Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Closure #3


You know what? I don't think I've been thinking too clearly. Maybe it's cuz I just don't want to see it but I can see now that I'm just not the right guy right now. I should've seen it earlier in your other emails but I kept pushing. But I think it's time I just accepted it.

You're a real great guy and I'm always going to remember the great time we spent together. If you're still up for meeting up when you're out here in October then that's great. I mean you have my number now so just give me a call then.

Don't worry. You haven't hurt me in any way. It's just what it is and it's the wrong time and place I guess.

I do hope that you feel better about what happened with [Douchebag Ex]. Don't let what he did get to you. I can't say this enough but you're a GREAT guy and good things will come for you.

Take care ok? And thank you for everything. I really mean it.



Joshua said...

Remember: you're a great guy too and great things will come for you, too!

Like the title of your blog--the right time, place, and person will come along, and when he does, you'll know it.

Because it's right!


Shane said...

You're so brave!
Good on you!
I hope that you can look back (after sufficient time has past) without any regret or grief.

Stay positive!