothing that I'm totally excited about. It didn't make me want to buy the CD. The singing was amazing. GREAT vocals from the girl who played Celie. But the show as a whole didn't "wow" me.

It was sort of hyped up to be a musical about love that was going to be super emotional. My friends warned me to bring tissues since they know me to be an emotional guy that cries... er... tears up in movies. (When I was flying home from Tokyo by myself 2 years ago, the movie CLICK with Adam Sandler was on, and I was bawling like a baby! Tears flowing down my face, snot coming out, and that thing you do where you're trying to catch your breath when you're crying.. yea.. all of that.. while on a plane, sitting next to strangers who probably thought that I was crazy) So, I was all ready with a half dozen or so sheets of Kleenex. But I didn't have to use any! I teared up at the end.. but that was about it! I don't know... I guess it's never good to have anything hyped up because there are just expectations that are usually not met.

Oh well -- the tickets were relatively cheap (since they're part of the season tickets) and it was a nice night off. And Miles and I checked out these three gay guys sitting in the row below us and to the left. They looked over at us a few times too. There was one guy who was totally my type: cute face, blonde hair, light eyes, and around my height. YUM. Unfortunately, they left at intermission to find better seats, while we just stayed put. We should've followed them!!


AJCon89 said...

I'm glad you got out with miles... too bad you missed me an Matt online again... lol

I have never seen this show and for some reason it just doesnt strike me as one i would wanna go to so thanks for the warning.

And i have been know to tear up in movies... not as bad as you... but i get the watery eyes... lol

so, what other shows are coming up?


E said...

I [its obvious that I am obsessed with music] have been listening to Fantasia Barrino's version of "I'm Here" for the past three days. She performed it on the Oprah show and just ripped it. Everyone was crying. Fantasia, Orah, the audience, security.

I also saw the musical. It was pretty good.

Doug said...

AJ: Yes, rub it in more that I haven't met Matt yet. JEEZ. lol. The rest of the shows in the season are: Avenue Q (real excited for that one), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Fiddler on the Roof, Grease, and Legally Blonde (SUPER excited for that one! god I'm so gay...)

So the shows are pretty well known - definitely worth the price I paid for them.

E: Personally, I hate Fantasia. Her voice REALLY bothers me. And if I had to watch her sing "I'm Here" I maybe would've left the theater. The girl who played Celie who sang it last night was AMAZING!!

Joshua said...

We have a PAC in Orange County? The only one I know of is the Barclay Theatre next to UCI...

WOW I know almost nothing about orange county.

And The Color Purple looks pretty good!! I want to watch the movie with that black family...something about bees?? I don't remember the title, haha.

Brass Matt said...

I want to meet you too Doug. You just are never around when I am online.

Sorry, but I don't get up at 5 AM like AJ does -- crazy bastard he is, lol.

Maybe you will be around this weekend.

Personally, I didn't like The Color Purple. I found the music to be average and the story poor.

I saw Avenue Q last time I was in NYC and it was very funny. I hope you enjoy that one.

I also saw Spamalot last time in NYC - that show was a fucking pisser - if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.

Doug said...

Josh: Yea! OCPAC! Across from South Coast! lol. How can u miss it?

Matt: We'll meet soon! Hopefully tonight! I'll be online later tonight. AJ told me you guys are having dinner and a movie so possibly after that.

I can't WAIT to see Avenue Q! I've listened to the CD since it first opened on Broadway and now I finally get to see it.

And I would've loved to see Spamalot! But the last time I was in NY, Clay Aiken was in it... and I just didn't want to put myself through that...

Seth said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy it so much. I never really got into the whole Broadway/Musicals thing myself - another reason I suck at being gay. LOL.

I did see the movie when I was younger, and I recall bawling like a baby at the end.

Doug said...

Seth: Yeah everyone said the movie is really sad - I should watch it maybe.

Mr. HCI said...

Thank goodness at least one other guy here doesn't dig musicals. Go Seth! I'd rather listen to metal.

Well, old movie musicals from the 30s and 40s with Busby Berkeley production numbers rule, as does Oliver!, but that's just about it.

Wait a minute, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? A stage version of the most punishingly long movie ever aimed at children?

Oh FUCK, "Hushabye Mountain" just popped into my head. Time to find an ice pick.