Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh! 10,000 Views!

HAHA, so I totally forgot to keep track and already received my 10,000th view! Probably a few days ago! YAY! I'm so happy to have so many viewers (cuz you all know I'm a reader and comment whore) and I'm just glad that you guys come back to read up on my life. I'm happy to share it with all of you. :)

Not too much to say right now....
On Monday night, Matty called me to see what I was up to. I told him that I was actually on my way out (semi-true) but that he should stop by real quick because he left his cheese grater at my place. I told him to give me a call when he made it downstairs so that I could run it down to him. I didn't want him to come up, just because I don't want to lead him on anymore. So he called me, I went downstairs, and I gave him his grater. He had just come from his second-chance audition at Disney, but got cut again. So he had this horribly bummed and "feel sad for me, please" face. Wasn't working on me though. We just gave each other a hug and then I said goodbye and went back upstairs. We've only been in contact sparsely through text and AIM since then.

And updating everyone about my documentary film, I just finished all the scheduled interviews today. Had a REAL long day of interviews on my very last day! Everyone waited until the last minute to sign up for an interview! LOL. So, now it's time to edit edit edit! I have 7 hours of interview footage to go through. And then there's additional footage to sift through and insert into the film. Such a huge project. I'm never going to finish by my Feb 13 deadline.... wish me luck.

Responding to the comments about the Dealbreaker: Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm happy that you support me on the no-smoking rule. I have to say I was being way bitchy in the post. But I think that's just cuz I was just REALLY over him that night and needed to vent. Then responding to comments about me leaving for Hong Kong: Thanks for the well wishes! It's really not a very "relaxing" vacation because I'm going to be running around a lot, getting all the business done. But hopefully I will find some time to head to Disneyland and to have some great food. As for calling myself fatty... I just like to be self-deprecating... if you haven't figured that out yet. But in all honesty, I think I'm in the best shape in a REAL long time. And it's just going to get better once the new parade starts! Now I want to work on my arms, chest, shoulders, and back. Anyone have any good dumbbell exercises to share for those muscle groups?

Alright... this is my last post until I get to Hong Kong! "Talk" to you all then!


Aek said...

Haha, I think you hit the 10,000 mark before me. o.O Whatever.

Have a safe flight to Hong Kong!! :D Bring a Chinese dictionary with you, just in case you need it. :P

(God, I use too many smileys in my comments. XD)

naturgesetz said...

Have a good trip. I hope everything goes just as you've planned and you get a chance to get to Disneyland.

And if something was going to be a dealbreaker with Matty, best it should surface before the relationship had become long standing.

Seth said...

Congrats on your 10K.


Wet Kyle said...

7 hours of video! OMG!! I had one hour of a surf contest with 12 heats. I gave up post production after the first heat. I guess my heart is in videography and directing and not so much in post production.

Regarding exercises: I have one for the elbow that uses bottles of indie microbrews. And one for the pelvis that uses pelvic probably already know both of those.
Be good, have fun, be safe. Choose any two.

Anonymous Blogger said...

this has nothing to do with your post, but I'm from southern california too!