Thursday, January 15, 2009

Extra Work

This morning, Jon and I went on a little field trip up to Burbank, CA to register ourselves for Extra work. And Extra as in television and movie extras... the background actors. We got there at the slotted 10:30am - 11:30am for registration and there was already a lot of people there. We stood in the big room while the lady made her announcements and explained the forms we had to fill out. During this time, Jon and I were NOT smart enough to notice where the registration table was and how they were on the OTHER side of the room from where we were standing. So when it came time to register, a mad rush of people went to line up in front of the registration tables and Jon and I were left to queue way behind them. The line started around 10:45am... I didn't get to leave the premises until 1:15pm. BLAH.

So we stood in line forever. There were two lines. Jon was in a different line because they separated us. Don't know why we didn't just insist on standing in the same line. So, of course, cuz this is just how my life works, I'm in the SLOW line. The lady working my line was this young girl who looks like she hadn't eaten in 5 days and moving SO slowly. Jon's line, however, had a lady who has clearly had her breakfast because she was zooming through everyone's paperwork. I think 2 or 3 people completed their registration in Jon's line for every 1 person in my line. It was ridiculous.

After paperwork came time to take our picture. Boys had the option of just taking on picture with our shirts on or taking an additional picture with our shirts off at no additional cost. Um... why NOT take the shirt off? It would mean that the casting directors have one more picture to look at you and you may be considered for scenes that involve bathing suits, swimming, whatever. And it didn't cost any extra for the extra photo! So it was a no-brainer to me! But apparently, people were too shy to do it. Yes, people can see you in the photo room taking your shirt off. But whatever! I'm used to it. I'm a big ol' slut that shows off on cam, so this was no biggie. :P Jon didn't do it. He complained about how the lighting was horrible and the white background was just going to wash him out cuz he was so pale. BLAH BLAH BLAH. What a pussy. It's not like he has a bad body either. Whatever - he'll only have himself to blame when I book more shows than him.

So yay! I'm now registered to become an extra in TV and movies!! A bunch of my friends went to register last week and just yesterday, two of them got work on the set of BROTHERS AND SISTERS (!!!!!!), dressed in bikinis for a pool scene. LOL! Ok, first off, Brothers and Sisters is one of my favorite shows on television! It's on ABC on Sunday nights at 10pm (after Desperate Housewives). Second... um... there is no second. It's just TOTALLY AWESOME that they were getting paid to be near celebrities the whole day!

So I'm excited to hopefully get a gig soon. Apparently, there have been a lot of calls for HOUSE! And CSI:NY! And some people are saying that they're starting to cast extras for the next Twilight movie too. This is some exciting stuff! And you better believe that if I book a job, I'll let you all know about it so you can look for me on TV or the big screen! ;)


E said...

Wow, it's super freakin' late on the east coast....or does 5am make it super freakin' early?

That is a long time to stand in line, but when you're on tv it'll all be worth it. Good luck with booking jobs! If you meet a good publisher let me know!

Aek said...

Omg, if you're on House I'll squeal like a school-girl (but it probably won't sound like that). It all sounds like it could be a lot of fun. :)

Doug said...

omg, if I'm on House, I think I'd pee my pants!!

Bruce said...

Forget the TV, I want to see you "perform" on cam. How do I get THAT to happen??

Anonymous said...

I like House. I've never seen Bro/Sis. I've heard that House is based on Sherlock Holmes. House does pain pills, Holmes did cocaine. Hmmm, yes I see the similarities.

Kudo on the shirtless photo. I like to see young male actors shirtless. Especially if the torso has only pit hair and a thin hair trail south of the navel.

I liked Emil Hersh in the Girl Next Door, but by the time he filmed Into the Wild he had too much chest hair for my liking. He probably has freeking gorilla chest in Milk. LOL.