Friday, November 28, 2008

Early Holday Wish List

First, I just wanted to tell AJ and Matt that we're all here to support the two of you. Life is throwing a mean curveball at you right now but I'm confident that you will be able to pull through it. ::GIANT HUGS:: to the both of you! Love you both!


I'm starting a Wish List for myself because I want to remind myself of what I can't afford... I'll most likely be adding more to this list as the days get closet to the holdiays. I'm hoping I can at least afford one or two of these things.

1. 320GB Hard Drive for my Apple MacBook to replace the measly 80GB it has now.
Western Digital SATA Drive, 320GB, $79

2. Apple MacBook Replacement Battery because my battery life is so bad, I have to recharge after only less than 45 min of use
Rechargeable Battery - 13-inch MacBook, $129

3. A blender or food processor so that I can make more food at home
Cuisinart Duet Combination Food Processor/Blender, $99

4. Iron Gym pull up system so that I can build my upper body!
ProFit Iron Gym, $29.95

These are the items that I really want the most this year. They're things that I really need. I desperately need that hard drive because I only have less than 5GB left on my computer and that's because I keep deleting stuff off of it. But I'm starting a giant video project soon, and I'll need the hard drive space. And the battery is a necessity also because THIS IS A LAPTOP! It shouldn't have to be plugged in every time I want to use it! And finally, the food processror/blender - there are so many things that I can make to eat if I had it. I just sat down to read a cookbook that I have and there are so many great things that I want to make. Top on that list is a Cream of Corn soup. YUM! And I really want to keep working my upper body and building that strength and this pull-up bar should be a very good, cost effective way to do that.

5. Random DVDs that I really want:

Love Actually
Will and Grace (All Seasons)
Center Stage
Harry Potter (All of them)

I can't think of any more right now, but I'm sure there are other movies that I want to own and not just rent.

The next Holiday Wish List post will consist of things that I don't need at all, but would REALLY REALLY want!

EDIT: I just wanted to make sure you all understand that the wish list I posted was in NO WAY a request for anyone to buy me these things. It's just me being whiny about the things I want but can't have because I have no money! LOL.


Brass Matt said...

I think you forgot one thing on your list, lol.

A nice boy to hold and kiss.


midoriverdegreen said...

dude, sorry i cant get you any thing. but happy holidays :) hope your date goes great on sunday.

Doug said...

Matt: omg, yes! haha, but that will probably go on my next Wish List of things I want but probably can't have.

midori: Thank you for thinking of me :) but I really wasn't expecting anyone to get these things for me. See my newest post for an explanation. :)

Joshua said...

Haha I have Love Actually and Will and Grace season 1-6. I never bought 7 & 8 because I also have no money and I need to all my money goes there! :(

inebriated said...

center stage is one of my favorite movies