Thursday, November 6, 2008

Money, Gum, and a Date

Since I slept at 4:30am the night before, I don't wake up until 12:30pm. So there goes half the day. Upon waking up, I feel compelled to check my bank account and am horrified to find that I have no money. Well, not horrified, because I already knew that I had no money in the first place. But it puts me in a spiral of depression because I have no money and don't have a real job and can't afford anything.

What makes me even more depressed is that I know I'm going to have to call up Mom to ask her for help. You see, my Mom and Dad were the ones that insisted on me living alone in a nice place. So it really isn't my fault that I can't afford rent. They help me out each month, but this month, they didn't give me nearly as much. And I wanted to be independent and not ask for the help, but it looks like that's not possible right now. I am waiting for my paycheck from my second job but it hasn't arrived yet so I need the money ASAP. I write an email of desperation to Mom:

Is there any way you can transfer some extra money into my account? The money you gave me this month isn't enough. Work right now is slow but it'll pick up during the Christmas season. And also my second job still hasn't paid me, so I need some money in the bank account now to pay off my bills. Thank you.

After writing the email, I still think that I need more money. So I decide to email my sister to ask her for money since she's paying me to take her online traffic school for her:

Can I get the money upfront? I need the money ASAP to pay bills. Thank you.

Well, 2 minutes later, I get an email from her back:

Ask Mom for the money the next time you're around.

And not only did she not agree to give me the money, she CCs my Mom her reply back. So now my Mom knows I'm really desperate for money and asking around for it. ARGH! My sister is such a bitch some times! What the heck is wrong with her? Do any of you have siblings? Do they stab you in the back like that? I wish I had a sister that was on my side!

The rest of the day is pretty bland. I sit at home and watch TV. Then I go to work for all of 3 hours. I do head to Target after work because I have to return something. I walk in, hoping to see the cute boy that works at the registers. And BINGO, he's there! So I make my return, and then I walk into the store, desperately trying to remember what I needed to buy so that I can go go to his checkstand. I walk the whole entire store and can't remember what I needed!! Finally, I pass by the gum/candy aisle and take a big pack of Eclipse gum (that I keep in the car) and then head over to the cash registers. I stand in his line, staring at him the whole time. His name is Abraham. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and a cute smile. It's almost my turn in line, and then I realize I look like an idiot only buying a pack of gum at Target, so I quickly look over at the candies on the side and grab a bar of Toblerone chocolate. (YUM!)

When it's my turn, he looks up at me and says "Hi. How are you?" I say I'm fine, and I continue to look at him. "$4.82, please." Ok... so I hand him a $20 bill. He makes the change, takes the receipt, places them in my hand, and says, "Thank you, have a good night," all with a smile on his face. :) I smile, and I walk out the store.

Isn't it pathetic that I had to go find something to buy just to check out cute boys? Sigh...

I guess I'm working on that though. A few days ago, I was on and someone sent me an instant message through their new Messenger thing. We talked about Prop 8 and I found out that he was a head volunteer working at the polls. I really admired all the work he was doing for it. Although we didn't get the results we wanted, it's great to know that so many people cared and that we did all that we could. Anyway, been talking to him online now (we have each others' AIM) and I think we might be going on a date on Saturday night. Only problem is I have a wedding to attend that day. It starts at 4pm, but I don't know when it will end. But I'm thinking it won't end THAT late. We can maybe do something at night for the date. He had suggested going to see Changeling in the theaters. But when I told Miles, he said it was a horrible idea. Dates should be used to get to know the other person, and a movie doesn't allow for that at all. So I messaged him and asked if he would want to do dinner or something before the movie. He said "possibly." Don't know what that means... But I explained to him that I wanted to get to know more about him, and being inside a movie theater won't let me do that. And then he agreed. I told him that I would give him a call on Saturday to let him know when I would be free after the wedding.

So yeah -- I guess I have a date! I'm really nervous actually. I just don't think I do well with new people. I find it hard to talk with someone I don't know. I don't know what to talk about most of the time. And I'm such a boring person that there's not much to talk about. So I'm just worried that it's going to be a real awkward time. Hopefully he'll do a lot of the talking or something. Argh -- I haven't been on a date since the night with Jamie. And that's with someone that I kinda already knew. And so if we don't count Jamie, I haven't been on a real date with someone new in 6 years. What the hell!? I'm gonna be a horrible date.... but wish me luck any way.


AJCon89 said...

A date!!!!!


I am so fucking happy for you.

Just try and relax and enjoy yourself.

I'm sure you will have a great time..


Anonymous said...

have a great time!

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

Email? I would call if I need help. TALK! Are you very close with your sister? Maybe she is mad cuz you emailed her to ask for money so blatantly.

The last time I had a date, or so I thought, was back in 2001! LOL!

Doug said...

AJ: try and relax.. ok. got it. :breathes in... breathes out:


janus: Yeah, I guess my sister and I aren't that close. I could've called her, but she was working. So I didn't know if she would pick up or not. And plus, I wasn't asking her for help. I was asking her to give me the money that she had already promised me. I just wanted it earlier.

E said...

It's been an embarrassingly long time since I've been on a date. I actually asked a girl out who worked with me and she said yeah, so I gotta suffer through that next week. There is this cute guy who live in the building next to mine that I want to ask out.

I know that telling you to calm down is cliche, but it is true. Ppl tend to get clumsy, talkative, etc when they are nervous and I'm sure u wanna show ur best side.

Soooo....Pretend in ur mind that u r the shit and u could bag this guy any day of the week. Don't say it, just think it and you'll be fine.