Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

In less than 36 hours, I'll be driving up to Las Vegas with my friends in my awesome black, gas efficient, sexy Prius! LOL. I just wanted to rub it in that I have a Prius that costs me less than $20 to fill up my tank, which I do every 1.5 - 2 weeks. HEHE.

But yeah... Vegas, Baby! Me and 7 of my friends (including Jon, Miles, and Kelly) will be sharing a teeny tiny room at the MGM Grand.. but who cares right? We won't really be in our room that often any way! And I'm just excited to be going out with friends. We might be going to some clubs, not sure. I think we're just winging it the entire weekend. Nothing really planned. Don't think we're seeing any shows cuz we're all broke. So just doing whatever we want to do. And just getting drunk! LOL. And, as you all know now, it's not that hard to get me drunk!

I'm also thinking of telling everyone that's gonna be on the trip with me that I'm gay. Hopefully it just comes up somehow... like some miraculous segue will happen and it'll just come out. But if not, I'll fit it into some conversation somehow...

Friend: Hey, so what time is check-in for the hotel?
Me: I think right around the time that I'm gay.

Something like that? I don't know.... lol.

In other news, I wanna wish AJ a speedy recovery. What happened with him should NEVER have happened. What year do we live in people!? Why do people still have so much hatred. It's so ridiculous. And I really want him to recover sooner because I know he was looking forward to having some "fun" with his bf. :P But now, with broken ribs, it's gona be hard for him to do that for a while. Poor guy... GET WELL SOON AJ!


AJCon89 said...

thanks buddy... you are the best. I mean that and I love you for it.

You are right, it should have never happened. but it did, and I just gotta move on and get better.

I'm very happy that you are going out with your friends... you deserve it. Have an amazing time and I want all full update when you get back.


naturgesetz said...

So as you're driving there, just say, "I wonder if anybody else is gay."

Anonymous said...

I love it! It's the perfect segue. Or, while you're at a restaurant:

K: I'll have the steak, meadium rare
DL: And I'll have the shrimp scampy, with a side of cock

Oh, by the way. My transportation beats yours any day. Absolutely no gas whatsoever. ;-)

Joshua said...


Other than the fact that your coming out sounds a little like a pick-up line gone wrong, I hate your for the following reason:

1. You have a Prius.
2. You're going to Vegas
3. You're going to Vegas with friends.
4. You'll have so much fun.

:( Take pictures and tell us how it all went down, yo!! Haha okay yeah I'll stop talking like that.