Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vegas ROCKS!!

Guys, I have not had this much fun in Vegas ever! And I go to Vegas a
lot! It's because I'm with awesome friends and I'm actially drinking
and letting myself go. I'm so proud of myself. LOL.

So today I went to Fat Tuesdays and got myself a mug of the Bellini.
Tastes so freaking good! And it got me sooooo red and tipsy. But
without making me sick! Just walked around the strip the whole day.
Met up with another friend and his group of friends too. Some of those
guys were FINE!! But they were straight. Boo.

I totally passed out when we got back to the hotel at around 7. Still
back at the hotel now but our other friends drove up (in the horrible
traffic caused by the California wildfires) and we're most likely
going to the gay club, KRAVE. Can't wait!!!

Well bigger update when I get home tomorrow night! Love you all!

PS so I guess my Twitter updates don't work? Guess I'll have to figure
it out some other time.


exalen said...

Glad you're cutting lose dude! Just don't get married by an Elvis impersonator!

My Twitter is acting up too. So I think its them, not us. ;-)

AJCon89 said...

"But they were straight. Boo."


that one made me laugh.... owch...

glad you are having such an amazing time. you deserve it.

Matt and I cant wait for you to get back home... hahaha!


E said...

I went to Vegas a bunch of years back and I had a good time. I was planning to go for my 21st b-day but that didn't work out.

Go to the club and do something freaky for us readers!

midoriverdegreen said...

yeah i couldn read your twiter thingy so im just following your tweets? on twitter. hope thats not too stalkery.

Joshua said...

Omg how fun you're so lucky haha

Anonymous said...

I wanna know how the clubbing went o.O!