Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Sleep..

I've had no sleep these past 2 nights. I've been working a project for work (volunteered to do it... how stupid am I?) and now the end product is no where near the standards. And I'm very pissed off at myself for not doing a better job. But I've had absolutely ZERO time to do this. My friends tell me it'll be fine and that they will enjoy it and just appreciate that I took the time to do it. But I'm still frustrated that it didn't turn out better. Especially because I know there will be "friends" who like pick it apart and tell me that it sucked ass. I ALREADY KNOW.. THANK YOU!

So the guy I went out on that date with hasn't called me back or really tried to get in contact with me again (except for a forwarded text message that informed me of the next Prop 8 protest nearby). So I'm guessing he decided that the date sucked as well. Glad there isn't any awkwardness there... We both realized it wasn't a good date and are moving on.

In other news, my cousin called me yesterday to ask me if he could stay over with me because he has been assigned to do work in my area and he doesn't want to drive back to his house (about 45 min - 1 hour drive) each night. I was hesitant to say yes, just because I like my privacy and alone time at home... plus I live in a studio apartment. So I asked him how long he needed to stay for. He tells me, "This whole week, and into next week." WHAT?! Argh.... He asks me if it's alright, and I told him, "Well, I'm not going to say no!" Cuz then he'll just tell his mom (my aunt) and she'll tell my mom, and then they're gonna get on my case for not helping out family. But MAN, I really don't want him to stay for a whole week!! One or two nights, MAYBE.... Blah. I hate this... I think he's coming over for his first night tonight. I'm not happy about it.


James said...

Poor Dougy. Just make sure to hide your porn. :P

Janus said...

It could be fun! =)

AJCon89 said...

thats gonna suck... haha

At least you are not going to have to break up with your date :-P


Joshua said...


Just kidding, that one week will probably feel like a year. I know I'm not making it any better hahah.

So are you on good terms with this cousin??

Doug said...

James: oh yeah, I definitely thought about that right away. LOL. Safely hidden. Thanks!

Janus: I just don't really have too much in common with my cousin... I don't know if it would be any fun.

Josh: lol no slumber parties for me! I AM on good terms with him, but I just don't really talk to him much in the first place, so to have him stay over is just awkward.