Sunday, January 11, 2009


My good friend from high school, Sean, sent me a list of supporters for the Yes on Prop 8 campaign that banned gay marriage from the California Constitution. He wanted me to share this with everyone here so that we can boycott these companies. I do not want to give these companies my business if they're going to support taking away my rights.
  • C&L Restaurant Group - Largest franchisee of Burger King locations in So Cal; Richard Cross, restaurant operator, donated $4,000 to the campaign. Donation verified on LA Times.
  • T-Bird Restaurant Group - Exclusive rights to franchise Outback Steakhouse in California. CFO Mikkel Christensen donated $2,000. Donation verified on LA Times.
  • WKS Restaurant Corporation, company with franchise rights for El Pollo Loco. Roland Spongberg, President, donated $6,000 to Yes on 8. Donation verified on LA Times.
  • Yard House - Restaurant Partner ("Owner"), Executive Chef Carlito Jocson donated $100. Donation verified on LA Times.
  • Real Mex Restaurants - Steven Tanner, CFO, donated $500.00 Restaurants under their belt include all: El Torito, Chevy's and Acapulco, as well as smaller concepts Las Brisas, Casa Gallardo, Who Song & Larry's, and El Paso Cantina. Donation verified on LA Times.
  • A-1 Self Storage, with 30 locations across California. Owner Terry Caster and family members donated $693,000.
  • Apple Gilroy Inc., corporate name of Applebee's Restaurants.
  • Alan Stock, the head of the large movie chain Cinemark, which also goes by the names by Century Theatre, CineArts and Tinseltown, gave $9,999 to the 'Yes on 8' campaign.
  • A slew of other small family owned restaurants are also listed as well as Michael O'Grady, operating partner for three San Diego County locations of PF Chang's.
I'm bummed to see that El Pollo Loco was among those on this list. I recently got a $10 Gift Certificate from them because the last time I went through the drive thru (@ 10:45 pm, when the place closes at 11:00pm), they told me that they were out of chicken! WTF? How can EL POLLO LOCO be out of chicken? So I wrote them a complaint letter through email, and in a few weeks, they sent me a $10 Gift Certificate. So, I guess they're not taking my money... so I can still use the $10 Gift Certificate and I'll still feel ok for eating it. BUT, I'm going to stop spending my own money there!

EDIT: So I woke up this morning to find that there were a few "hate comments" for this post... not what I expected to wake up to. Funny thing is, I checked Google Analytics, and it shows that NOONE searched my blog today through any keywords. They were all referred by other sites, all of them being a part of our little gay blog community. So what the heck are these haters doing hanging around gay sites?? sigh...


Anonymous said...

Typical Faggot

Anonymous said...


and i'm sure at least ONE person in the thousands of people that work at the happiest place on earth donated money as well so are u going to boycott them to?

go about ur life as normal our time will come

Barry said...

I don't understand.. why is prop 8 a big deal again?

cvn70 said...


thanks for the information
as you may know th eCA supreme court will be hearing the prop 8 appeals in march

you can follow the case at the above link and review the appeals filed. Also the IA supreme curt will hear a gay marriage case in february. the courts are our best chance for equality i believe,


Dave said...

whine whine whine, that is all you queer leftist socialist fags do. Damn, get over it, you lost and NO you are NOT like the rest of the hetero world.

Go Mormons!!!

Dave said...

And Go Yard House!!! My Friends and I will make sure to spend more money at the Yard House now that you are trying to boycott. As a matter of fact I had never heard of the Yard House until all you faggots started screaming about them so my friends and I went to check it out and now it is our favorite place to drink and eat. I am SURE we spend way more money there then any of the queers do.


Juan Carlos said...

It is important for all who believe in equality to spend their money wisely. I found my dentist on the list of prop 8 contributors. There is no way I want my money going to someone depriving me of my rights. I can't trust him to treat me fairly if he thinks I am not equal. I buy all expensive items from Massachusetts or Canada and have them shipped to me here in H8. I also spend more for items like produce from Canada, food items from Spain, Norway, Sweden, Argentina and other countries that are truly home of liberty. I would boycott any goods from the bigoted USA but I can't find anything made here!

Mr. HCI said...


Why are you reading gay blogs?

Joie Mayfield said...

Seriously!! If you don't like gay content...don't read it.

Read your own straight gay-hating content.

Dave said...

Mrs HCI and Joie

This Fag Blog popped up as I have a google alert for Yes on 8 and I read it as it was talking about your stupid boycott of businesses because they used their freedom of choice to make a donation to Yes on 8! Fags, go back in the closet your whining and boycotts will not work and you know it. Do you think any of the businesses you are "boycotting" are really going to be hurt at all by not getting your pittance? I think not.

Go suck another dick or two.

Go Kathy Griffin!!!

Doug said...

Go Kathy Griffin?...

feetlikewings said...

wow. some straight people must have been super bored over the weekend. lol.

Mat said...

wow people are really morons. See now were using our expression of freedom of choice to boycott these businesses because we don't like what they donated money to. I'm was very surprised when I learned Prop 8 passed. And now we get so see why.

Joshua said...

Hahaha....I <3 gays.

Crusader said...

Thanks for posting this list, which I have not seen or heard about until now. Keep spreading the word so that those of us who H8 H8rs can stop giving them money!

Joie Mayfield said...


Do I think those businesses will be hurt by us boycotting? Maybe...maybe not. But, in a hurting economy...I think businesses will start to perk their ears up a little. As for the LGBT (that's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered) community, MarketResearch.Com projects the buying power of just LGBT to be $759 Billion in 2009. If they decided to save their money...that's a lot of loss that could happen to those businesses. You're entitled to your own opinion, of course. Spend your money wherever you want. We'll spend our $759 Billion where we want. Go Kathy Griffin? Yeah, she's not gay. She just loves Gay people. Go Mormons? They hate everyone.

Sorry to be a bitch on your blog comments, Doug. :)

Go tolerance!

Alika said...

You know, Dave, those who express anger toward gay folks typically tend to be... well, nevermind. Just let us know when you're ready to come out.

But no more wasting pixels on bigots. I'm curious to know if these boycotts are officially tracked and coordinated somewhere. Otherwise, how will I know which El Pollo Locos are "OK" and which are on the blacklist. How will I know when it's OK to eat at Yard House again? Maybe some of these places have already been removed from the boycott list?