Friday, November 21, 2008

Poll Results

Sometimes I'm such a copycat.. AJ just updated his polls so I figured I should too.

But first, the results to my "Are you a Mac or a PC?" poll:
58% of you are PC users
and 42% are Mac users.

Wow, that's more Mac users than I thought there would be. But I guess that makes sense because Macs are becoming more popular among younger consumers, especially in universities around the US. And they're just super sexy and awesome! LOL.

So I'm sitting at home, doing nothing today... going to catch up on my TV in a few minutes after I make myself some freezer food. But I have a new poll for you all to participate in. Would LOVE for all of you to vote because I want to get to know my readers!

Poll Question: What type of foods do you like to eat?! You can choose up to 3 different kinds. I tried to think of as many types of foods as possible... so if there's something I missed, let me know!

EDIT: So I totally left out some important cuisines (thanks for the word Seth!) so I had to start the poll all over again. So if you had already voted, you have to vote again. I'm SOO sorry!


Anonymous said...

Well, and as I always say, any self respecting gay man uses a Mac. I'm disappointed that that number isn't must have a large group of straight readers. :P

midoriverdegreen said...

i love chinese food, especially the americanized kind. (:

Seth said...

Darn, no wonder I have such low self-esteem - I need to buy a Powerbook??


I can't really think of any one type of food - "cuisine" is actually the word you want - that I don't like. Although I don't think I've tried anything Dutch :)

What exactly comprises the cuisine of "Down Under" LoL - another thing I have no idea about.

Unfortunately, here in America we suffer from some horrible and unhealthy types of food. What you might call "American" fast food - all of those chain restaurants - utter garbage. Fattening, loaded with bad things, no wonder America is obese. I'm fat too, but I grew fat from GOOD foods LOL.

The other day I was reading something about the hamburgers people eat at some of the restaurants, and one of them had something like 160 grams of fat, 2000 mg of sodium - thats more than an ENTIRE DAY worth of salt and fat - and then most Americans wash that down with a jumbo sized soda / cola, and a huge order of fries. Ugh. Food in America is an industrial commodity, and thats a horrible thing. We push junk food onto young children, and offer it cheaply enough that they have no choices of eating healthy foods.

However, also here in America is a (thankfully growing popular) trend towards eating local, natural, whole foods. Stuff that farmers actually raise in the next town over, that is not filled with preservatives and chemicals, thats not frozen and microwaved and held in steam tables. Italy started the Slow Food concept, and its slowly (pun) taking hold across America.

We do get some really good ethnic cuisines (especially since I live in a pretty major metropolitan area) and of course some really bad crappy stuff too LOL.

I practically live on Italian, I think in America Italian food is more "American" than any one type of regional American cuisine.

But I also love Indian, Thai (You forgot Thai!!!) and almost all other types.

Well, except for Spanish - at the moment, I'm pretty turned off by even thinking about it - read my blog from yesterday to see what I mean LOL.

Seth said...

Sorry - I always get caught up in a rant when I go to post a short comment.

You forgot Thai on your list, and the Eastern European countries, Africa, and FRENCH.

French French French!!! My roots!! (And my classic professional culinary training) !!!!


Mr. HCI said...

Indeed, my "other" vote was for Thai. My votes that counted, however, were Japanese and Indian. The sushi restaurant near our house knows by now what each of us orders when we go there. The sushi place we used to go to regularly ('til they closed down) did, too. I don't think they realized we're a couple, though. Once, the guy who usually ran the cash register asked us if we were brothers.


We just said no and he asked no follow-up questions.

There's a fantastic Indian buffet about three minutes walk from my office but I don't go very often as I have a bad tendency to eat-and-eat-and-eat-and-eat 'cause it's so fucking good. Then I get a stomach ache followed by a bizarre craving for Mt. Dew and, finally, heartburn for the rest of the day. The last time my co-workers and I went, though, I exercised restraint and ended up only with the Mt. Dew craving, thankfully!

Doug said...

Midori: Panda Express? hehe. I get it every once in a while :) Something about Americanized Orange Chicken...

Seth: Thanks again for reminding me that "cuisine" is the word I wanted. And yeah - fast food chains are really way too accessible. So freaking unhealthy. I'm not sure this is going to help, but by 2012 or something like that, all restaurants in California have to state the calorie count of their items in their menu. Maybe this will help people to realize just exactly how much they're stuffing down their throats!
And I can't believe I forgot French cuisine! I love French food!

HCI: Sorry I didn't put Thai up there! I love Thai food as well! It's now up on the new poll, so please go vote again? ;) And Mt. Dew craving? how very bizarre indeed! hehe

Mr. HCI said...

Hey, the world is gonna end in December of 2012 anyway, right?

Yeah . . .

OK, I revoted.

One question, though. Near the bottom, is that shoe polish or silver polish or brass polish or some other kind?