Monday, November 10, 2008

Response to Comments

So I got a few comment on my last post about my date, so I thought I'd just respond to them in a post. The more and more I think about the date, the more I realize how shitty it really was. Sigh... Anyway, here are the responses:

x!: no.. I don't think I'll be calling him again anytime soon. I'm not even sure what to do with his AIM screen name on my buddy list...

Aron: yeah, a bar is a bad choice. And when I was in the car, I even mentioned to him that I'm not a big drinker. But he took me to the bar anyway... guess he wasn't listening. And I guess it WAS my fault for ordering that drink. But I was at a bar... Who orders a water or something NON-alcoholic at a bar?

josh: yeah.. Sarah Palin was being played by a fat, short, asian gay guy... sigh. Thanks for the kind words, Josh. You're awesome! And vomit on the penis?? Horrible mental image! YUCK!

Seth: You know.. I had suggested dinner/coffee and a movie. But I guess he didn't listen to that either. I mean, the protest sounded fun... but also, when he asked me, I wasn't going to say NO to helping out the community. What kind of douche would I sound like if I did that?

And thank you for the lecture. I'm never doing that again. It was definitely UNSAFE and I felt like I was going to die about 5 times. But yes... lesson learned. And I also do hope that my next date will be much better!!


E said...

There is one good thing about bad dates, and that is you learn how to recognize one early. In the future you will be able to choose whether to continue the night or try to bailout quickly.

Don't be too hard about being risky. We are in a difficult situation and many of us take chances that seem not-so-smart in hind sight. I hope you have better luck with the next date.

naturgesetz said...

If it's a good learning experience, that's very good. And at least no real damage was done.

Seth said...

<-- happy to provide one (1) free lecture.

Additional lectures can be enjoyed for 5.95 each, AND you get this free cordless electric sponge applicator... AND we'll throw in this bottle of cleaning stuff that basically eats through whatever surface you put it on...

.... so for a LOW price of just 5.95, you get ALL THREE AMAZING PRODUCTS.


shipping and handling is 11.95 non-refundable, products usually arrive within 4-6 weeks, money back guarantee

Seth said...

ok, so i have a really WEIRD sense of humor.


Shane said...

I felt so awkward for you !
Glad you pulled through :)

Doug said...

E: I also hope I have better luck next time. And next time, I won't put myself in the situation where I'm STUCK.. I'm definitely driving myself!

Seth: haha you crack me up. I'd buy a lecture, but the shipping and handling charges are outrageous!

Shane: SOOOO AWKWARD! lol.