Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Day Away

So only about a little more than a day before I see Matty again. I'm actually really excited to see him. We're going to be having a pretty low key time together, mostly because I don't have much money due to my financial situation. When he comes down, he's actually making dinner for me. He has a whole menu set. We're getting the stuff we need at the store when he gets here, and then he's cooking. :) I've never had someone cook for me before. It's pretty cool. hehe.

He will be spending the night since he lives so far away. The next day, we're going to have ramen again. YUM. He liked it so much last time that he wants to go again. And this time he's paying. ;) No objections to that!

So I want to thank everyone for your comments and input on my situation from my last post. He didn't seem to be phased by my text. And I'm hoping that he tries to be a little more positive when he sees me. I think I'm just being honest with him and sharing my thoughts and by him accepting that, it's actually showing maturity, which is a step in the right direction. :)


In other news, in preparation for the 5th season premiere of Lost on January 21st, I'm re-watching all of Season 4 right now. My sister bought some bootleg DVDs (people recorded the show off the TV and placed them all on DVDs to sell them) and I stole them from her tonight. So I'm going to watch them straight through. I'm on Episode 3 now. There are 13 episodes. It'll take me a little more than a day. :)

More other news, tomorrow (today... Sunday) is the last day of employment for me... I'm still trying to find a job. I'm going ot be actively looking for jobs this coming work week. I don't know where to even start, but I'll just go around filling out applications or something. I guess anything will do... but I really refuse to work fast food. I just... can't do it. Starbucks is fine.. but something like McDonald's? ... no way. Well.. wish me luck on that!


naturgesetz said...

Good luck on finding a new job, even if it is something to keep a cash flow until you get something you really want.

Meanwhile, are you entitled to collect unemployment benefits?

Aek said...

Good luck on your date and good luck with the job applications!

Positivity is just as contagious as negativity. If you're all positive (and I don't necessarily mean peppy) then it might rub off on him. There's actually a study that says smiles affect the happiness of people around us.

PhD Snowboarder said...

Starbucks sounds so fun!!! You should see about tutoring also. I always find adds for people the need tutoring. You could make some cash doing the occasional tutoring.

Hope all goes well with Matty. Give him positive and don't let him spiral into negative mode.


Steevo said...

I think Matty told u somethin very important in his text reply!

==...explanation that I don't really understand... something about saying how things suck right now makes it easier for him to take another new step.==

I take that to mean that he's maybe trying to convince himself that HE needs to move on to a better way of living, thinking, RELATING! TAKE ANoTHER NEW STEP...

He seems very happy with you. Perhaps you will be an answer to a need he has as a young gay man. I mean in a positive way.

He may see in you a better way to deal with being gay and 19. Is he out at home? Live w/ rents? In school? Have job?

If you are the type of person who gets satisfaction from helping others become better people... u are a teacher, right?

My husband has done so much to help me have more confidence and feel safe. He knows how to "parent" me when I need it. And he does it in a very loving positive way that does not make me feel like a "loser"...

Just be sure to TALK about this. But NOT all at once,like grilling him... let it happen naturally as a response to something he says. Or ask him what it IS if he knows that makes him a downer. Look for causes and origins.

Hope this helps. My voyeur streak is buzzin.


Steevo said...

OK --- *switches hats*

jobs... let your boss/supervisor/someone know that you would love to come back if they have an opening and u r available. IF you feel thatway. If you leave on good terms, it helps with references.

I'm almost positive that you have a teaching credential and an MA in education?


1. Go to work for one of those commercial tutoring places. They have lots of kids whose parents want an overachiever! That MA is a big status thing for them to tell potential customers.

2. Advertise tutoring on Craigslist? Emphasize your references and be sure someone from grad school, fav prof, w/e, will say u r the solution to any problem.

3. Watch Craigslist as often as u can. Put it on speed dialing. Scan help wanted ads. If they posting they r paying. Have a resume ready to email or fax. will send a fax of your document. 2 free per day.

4. Pimp

5. I know starbucks has a lot of turnover at semester ends. I have known people who work there who say its a good place 2 work.

good luck