Sunday, November 9, 2008

SMILE, tears, Protest/Date

Man my day was a long one yesterday. Started the day out early (7am) and got to work by 8am to pretty much wait around for 4-5 hours. At least I got paid during this time. Finally, at 1pm, they were ready for us and I "took the stage." They were filming for the Walt Disney World Christmay Day Parade special that airs on ABC on Christmas Day. I think I got some good camera time. Depends on if they edit me out or not... but I guess you can try and look for me. ;)

After that, I had to rush home quickly to get changed for my friend's wedding. OH, I mentioned her before. "Oh-Girl" = Rachel. Got to the Korean temple right at 3:55 and the ceremony started at 4:00. It was such a beautiful ceremony. When she walked down the aisle, I couldn't help but tear up. She looked BEAUTIFUL and was soo happy. I can just see the glow from her face. And just knowing that these two people loved each other so much that they were willing to show everyone in attendance their love - it just made me cry. And as they held each others hands up there, and repeatd their vows, I cried again. And it was pretty bad. Like tears down my face and snot coming out of my nose... (ok that was gross). But you get the idea. How embarassing... But I was genuinely happy for the two. What did upset me a little was the Officiant talking about marriage between a man and a woman, and how that was intended by God. Just didn't want to think about all the Prop 8 drama at that time, but of course it was inevitable. I really just wanted to be there and be happy for my two friends. Thankfully, I was able to let the drama go and just enjoy the wedding.

The reception was great. Very laid back, buffet style. And Robin, Rachel's HUSBAND!, created the slideshow - and it was the most amazing slideshow that I haThe d EVER seen!! It was seriously SOOO good! Awesome transitions and great music. OMG! I want to know what program he used because I'm making a slideshow for work and mine looks like 1st grade crap compared to his. ARGH!!! I neeeeed to find out what he used.

I left the wedding around 7:15pm or so. I gave my date, George, a call to tell him that I'm leaving the wedding to go home and get dressed to see if he still wanted to do anything. This was the first time I was hearing his voice because we had only conversed online and in texts before. He sounded like a sweet guy. He asked if instead of going out to a movie if I wanted to help out the community instead. Of course, he was talking about the No on Prop 8 protests that have been going on all around the Greater Los Angeles area. I said, SURE. I thought it would be fun. My first protest of any kind ever! Bound to be an interesting time.

So I got home, got dressed. TOTALLY nervous, by the way. Haven't been on a date in forever. However, this wouldn't really count as one, since we were going out to a protest... not the most romantic thing ever. So I had posted on Facebook that I was "really nervous" as my status. My friend from work, Kelly, IMs me on AIM to ask me why.

Kelly: What are you nervous about?

Doug: I have a date.

Kelly: Ooooh. When?

Doug: Like soon. Tonight.

Kelly: May I ask with whom?

Doug: yeah, but I don't think you know him...

Kelly: Oh, ok. Haha what are you two lovebirds doing?

Doug: um, we're going to the Silverlake protest, I guess. How's that for a first date huh?

Kelly: Haha.

Well... it goes on after that. We just talk about the No on Prop 8 stuff. And then I casually thank her for being so cool with it. Well, again... it was online... jeez... but she is the first girl and first straight person that I've told. However, she's a big fan of the gays. So I had no problems telling her. In fact, everyone at work is a big fan of the gays... so I really have no problems telling people at work anymore. I just don't want to jump around work and yell "I'm GAY!" or whatever... but if people find out, then cool. I don't care about that anymore. :)

So, George picks me up around 8:30? 8:45? I get in the car. Nice looking white guy. He's 27, so a little older than me. I get in and we shake hands. lol. He offered first. I guess it's sort of hard to hug when he's in the car driving. And we drive off to Los Angeles. Long drive. And it was what I dreaded most. You see... I'm not a talkative person. And it tends to get even worse when I'm nervous and with people that I don't know. So I was just hoping that he would be a really talkative person and ask lots of questions. Unfortuantely, it wasn't like that and there were quite a few awkward silences. sigh.... Weird. But we still had some conversations about what we do, where we went to school, blah blah. The usual. But the more I found out, the less I was interested in him. That kinda sucked.

He's a waiter and a bartender. But he's not going to school. I can relate to having a job that you like and not wanting to move on... but I also believe an education is quite important. He also had a noticeable lisp. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I just couldn't date anyone with a lisp. It may very well be a legitimate speech impediment for him, but I just can't disassociate lisps with super gay. And I'm not looking for anyone that's over the top gay. He wasn't over the top, but he was definitely over my comfort line. Don't get wrong, I LOVE my gay friends. And that's what they are, my good friends. But I would never date them.

So we got to the area where the protest was supposed to be happening. Unfortunately, we saw a lot of people walking on the sidewalk in random clumps. He rolled down the window to ask one of them about it and she said that the cops kinda broke it up and people were leaving. She said they MAY still be protesting but it would be all the way down the street now. So we drove a little while longer looking for it, but then decided to give up. We did honk and cheer for the people still walking on the sidewalks though. That was fun. :)

We drove out to West Hollywood and decided on Fiesta Cantina. I ordered a rum and Coke.. but they had a special on doubles, so they made mine a double and that was a BIG mistake.. The drink was like, a drop of Coke so that it would be the color of Coke, but then everything else was rum... I took a sip and already knew I would be in trouble. We walked upstairs to the patio, where we bump into ond of his "Alternative Lifestyle Assistants." LOL. That's his term for "fag hag." Guess he wants to trademark it. She is this loud, big, black woman. FUNNY but TALKS forever. So basically, I was there, with George, the girl, and her gay friend. Apparently, they used to work at Disney too. Super small world. Or I guess all of Disney just decides to hang out at WeHo. But she talks up a storm and it's basically her talking the whole night. I sit there, just listening, hardly talking. Because, remember.. I don't do well with new people. George sort of tries to include me in some conversation, but I don't make it easy on him. I'm such a horrible date.

