Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Response to Comments

Thank you everyone for commenting and making me calm down about the date. I just wanted to respond to your comments through an actual post because I want you to know that I really appreciated your advice (and plus I have nothing else to blog about today).

Tristan: Where does my low self-esteem come from? Mostly ingrained through Asian culture. It's going to be hard to just wash it away as it's been a part of me for 24 years, but I DO want to change that. But it's just not something I can just turn off... or if it is, someone needs to teach me how to do it.

AJ: Thank you for reassuring me. And I'll try to exude as much confidence as possible. EXUDE. I like that word ;) And yes, gotta stop obsessing before I go crazy!

E: I actually really don't know if there's anything good to wear in my closet.. this is troubling. I'm definitely gonna need someone to help me pick out an appropriate and attractive outfit for the date. It can't be anything too dressy - it's only coffee (or possibly late dinner) - but it can't be too casual and laid back either or else he won't think I care. Ok... yeah, I'm obsessing.

James: I don't speak french.... and I'm too lazy to type it into Babelfish. Translation, please? And my lessons from Self-Deprecation 302 have been drilled into my head, so I dunno if rational thinking will ever get through.... But I'll try my best :P

Midori: Thank you so much. And you absolutely promise this Matt guy will like me?! hehe. Hmm, I hope he wears boxer-briefs. Or just briefs. :)

Oh and completely unrelated to this whole date thing, I'm going to see Spring Awakening the Musical tomorrow night with my ex-gf. She's been wanting to see this show ever since it came out and I kinda got hooked to the music too. My friend is working backstage tomorrow (as part of a "kinda internship" thing where he's shadowing the Production Stage Manager) so that's why we're going. Only $20 per ticket. Not bad! So I'll let you guys know how this show goes. Hopefully better than The Color Purple!


naturgesetz said...

Since James has left for home, let me attempt a translation of his opening line.

"You've got to have confidence." (Literally "It is necessary to have confidence.")

E said...

Go out an buy something. I know it sounds kinda silly, but I find when I'm wearing something that I just bought and/or absolutely love, it makes me feel better. There's a swag in KNOWING that ur outfit is nice.

Doesn't have to be expensive, just something u like. It will change how u feel abt what u have one....