Friday, January 9, 2009


So I don't know whether to be more worried about being unemployed or not.

You see... I got paid two days ago. It was my paycheck for my last full week of work. Nice one too since I worked a lot of hours the last week. Then next Thursday, I'll get another paycheck that includes my last day of work and then a few sick pay hours that I cashed out. Not going to be the best paycheck, but it will still be income. After that, I'm getting another paycheck from my second job (choreographer for my former high school's show choir), so that's some more money to help me pay my bills. But then after that, I have no more paychecks...

I'm still looking for jobs. Wells Fargo hasn't replied even after two phone calls and an email. So I'm guessing that's a "no." But I did get a phone interview with Bank of America for a teller position scheduled for Monday. So wish me luck with that. This weekend, I'm going down to several Starbucks around the area to see if they're hiring, but working there would mean horribly early hours... And then I'll seek for jobs at the nearby shopping malls... Blah.

You may be asking: "Doug, you have a teaching credential. You're getting your Masters. You graduated from UCLA with an Economics degree. Why aren't you looking for better jobs?"

Well, good question... and it's a question that my family keeps asking me. But I tell them, and I tell you now, it's because I love my job at Disneyland. You seriously have no idea how much fun and how much joy it brings me. I know getting "laid off" should've been my sign to move on and get a "real" job. But I'm just not ready to go. There's still a new parade that Disneyland is developing and the auditions for it are coming at the end of this month. I'm hoping for the best with that.

And if I don't get this new parade, then only THEN will I take it as a true sign that I need to get another job.

So please just wish me luck with getting a part time job for now just to get me through the next month or two. And then wish me luck on that audition.


Mr. HCI said...

Here's wishing you luck!

inebriated said...

good luck with the suditions

jay.osa said...

do what make you happy!

best of luck with teh interview.

Godfrey Off the Grid said...

sounds like you've got everything planned out for the most part. good luck with the job hunt. and part-time jobs can be so fun. i miss those days.

TNC said...

Best of luck buddy. Job searching and interviews take a big time investment. Make sure you prep well and make a good impression, even if on the phone. You have a good plan.

If Disneyland makes you happen, then you should pursue it. Be persistent.

Aek said...

Best of luck with everything! Job searches and interviews are a major pain in the ass.

Are you currently working towards your Master's (like, are you taking classes right now)?

Joshua said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! I need to start a job search, too. :(

By the way, Disney continues to look awesome, keep doing it (if you can)!!!! :D

exalen said...
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exalen said...

Dude, hate to have to be the voice of reason here, but I gotta ask you for a reality check.

The world is falling apart economically atm, and I think you need to play all the cards you got. If you're prepared to work at Starbucks and BOA then what is stopping you from actually using that teaching/econ degree you worked so hard for?

Since you're working towards your masters I assume you don't hate that industry. Maybe you don't love it as much as Disney, but I don't think you can afford to put all your eggs in one basket here.

Dieney may have been fun and I know you had some good times. But times change and life is not a static thing. You have to roll with the punches and adapt to survive.

Of course I wish you best of luck, and I'd love to be able to tel you to follow your dreams and damn the rest, but I also have to be the devil's advocate and ask you to look at the bigger picture and consider your long term future.

If you value your independance and want to maintain living by yourself then you have to look at all your options. Not just the easy/fun ones.

Doug said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!

exalen: Thanks for also playing devil's advocate. I need to hear it once in a while.

I'm prepared to work for Stabucks and BOA because I know that working hours would work with Disney. My job at Disney doesn't require me to be there until after 2pm. Therefore a part time job at the other places in the morning is ideal.

I'm getting a Masters due to pressure from my family. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a passion for teaching. I used to. And then I went through the teaching credential program and lost it. Just wasn't what I thought. And then the opportunity to get a Masters was available so I took it because it was a relatively simple and quick way to get a Masters degree. And it made my family happy.

But you're so right about wanting to be independent and living alone... which is why I will be looking for a teaching job this Spring to start in Fall of 09. By that time, I will have received my Masters degree, which puts me at a higher pay scale. So I feel like it would be a little bit more worth it to start teaching at that time. Plus, I do plan to stay part time with Disney even after finding a teaching job.

But thanks again, exalen, for being a voice of reason. I really appreciate it

letopho said...

Fuck Real Jobs.

Grow up later.

Doug said...

HAHA letopho. I think I love you, just for saying that. I need to hear THAT sometimes too. ;) Just so I know someone is on MY side.