Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being Lazy... :(

So I've posted a few times about my Push Up program... Well, I've been a bit lazy these past 2 weeks. And I'm really disappointed in myself. It's been over 8 weeks since I've started the program and I still haven't been able to do 100 consecutive push ups. However, I HAVE done a LOT more push ups than I ever thought I could do. So that's definitely a positive. But I definitely want to keep up this program and do as many push ups as I can. I also want to start up a Bicep/Triceps program. Something to work on the bulge of my biceps. ;) If anyone has any good ideas (other than the bicep curl...), then let me know!!

Ok, I just saw an infomercial for the "Iron Gym" on TV. If anyone has this or has any experience with this thing (a pull up bar that you put on any door frame), then let me know!!

In other news, AJ from AJ's Ramblings has started a Google Group for all of us Gay/Bi Bloggers to join! I think it's a GREAT idea and I want to thank him for taking the time to set it up for us. It'll be a great way for us to keep in contact with everyone and just have discussions about anything and everything. So here's the link: Gay/Bi Bloggers. So go and discuss! But I hope that doesn't mean you guys will stop writing comments on my blog! LOL. I'm a comment whore and like all your comments and emails! ;)

EDIT: So right now, it's already 5:45am... why the heck am I still awake?! LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hard to stay focused on a program by yourself. I can't tell you how many times I have started and stopped because I didnt have a partner to help keep me going. My partner isn't interested.

Re: biceps, you have to constantly change the routine. Never let your biceps get used to an exercise. So rotate between regular curls, concentration curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, standing, incline, barbell, dumbbell, cable curls, chin ups, cross-body curls, drag curls, alternate curls, flexor curls...there's a million of them, and they all work the bicep a little differently so that your bicep can't get used to the exercise and has to keep growing.

Stephen Chapman... said...

I thought the Push Up program was something to do with bra's!

I'm joking!

That's for leaving a comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Dougy, go to bed! >.<

My housemates just drilled two ropes into the wooden 4"x6"'s in the ceiling and attached either end of the rope to a bar. Lol, the ghetto way. But, I can't do a pullup so I won't give any advice on what's best to do one.

Haha, I can't do pushups either! :P Looks like I'm safe from a draft.

E said...

You gotta keep going! You actually got me started. I bookmarked the page that lists the weekly increments and I started last week. Now I'm on my second week.

Joshua said...

You should go to a gym with a friend. Studies show that you get better results when you go with a friend because it's like the rabbit-pacer thing--you want to keep up with the person in front of you but stay in front of the person behind you, lol.

But I totally read your entire previous post which was SUPER long but also super interesting, haha. I wish I could go to Las Vegas :(

Doug said...

Aron: THANKS for the tips on the biceps! Some of those curls are unfamiliar to me, but I'll definitely look them up!

Stephen: LOL

James: "Looks like I'm safe from a draft." HAHA. And I'm STILL going to bed super late. I have to stop doing that.

E: WOW congrats on starting the program! I got Jon to start it too.. but he's been lazy.. well, lazy would imply that he actually started, but he really just took the "test" in the beginning about a week ago, and hasn't started the actual program. tsk tsk.

Josh: I tried to find someone to go with me, but noone wants to. OOO.. wait.. Jon has a membership that he never uses either! We actually got it together.. WTF? Why haven't we gone together??