Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tell Me What To Wear!

Guys... I am such a mess. And I need your advice on this date. I really can't decide on what I want to wear. I know this counts as obsessing, which is what I SHOULDN'T be doing right now... but I can't help it. So you guys might as well help me out.

SO, I took a bunch of pictures of myself in possible articles of clothing that I can wear to the date. PLEASE let me know what you guys think of them. (The pictures are small, but you click into them to make them bigger)

First Decision: Which pairs of jeans?!

Jeans #1: Express Men. Low Rise Straight Fit. Dark wash.

Jeans #2: Express Men. Low Rise Boot Cut. Faded wash.

I'm leaning towards Jeans #1 because they're a little tighter, but they're also kind of restricting in movement. As in, I can't really squat down too well because they're kinda tight. But when am I going to need to squat, right? Jeans #2 are definitely more comfortable. Do you guys like the faded wash in the front? They're just a bit more baggy and therefore makes my thighs look huge.

Second Decision: What top should I wear?!

Top #1: Heritage. Light Grey Graphic T. Argyle + Design. (w/ optional jacket because it'll be cold)

Top #2: Gap. Red collared shirt. Semi-tight fit.

Top #3: Heritage. Black Graphic T. Argyle + Design

Top #4: Heritage. Blue/White button-up shirt.

Ok, so I narrowed it down to these 4 options for the tops. I just kept my tight pair of Low Rise Straight Fit jeans on for these pics. I'm not sure if I'll need a jacket or some outerwear because the forecast says a high of 81 on Sunday. (Jeez! I thought it was Fall!) But I'm guessing the temperature will drop at night, so I'm thinking I should plan on wearing SOMETHING. Deciding on that is going to take more time...

Third Decision: Which pair of shoes?!

Shoes #1: Puma. Black w/ White design.

Shoes #2: Adidas. White w/ Black stripes.

These are the two pairs of shoes that I'm consider to go with the outfit. I guess it depends on what I'm wearing for my top. But the black Pumas are super comfy. The white Adidas are a little more stylish, but they kinda hurt my feet because I think they're too narrow. My left big toe pushes up against the tip of the shoe and it sorta hurts after a while.

So I need all your help! Let me know if the tops are too casual or too formal or too ugly or whatever. Just help me out! I can't decide! Or let me know if I should just buy something new. I just got a comment from E telling me to buy something new. But I wouldn't even know what to buy! LOL. I'm a big mess. I have such horrible fashion sense.... I'm hoping you guys have better fashion sense than me!


AJCon89 said...

two, one and neither...

i think you need some brown suede or leather shoes...

Anonymous said...

A smile and a warm heart... the rest means fuck-all Tristan

Barry said...

I agree with Aj, Doug :) he's right about the shoes

Anonymous said...

Jeans #2, Top #3, and dear Lord, do no where that jacket. It makes you look like you're in high school.


Shane said...

I disagree with Anonymous, I think that the way you dress reflects your personality; additionally, the way you dress can also indicate how well you take care of yourself.

Therefore my opinion (two-cents) is this: dress to reflect your personality - you also need to get some leather shoes (as AJ mentioned).

Doug said...

AJ, Barry, Shane: I do have leather shoes... but they're nice dress shoes. Don't you think that would be over the top? I do have these brown Skechers that are semi-dressy? Well, they're still considered casual.. I dunno. argh!

Aron: haha, yeah the jacket is a bad choice. I have a nice brown Penguin jacket that I'll wear instead if it gets real cold

Steevo said...

anything but saran wrap.

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

dude, you have a nice body. just wear whatever shows it off best. my picks are tight jeans and polo. shoes could use a little work, but between the two i'd prefer the adidas.

Doug said...

Steevo: HAHA Saran Wrap?

Godfrey: thanks dude. my body's alright.. but I think Top #1 or #2 is ok right? Maybe i'll take a picture of my Skechers and you guys can let me know what you think about those since everyone seems to not be big fans of either pair of shoes.

E said...

...wear the black argyle shirt UNDER the opened or half-opened button up. The t-shirt/dress shirt combo is money. It also should counteract any drop in temperature without making u hot if it doesn't get cold. Definitely Jeans #2. And the white Pumas. If you do wear the brown jacket then some brown shoes would be necessary.

When I'm not sure what to wear, I just look on popular clothing stores websites. That usually helps when I'm going for something new, or am too nervous to make the decision myself.

midoriverdegreen said...

dude, if were really thinking positively here then you should worry about what your wearing underneath.

Joshua said...

I think you should wear jeans #1 with the white button up, but not with anything dark underneath (like the argyle shirt) because it'll show through and look funny. White button-ups are always classy, sexy, and versatile--if it's hot, you can roll up your sleeves and you'll still look great!

I think any shoes would look nice; they're both black&white so it's like whatever, haha. If not the button-up, then wear the red polo.

Wear that belt no matter what!! I <3 belts, I think they look amazing.