I take sips out of my rum and Coke. But the strong taste isn't really doing well for me. So I try to take bigger gulps and just have it slide down my throat fast. Guess that was a REALLY bad idea. And then the girl and her friend is smoking and its getting all in my face. People around me are smoking, and I start getting a headache. OY... Bad all around. After a while, these three guys come up and talks to us. Introduces themselves as Corey, Grant, and Sarah Palin. Yeah... Sarah Palin. He continues to impersonate Palin the whole night... and HORRIBLY might I add. I have no idea what he was doing. Stupid drunk gay. But Corey was real cute. Tall, skinny but not too skinny, buzzed head, and just good looking. ;) I felt horrible checking him out while I was on a date... but George wasn't really being a good date either I guess. After a while of talking, Corey and his group decide to leave the bar to go to the clubs. The Alternative Lifestyle Assistant also decides to go to a different bar with her friend. So George and I decide that we should go too.

By the way, I've only had 1/4 of the glass of rum and Coke. I get up to walk out of the bar... and I seriously could NOT walk in a straight line for the first few steps. LOL. I make my way down the stairs without stumbling and I walk out the bar as I pass by several REALLY hot guys. We walk back towards the car and the fresh air away from the smoke really helped. I felt a little better, but I still had a headache and started to get this feeling in my stomach that was NOT good.

We started driving back and I could NOT stay awake. It was horrible. And I felt like I needed to throw up so I really wanted to just pass out and sleep it off. But then, I noticed him kinda swerving and not staying in the lanes. And I was like, "You alright?" He tells me he got real tired all of a sudden. And we still had about a 30 minute drive. So I was seriously holding on for dear life as he almost got into an accident about 4 times. Woke me up right away! I tried to keep him talking. I asked him questions. And I tried to create conversations. But he wasn't really helping me. I was scared for my life. All the while wanting to throw up.

So we finally get off the freeway after being completely scared out of my mind. He gets to the intersection and he tries to turn left, and I was like, "Oh, I'm to the right." And right after I said that, I realized that he wanted to take me back to his place. Ooops. I kind of felt bad. But really, I didn't feel up to anything AT ALL. I wanted to throw up at that point and I just needed to get home. He drops me off, and I give him a hug and a kiss of the cheek. I tell him I'd give him a call some time. I get out of the car, say goodnight and tell him to text me when he makes it home safely, and shut the door.

I didn't end up throwing up or anything. A nice warm shower helped. But that was my first date! Not the best date ever.... I can see him being a good friend, but nothing more than that. Just not my type, really. But I'm glad I made the effort to get out there. Hopefully there will be more prospects for me soon.


x! said...

Geez, what a horrible date. It made me lol but I would definitely hate to be your position.

So I take it that you aren't going to call him back any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Glad you got the nerve to do that. The protest thing was a cool idea, but I would have been really uncomfortable going to the bar. I'd rather go ANYWHERE AT ALL before going to a bar. I am absolutely guaranteed to have a BAD TIME in one of those.

Kinda sucks that you were at his mercy in terms of ride, etc. Kind of forced to go along with whatever he wants to do. I hate that.

Well, sorry it didn't work out for you, but I'm glad you tried.


Joshua said...


Sarah Palin...freaks.

But I'm kind of glad you didn't do anything with him, because it would have been awkward and if you went down on him, you'd probably throw up on his penis. And that's definitely awkward.

Don't worry about prospects or anything, you're a great person and someone would die to have you!!

Seth said...

Awww. I'm sorry your date sucked, but it does happen. :(

He may have a lisp, but he's DEFINITELY super-over-the-top GAY if he calls his fag-hag an "Alternative Lifestyle Assistant" - like, HELLEAUX.

Disney - its a small world after all... sing along now.

Bars / clubs are a VERY bad idea for a date, be it a first or fifth date. Remember, the prime things going on at a bar are 1) cruising 2)drinking 3) more cruising - and you (or him) are ~bound~ to run into someone you know, or otherwise be DISTRACTED. Its really hard to focus on the person in front of you (ie your date) when you're buzzed, and eye-candy is constantly walking by. Perhaps, for future ideas, try something, anything, a bit more romantic, or even "neutral" - a nice evening at a coffee shop is a little easier on the brain. (Oh, but DON'T go to a movie - there is nothing LESS romantic/intimate then sitting in a movie for 2 hours and not talking to someone - unless you're making out in the balcony, but I think that only happens in horror movies, romantic movies of the golden age, and any theatre built before, say, 1950)

Last, a real lecture: NEVER, EVER, EVER, get in a car with someone who has been drinking. You should know better!!! Designated Driver, all that sort of thing? You make the choice to PUT YOUR LIFE AT RISK and its never worth it. Even though it seems you were far away from home, spending a huge amount on a taxi home (half-hour away = what, 50 bucks> I'm guessing here but you get the idea) is safer. Or, at least allow a couple HOURS to sober up. Perhaps go to that romantic?? coffee shop, an all-night diner, whatever. Its MUCH better spending two hours with your date getting sober and talking, than spending a week in the ER after they scrape you out of the car....or worse!!!

So, you'll learn from every encounter, and move on to better things. keep making the effort, otherwise you wind up sitting home. And I hope your next date is much more fun and exciting!!


PS: Josh - thats just GROSS. Thou shalt never talk about throwing up on penises. LOL.

Aek said...

Wow . . . that was scary.

And do you have that stereotypical low Asian tolerance?