Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Happy Turkey Day!

What am I thankful for?

1) I'm absolutely thankful for having GREAT GREAT friends from work. They have been amazing friends who I love to talk to and have fun with. And especially the ones who I've come out to, they've been super supportive and helpful. And I love them all for it. I don't know what I'd do without this group of friends from work. I really don't call them my co-workers. They're really all my FRIENDS.

2) I'm thankful for my family. I'm so happy that I have a loving family that I can count on. I'm thankful for my sister's children and how cute they are (although sometimes annoying... hehe). And I'm thankful for all the help and support my parents give me. (Let's hope that stays the same if/when I decide to come out to them)

3) I'm thankful for my health. Though there are some problems (scoliosis being one of them), I'm totally thankful that nothing worse has happened to me. I'm thankful for an above average metabolism because, by the way I eat, I really should be 400 pounds by now. I'm going to try my best to stay healthy, making it an important goal in my life.

4) I'm thankful for this blog and everything that it has given me. And that includes all of you and all the friends that I've made on here. You guys are super awesome and I love chatting with and getting comments from all of you. The blog has really helped me work things out in my life and all of you giving me support does not go unnoticed. So I really want to THANK YOU all for being there for me.

Other minor things I'm really thankful for:
5) Cable TV - I don't know what I'd do without you.

6) The Internet - Again, I think I'd just cease to exist if the Internet didn't exist...

7) My Apartment - It's seriously the best apartment ever

8) A Date this Sunday - omg, THANK YOU to whoever/whatever made me get on the dating site that night so that I could get a date with that HOTTIE Matt! Everyone I've talked to about him and showed his picture to have told me not to screw this one up! LOL... sheesh no pressure. Can't wait! Which reminds me... I need everyone's advice soon. Next post...

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! Hope you have a great day with friends and family!

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Anonymous said...

We love you Doug, you just get out there and grab what you can in this world... look forward... the universe takes care of good people!

::hug:: Tristan