Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bromance, Viriginity

Has anyone watched Bromance on MTV? I didn't realize it was a competition series where Brodie Jenner "auditions" guys to be a part of his posse. Sigh... how ridiculous. Ok, I gotta admit: Brodie Jenner is pretty hot. He has a nice-ish body and really good looks. But how the hell did he get his own tv show?? And the episode I just watched had him randomly taking a shower and his two current friends barge in asking him for something. Obvious ploy just to get a shot of him taking a shower and showing off his body/tattoos (cuz they used the shower shot several times later in the episode). I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever watched, yet I couldn't bring myself to change the channel. Kinda like a multi-car collision being broadcast on the news, I guess.

While watching TV, I was chatting with Matty online. He told me he was watching Juno. (GREAT movie, by the way!) He randomly quotes the movie: "At least I still have your virginity." I forget which part of the movie that is.. but then after a few minutes, he proceeds to ask me, "So who has your virginity?" Is it just me, or is that not a very personal question to ask? I kinda just laughed it off and told him it would be a story for another time. But I was thinking to myself, "Did he really just ask me that?" I'm not really making that big of a deal out of it, but I just thought I'd share and get your opinions on the matter. I guess I loss my virginity twice... first time having vaginal intercourse (yes.. ewww... get it out... lol) and then being on the receiving end of anal intercourse. And lots of drama in both cases - I just didn't want to open that door, I guess.


Anonymous said...

One of my friend were out drinking with his female friend, her boyfriend and his buddy and the the subject of at which age they lost their virginities came up and hes said somthing like; 16, 19 and 21. The stright guys were so pussled by that answer that he had to explain more into "detail". Apparantly they still looked very confused even after the explaination of this new and unheard-of concept! Hahaha.

Doug said...

Hehe, I guess we COULD count topping and bottoming as two different ways of losing your virginity, giving us a total of 3. haha.

Well, then I haven't lost my 3rd virginity yet. lol.

Mr. HCI said...

I only count two times for me: girl (never again) then boy (more, please, either way!).

Yeah, Matt's question was a bit too personal at this point in your relationship. Perhaps he was hoping you'd say, "You."

Aek said...

"first time having vaginal intercourse (yes.. ewww... get it out... lol). . ." Was it really that bad? o.O?

His question is kinda personal, but as another commenter mentioned, maybe he was hoping he was your first. :)

Btw, you've been watching way too much TV lately.

Doug said...

HCI: But why would he want me to be his first?... I personally, would not want to be anyone's first... too much drama involved in that (as seen by my drama with Jamie... lol)

Aek: no, it wasn't bad for me at all. I was just saying "ewww" because I was anticipating that from all of YOU guys. haha.

Anonymous said...

sounds like he was just being playful and horny. nothing to get worked up about. but the more you write, the more I think that you and matty aren't on the same wavelength.

J said...

ive never been bothered by the question, but ive lost all three of mine already. one was better than the others but it hurt like hell