Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I'm home right now... home as in with my family. Or rather just my sister and HER family. My Mom and Dad are in China at the moment. But I'm home this weekend because I'm attending my uncle's funeral. It's sad, but he's been sick for a while. I think it was almost 10 years ago when my uncle needed surgery for something, and he suffered a stroke while under the knife. Since then, he has never been able to regain full functionality. He was able to walk, but only very slowly, so most of the time he was in a wheelchair.

When my family immigrated to California from Hong Kong, we stayed at his house until my parents were able to purchase our own home. He was my dad's sister's husband. I'm very grateful to him and his family for opening up his home for us. He was also a restaurant owner and he gave my mom and dad a job while they looked for jobs too. So I guess we owe a lot to him.

It's sad that I was never too close to him though. I did spend a summer taking care of him when his stroke first happened. And our familys would always go out to eat together and stuff like that. But still, I wasn't particularly close to them. I guess I'm not particularly close to any of my family members. We get along, but I guess I just don't have that family bond with anyone. What does that say about me...?

Well, the funeral is tomorrow afternoon. Then spending the rest of the night relaxing with my sister and playing with her two devil children (lol, I'm only kidding.... well, sorta...). I actually do hope I develop a special family bond with my niece and nephew. Hopefully I'll always be the fun uncle that takes them to Disneyland whenever they want. ;)


Seth said...

Send my condolences to your family.


Aek said...

:( My condolences. *hugs*

I have a weird-ish relationship with my family. For the first several years of my life, I lived in a large apartment with my parents, my grandparents (mom's side), and my two uncles and aunts (uncles are my mom's brothers). So there was always a lot of people and I can still remember some of it from when I was 4 or 5-years-old.

They've always been really good to me and my brothers, but I'm not sure how "close" I feel to them. They also treat me as an adult now (sorta), and that feels kinda weird, haha.

PhD Snowboarder said...

I love being an uncle. I have 4 nieces and 4 nephews and I spoil them rotten. They range from the oldest being 18 to one in the womb right now and the sex is undeterminded.

I'm sure you will be a wonderful uncle.


naturgesetz said...

My condolences for the loss of your uncle.

I think I understand how you felt about him and the rest of your family. When I was growing up the uncles and aunt were nice people. It was pleasant enough being with them when they visited, but I don't think I ever felt really close to them. I wish I had felt warmer toward them, but there it is; and I don't know why. Maybe it's related somehow to the fact that our family was pretty touchless. I don't recall being kissed or hugged as a child, even by my parents.

jay.osa said...

i love being the uncle that spoils the kids. i give them every thing there mom and dad say that they cant have and they love me for it!

Anonymous said...

I think when you are out to your family, eventually, you will find you can actually be closer with them. So, don't be upset by it man. Chillax -.-

In the meantime, you do have the opportunity to form close bonds with the little anklebiters. And that is a special joy. Nephews (and nieces) ftw!