Monday, November 24, 2008


James made fun of me when I told him I was "giddy." I think it's a very appropriate word for how I'm feeling right now. It's more than just "happy" but not so much that I'm jumping for joy. Somewhere in the middle.

Why? Well, tonight, while browsing through an internet dating site, I met a guy that seems very genuine. And that's definitely tough to find on internet dating sites. This guy caught my eye with his picture. I clicked into his profile and he didn't really write a description. He just had his stats posted. I liked his stats and his pictures, so I figured I might as well write him a "hello." After a few minutes, I didn't even think that I'd get a response. But I got a response! And he asked how I was doing, which meant he was interested in some sort of conversation. So from there on, we greeted each other... talked about what we were doing at the moment (both of us were watching TV)... what plans we had for this Thanksgiving... what our education background is... etc.

And then I decided to be bold and ask him what he was looking for on the site. And I guess it's a pretty reasonable question to ask. Most guys on there will just say that they're there for a quickie or a hookup. Well, he responds by telling me that he's looking for someone to talk with and see where things go from there. He's not into hookups - he prefers that he meet someone first, then see where things lead. But he adds that he's not saying that he's not a physical person ;)

Well that's a pretty good response, I would say! I tell him that it's completely refreshing to see that there are guys on the site that want to talk and hang out first. And that I'm looking for exactly the same thing. I also add that getting physical is definitely more fun when you've gotten to know the guy first. HEHE.

So I ask him if he'd like to grab coffee or a bite to eat some time. And he says that he'd love to! We introduce ourselves (his name is Matt) and let each other know where we live. He'd be about a 20-25 minute drive on the freeway from me. Still within the same county, but just opposite ends I guess. No biggie! We also exchange AIM screen names (FINALLY!, it was getting tedious to chat on the internet site).

On AIM, we kind of set a date for our date. :) He explains that he's going out of town for Thanksgiving this week so next week would be best. He returns on Saturday, so I suggest Sunday night after I work. I didn't want it to be any later because I don't want to wait any longer for this date to happen! lol. He also asks if I have any more pictures of me. We agree to exchange more pics.

And thanks to James for helping me choose two good pics of myself to send to him. He picked one of me that I thought I looked stupid in, but he convinced me to send it to Matt. And it definitely was a good choice because he said I looked cute (and that I had a nice sweater vest... haha). He then sent me his pics, and WOW does he have a nice smile. He looks kinda like Josh Lucas (from the movies Poseidon and Sweet Home Alabama) and Jensen Ackles (from the CW's Supernatural). I think he's REALLY good looking. And he's tall. 6'3"! I'm only 5'9", so there's kind of a height difference there... but whatever! I like taller guys!

So after the pics, we again made plans for the date. Tentative plans since it IS a week away and things may change. But we exchanged phone numbers as well. So I have his AIM and phone number. That should be enough to keep in contact with him! :)

Then I asked him about TV again and if he was still watching Seinfeld. That led to a discussion about what TV shows we like to watch. We have some of the same tastes in TV. And that's GOOD. One big one that he doesn't care for is "Friends." But I guess I can deal with that. He's into Heroes though! Very happy about that! But he tells me he hasn't watched this season at all! So I ask if he has Netflix because they just opened up the "Watch Instantly" feature on Mac computers. With that, we can watch episodes from THIS season right away on our computers! He says he doesn't have Netflix, so I slip in that he is welcome to come over any time to watch Heroes and that I wouldn't mind watching the episodes over again with him because they're really good. :P He thought it was a nice gesture and thanked me, adding that it could be fun.

And by that time, it was already midnight and he had to get to work early tomorrow. So we said our goodbyes. He told me it was great talking to me and that I should keep in touch. I tell him "of course!" and that he should feel free to IM me any time.

So, that is the reason why I'm giddy! Don't you think that's an appropriate word? I have a date planned and it's with a sweet, smart, cute guy! You know, I'm not getting my hopes up on this at all. But it's just nice to have had a conversation with someone and to have the prospect of a nice date that may develop into more. But we'll see! I mean, the date is a WEEK away. And things may change. He might change his mind about me. He may bail out before that. Who knows? But for now, I'm going to bed giddy and with a grin on my face. :)


AJCon89 said...

very happy for you buddy!

congrats on finding yourself a "matt" too... :-P


Anonymous said...

very nice!

E said...

That's great! I tried going online where I potential. At all :(

Maybe some of your luck will rub off on me?!?!


Mr. HCI said...

I was sure I posted a comment earlier today . . .

Anyhow, "giddy" is just about the most appropriate word for what you're feeling.

Pretty damn wonderful feeling, too, huh?

E: You live in Georgia and there's no potential? Are you far from Atlanta? They don't call it the "Gay Capitol of the South" for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Doug, didnt know you had a blog, i've linked to it if thats ok :) Keep smiling.. things are getting better all the time!

Tristan (Genesis Children)

Shane said...

Very nice ...
Personally, I'm a little ambivalent towards online-dating sites; that's just mainly due to the horrific things I see happen to my mates - who uses them - so I hope it's different for you [ Americans ] :)

Doug said...

Thanks everyone! I'm quite excited for this date to happen.

E: Good luck! Like I said, it really is tough to find someone who will want to go on a DATE through an internet dating/hookup site.. but they're out there!

Shane: I hope it's different for me too! EEK! What kind of horrific things? wait... nevermind.. I probably don't want to know.

naturgesetz said...

As Humphrey Bogart says at the end of "Casablanca," this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. I hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

As Aek can tell you, height differences don't matter much. ;-)

SEE, I told you! I'm glad you went with the ones I recommended. :D

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

aww. congratulations. i know exactly the feeling you mean. what site are you using if you don't mind my asking. i actually had a similar experience happen a few days ago. we haven't set an official time/place for our date, but a face to face convo definitely came up. :) let us know how it pans out of course.