Saturday, January 10, 2009


So Jon randomly asked me where to go to create his own blog, and of course I said, BLOGGER.COM!

But now, I'm thinking he should go to WordPress. JoietotheMax is a WordPress user and he highly recommends it. I actually went over to WordPress to sign up for a free account right now, thinking that I'll possibly start a second blog for my friends IRL... but then I started thinking about what I would write about... and there's pretty much nothing that I would want to write about in that blog, because everything that matters to me would be written in this one.

So then I started thinking... what if I exported my posts from this Blogger account over to WordPress? I know there's the capability to do that...

EDIT: The reason why I want to make the move to WordPress is because it has a lot more functionality. The blogs themselves look better and the WordPress dashboard does all the tracking that Google Analytics does. And uploading and posting pictures to the blog is much easier as well.

But my only fear is.... Would you guys still read my blog? I know there are some of you that have your links and subscriptions to this blog and some of you follow this blog through Blogger... So would it be too big of a hassle for you to change your subscriptions over to WordPress? I put this as my new Poll on the right, so go vote. And then write a comment on here to let me know how you feel about it.

I just wanted to get some opinions from you guys before I did anything drastic! I don't want to lose my readers cuz you guys give awesome advice and I really consider you my friends!

Speaking of readers, I track my readers through Google Analytics, and I have a reader from Uganda! And Germany! and Spain! and Austria! and Singapore! and South Africa! and Italy! and Norway! I would love it if these readers would "speak up" and write me a comment or two! I really would love to get to know my readers!


Jake Annonymous said...

Why bother moving it across?

Aek said...

I voted yes, but if you do decide to switch over, give us a warning. :P

Imo, the two are fairly similar, they just each have a slightly different "feel" (and this could be offset by looking for cooler non-standard templates).

I'd say just stick with Blogger. Maybe "streamline" your blog or find a template that's more interesting if you feel the urge to make changes. :)

David said...

so would it be:

or something similar? if i just have to take out "blogspot" and put "wordpress" then go for it!

lol "raeterfu" was my word verification... i dunno why it was funny <_< >_>

Seth said...

i'm sure alot of people read your blog via RSS feed (I do) so its not terribly difficult to click a few times and add a new rss feed link (from your new blog) into their reader.

of course like aek said, make sure you post notice long in advance, and probably leave the old blog up for a couple months but put up a "notice this blog moved" final post so people can find you.

i had debated switching at various times - spiffier templates and stuff, and some people say its easier to use, but for me, its my daily content, more important than how trendy or spiffy my layout looks.
so, i guess its 6 of these half a dozen of those, but yes you can "import" stuff too.

keep up the good work whichever u decicde :)

hingey - your success is hinge(y)s on whether or not you choose blogger....

victor said...

i think your regular readers would not mind a switch, especially since blogger tends to indiscriminately delete blogs for no apparent reason. lettuce know though if you decide to.

Joie Mayfield said...

Hey there. :) I was with Blogger from 2004 - 2008. I loved it. But, I can tell you the User Interface on WordPress is much my opinion. I love the internal tracking. It's not that hard to update a URL in a Subscription Reader or a link. Do what's going to make you happy!

Also...if you need help with importing videos into your blog...let me know. That was something I had a frustration with. :)

naturgesetz said...

Well, it doesn't really matter to me. I usually get to your blog when someone else's link shows a recent post on yours. That would still happen if you go to wordpress, I think.

exalen said...

Technically you should be able to get the same 'look' no matter what platforn you use. I know that WP has some cooler looking themes, but there is no reason why you can't update your Blogger theme to look similar/the same.

Personally, I found that WP doesn't give you the flexibility of editing/customising your theme as much as Blogger does, so I stayed on blogger for a bit then moved to Tumblr (shameless plug! haha).

If you do go to WP, there's the RSS option, and your regular followers will still be able to follow you on their dashboards. You just won't get the little icon of followers on your page.

Also, I access you from Singapore sometimes during the week when I'm travelling. ;-)

*vilhanst* - does that make me a villain?