Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Change In My Life

I feel like I'm living in the wrong part of the country. I've been talking to several people online, cool guys that I've found in online chats. But all these cool guys live somewhere real far away. Then on the online dating site, the person that was actually interested in me and could hold a conversation lives in Florida (talking about J, in case you didn't get it. heh). I feel more and more that Southern California is just not the right place for me... Which is hard to think about because I've lived here for 95% of my life (I was born elsewhere). But maybe it's time to make a drastic change and move away.

There's something really intriguing and tempting about just grabbing everything and moving to some place else. Wouldn't it be cool to just start completely over in a new place? However, it's also a very scary thought. I would have to find a place to live, a job, new friends. But this has been something I've thought about multiple times this past year. You see, I received my Teaching Credential this past year, but with the education budget crisis, I didn't get the job that I wanted. So now, I have the whole school year off and it's the perfect situation to actually go and do something like move to a whole new place and try something different.

Right now, I work for a big entertainment company that has establishments in both Anaheim,CA and Orlando, FL. I've actually already started searching for transfer opportunities over in Orlando, but I'd be looking for salaried positions instead of an hourly position that I have now. I mean, I did graduate from UCLA with a BA in Economics, have my Teaching Credential in Mathematics, and am earning my Masters in Education that is to be completed in summer 2009. So I think that I'm pretty qualified for SOME kind of salaried job. Plus my 5 years of experience with the company should count for something too.

"Wait, DL, you're applying for jobs in Orlando, Florida? Isn't that where J lives and works?!"
Ok -- yes, I admit that J is a part of the reason for really thinking about this stuff more seriously, but really, it's something that has been in my mind for a while and J might have just pushed it far enough that I want to make it a reality. So i'm not denying that I may be pursuing this because of J, but it really is more than that and I'm doing it for myself. If it works out that moving to Florida makes things with J better, then that'd be great! But it's time that I put my education to good use and do something different with my life.

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Joshua said...

Orlando looks fun! Is it where Miami is and stuff? Because with's totally different weather there!

Clearly I have no idea where Orlando is...I'm totally a west coast kid haha. Moving could be fun...just be sure you'll be ready to adapt to a WHOLE different environment...