Thursday, September 18, 2008

Made it to Florida!

So I hopped on my JetBlue flight Wednesday morning and made my way over to Florida. Wonderful flight. No complaints. Didn't have anyone sitting next to me the whole way there (I had a connecting flight), so I was very happy. :) Go to Florida and PeeJ was there to pick me up. I also met up with my friend Anthony (who is my friend who's getting married at Disneyland, see previous post) and the three of us went to a bar to just catch up. It was great times. I spent the night at PeeJ's family's house. Next day, I met up with two more friends who I used to work with and now work out here in Florida. Had lunch with them at TGIFriday's. Then spent the rest of the day with PeeJ at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

I'm just so happy that I have friends to visit out here. It's great that I'm going on vacation on my own, but it's always better when friends are involved. And I'm just happy to see all of them because I don't get to see them at all anymore!

On to more depressing news now... I emailed J when I was at the airport waiting for my connecting flight. I kept it short, and let him know that I was going to be in Florida... wait... let me just copy and paste the whole thing:

Hey J,

I'm making my way out to Florida right now. I really needed the vacation from work. The cruise fell through (long story), but I'm staying with my friend for the first two days, and then at two different resorts the rest of the time, until the 24th. Not gonna lie, pretty bummed I haven't heard from you in a while, but I'd really love it if you'd come meet me while I'm in Orlando, if anything, just for coffee or something. so please write back or call me and let me know.. you have my number. If you don't want to, then just tell me and I'll leave you alone. it's only fair.


So what do you guys think? Straight to the point and I ask for a response. Well, nothing yet. It's been a day and a half now. I'm waiting for the weekend to give him time to respond. But I'm seriously just so sad about my situation. I talked with JW and Clark about being depressed... and they talked me out of it a little. But I'm still pretty down. And I know it's absolutely STUPID but I really can't help it. Why is this happening to me?? When will I find happiness again? Milo suggests that I go out to the theme parks, meet cute boys, and be slutty. No other time than while on vacation. LOL! This may be the best advice I've gotten in a long time.


Joshua said...

I actually agree with Milo--just be careful who you're slutty with because they could have STD's. Hahahaha :D

But anyways, Milo is telling you to just go HAVE FUN. You're on vacation! You're supposed to forget everything that makes you depressed/annoyed/irritated, and you leave it all for when you get back to CA! So regardless of whether or not J actually emails back, plan to have fun. Go to the beach! Tan! Go to Disneyland! All three of them!

DL said...

joshua - i'll definitely be careful packed the necessary items ;) And definitely going to Disney already. And I plan on laying out at the pool, which is themed to be a beach in the Caribbean... so I think I'm going to have all three checked off! ;)