Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back To Normal

So I finally got a good 8 hours of sleep last night and I feel more refreshed. Yesterday night was the premiere of my project. It was a video that I made for work because our parade was closing to make way for the Christmas parade this season. So my managers had asked me to whip up a video to show during our cast party. So that's what took 2 sleepless nights to complete. The end result was still not my best work, but they showed it to the cast, and I had nothing but good comments about it. So that made me feel happy. :)

Now about my cousin staying over... yesterday, I get a voicemail from him: "Hey, text me your address when you have time." I seriously did NOT want him to stay over. So here's our text conversation:

Me: You're still coming over? I have work til late tonight. You know I only live in a studio apartment right?
(You guys get that I dropped a bunch of hints there right??)

Cousin: Yeah. That's cool. How late are you gonna be? I'm still at work so I can continue to work.
(OMG, is he just stupid?)

Me: We're off at 845 but we have a cast party afterwards. I dunno how late that's gonna be til.

Cousin: Oh really? Like usually after 12?

Me: Ok well. Probably not that late but I don't know.
(I finally decide to just honest now)

Me: I think I'm ok to have you stay like a night or two or something but I'm not sure about a whole week. I'm just used to living alone now.

Cousin: K. I'll just stay over some other day.

Well, he's not staying over anymore. But I still don't think he gets the hint that I don't want him to stay at all. LOL. I really feel like he's going to go "tattletale" to my mom. And then my mom will probably ask me about it and why I didn't want him to stay over. That's so frustrating that he just invited himself over to my place.

And plus, if he stayed over for a week, how am I supposed to bring random guys up to my apartment?? LOL! Just kidding! ..... or am I??

EDIT: So I'm at home with family tonight and I KNEW my mom would say something about my cousin. I guess she doesn't see why I don't want him to stay for more than one or two days. She doesn't think that 2 weeks would be too long. But I don't think she gets that if he stays over on the couch, then I'm trapped by my bed for the whole night. I know for SURE that I will be sleeping later than him. I wouldn't be able to watch TV if he's on the couch. It's just a big inconvenience for me....


Shane said...

Well, if you did not want him to stay over then you did the right thing by being honest - so don't worry..

Anonymous said...

You aren't kidding ;-).

I was thinking, is he trying to get closer to you or something? Is he younger? Maybe feels left out of the family now that he's older and away more. Dunno, just a thought.

Doug said...

Shane: thanks. I think I did the right thing too, but I KNEW my mom would say something to me about it.

James: I don't think that's the case. He's still close with the family. He lives @ home still.

exalen said...

Yeah, family's hard to manage sometimes. Honesty is pretty much the general rule, though it's how to try and get the point across that's tricky.

I have the best excuse for these situations - I travel a lot, so not at home half the time. :-)