Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boring Day

Didn't really have an exciting day today, so not much to blog about. I DID have lunch with my ex-girlfriend (Jen) though. She really has to stop calling me her Will Truman. I never really enjoyed the character of Will on Will and Grace. I always thought he was too high strung and annoying. And then Jen proceeds to tell me that's exactly what I am. Grrr... that bitch.

I spent a large portion of the rest of my day hanging out with my sister and her two kids at her house. We watched TV pretty much the whole day. Nice way to spend the holiday. ;) Except for the part where my sister didn't make any food for me.. what kind of mom is she if she doesn't even cook? Argh. I had to eat the leftovers from lunch and then scrounge for other food. Definitely did NOT fill me up. Doesn't she realize I'm broke and need her to feed me??

I'm back at my own home now.. comfort of my own little studio apartment. :) After spending 2 and a half days in a house full of people, I finally had some time alone to have some... "happy time." :D And I went all out and had some fun at cam4.com. It was definitely a much needed wank. Now I'm finishing up Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that was recorded on my DVR but am surprisingly NOT tearing up from it. Oh well.. maybe next week's will be better.

Goodnight everyone! Look forward to any comments you guys may have... and yes, that was me shamelessly asking for comments because I'm a comment whore. And I'm nearing my 10,000 visit mark! How very exciting!


aron2631 said...

just a comment for the comment whore.

feed me.

Aek said...

Little kids!! ^_^ <3 <3 <3 You should play with them more. XD

Why does it seem like so many other bloggers are reaching the 10,000 mark a lot faster than me? Is my blog antiquated or something? T.T

It's okay, I'm a closet comment whore. :P

Bruce said...

Cam4.com...so that's where I can catch you "performance". I'll have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

So what is your url on cam4.com so we can watch for you?

Rapha said...

I really can't make my mind if I prefer playing with children or being alone at my bedroom...

ahn... everyone is a comment whore... =D


Diary of a Mad Latino Man said...

Do what I do, I tell my sister to get her ass in the kitchen and make me some damn food.

Of course she will bitch and say don't talk to me like or else I will slap your face but she does make me my food.

Wet Kyle said...

Thanks for the heads up on cam4.com. I usually go to xtube.com. I'm a voyeur, I like to watch.

I agree with other poster. A winch with 2 kids should know how to cook.

Doug said...

aron: thanks for making the comment whore feel better ;)

Aek: I do play with them! but the fact still remains that they're devil children.

Anon: um... I cannot divulge that information. :P

RaphA: definitely being alone in your bedroom... definitely.

LatinoMan: I'll have to try that the next time I'm home. :P

WetKyle: I forsee many hours spent on cam4 for you now. :P

Wet Kyle said...