Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween (Round 1): Quick Update

Ok, so I promised a full update with pics and everything, but I'm going to save that until I'm done with Round 2 of Halloween. Last night was a party at my friend's house. More intimate and close friends. Tonight is a big Halloween BLOCK PARTY so there are going be TONS of people there. Can't wait!

Last night, I took 250 photos!! haha. So I'm thinking I'll take at least that many tonight.
Here's a picture to show you my costume. (ok, I'm not gonna lie.. I look pretty good in some of these pics! hehe) Here I am taking a picture with Michelle Obama! (Miles was Barack Obama, but our pictures together didn't show off my costume, so I'm not posting those lol)

So I forgot to bring my clipboard into the party... would've made it a lot better. But the shirt says "COACH" on the front there if you can't see it, and it says COACH again bigger on the back. HEHE.. can't wait to show it off again at the block party tonight! WOO!


AJCon89 said...

Hot costume.. lol

I love how the short shorts are pulling in the front... :-P

Go get 'em tonight

James said...

Well, there's no doubt that you're asian, eh? 250 photos!? shit!

anyways, can i just say...HOT. *cough*

Seth said...

This will sound SO pervy I probably shouldn't say it LOL
"aww... you're so cute I'd give you a piece of candy...."